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e reed Oct 10
it wasn’t
you leaving,
that hurt the most.

it was
how you left.
the same way everyone else did.

one day
you make me feel
as if i will be in your world
the next day,
i am not in your world.
a stranger
you wouldn’t recognize.
e reed Oct 10
Your eyes
held the seas,
the endless horizon.
e reed Sep 29
When i dream
I dream of the future.
You’re always there.
But honey it is just that,

A dream.
e reed Sep 28
and sometimes
we need to lose it all
   to find ourselves.
e reed Sep 26
i loved you
                                            you knew it

that is why i hurt so bad.

you got what you wanted.
and i got hurt,
trying to give you
once they find out how much you care,
they stay for all the wrong reasons.
e reed Sep 26
you are a drug to me
my mind is warn down and tired
of the reoccurring thoughts of you

a broken record on repeat.

but my heart still wants you desperately.
you are no good for me
but i crave you
your stories, your laugh,
your touch, and the way
you cared about me
so deeply
for a moment in time.
e reed Sep 26
The fear in losing yourself
is incomparable
to the relief you will feel
in finding yourself
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