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Brandon Crandell Apr 2017
We all need something to numb the pain
It's all just part of the game
Sitting in bed in my head I'm insane
Everybody knows it
Day by day but I try not to show it
One day I'll snap and bestow it
It's there
Subconsciously I know you care
But can't pull myself out like I'm scared
But of what?
I guess I'll keep searching the skys
Maybe I'll find out before i die
Brandon Crandell Oct 2016
What is it about life that's so unique
Life started from things like creeks
Mostley for our human beings
The first civilization
First signs of humans gathering in cooperation
Not fully but close enough
Primitives and cavemen had it tough
But we evolved
Developning a massive frontal lobe what's the cost
Greed, sympathy, and other emotions
Things like Rationilization gets put into motion
Humans rule the earth above the dirt
Our world even in deserts
What we create puts other things lives at stake
This can be set by just a handshake
Deforestation for human creation for city's and things like weather stations
Each individual is what's inside or their skull
Our body's and flesh are like a bowl
Holding us in place keeping us safe
But each one of us has Our fate
Have faith people say till they're red in the face but death happens to all that's no mistake
Maybe one day electricity can keep us alive
Electrical waves shot through out brains keeping everything working alive when we should have died
Would it decompose slow over time or would the electricity keep it in line
I gues we will have to wait some time
The answers are somewhere
Am I the only one who thinks it's amazing
Life's a miracle the way we are it's gotta be
We can walk talk preform labotomys
What other animals can do half of what we can do it's crazy nobody understands
Its crazy even down to our hands
Neurological pathways nerve endings
We don't even understand what we are
Medical experiments have come far
From Icepick labotomys to controlled autopsys and mri's
There's a whole world out there past Our eyes
Life's a journey so buckle up for the ride
Brandon Crandell Mar 2016
I stroll nonchalantly down eerie roads to see where they take me
I walk awaiting to reveal the mystery
There's rumors of a list land forgotten by society
Just listen for them, there's a variety
Every day I wonder
Dream about it in my slumber
Will if ever find it?
I dream of a land
I dream to try and understand
But it seems impossible
So I walk continuously searching
Tracing back my dreams step by step trying to remember
Where it's hidden is clever but I'm close
I can feel it in my toes
Its pulling me closer
Everything fades away like tunnel vision as I step
Walking in pitch black with so since of direction
And there it is
The list dreamland of Ayoura
Exactly as imagined
Diamond paved roads and emerald homes
This place has anything and everything you can ask for
I've finally arived
I'm finally home
Brandon Crandell Feb 2016
Sometimes I wonder why I put myself in these situations
A never ending battle of contemplation
Good bad
Happy sad
Brandon Crandell Feb 2016
Some days you just feel trapped
Like a rat stuck in a cage
Your mind dosnt race because it feels dead
Instead of trying to turn it around and make it okay
You dread on your sadness feeling ridiculous
Try to stay positive and push it off
Sip your vile that gives you that smile
All just to go be alone all day
Brandon Crandell Nov 2015
Sitting watching close
Observing all of the ghosts
Bodies in the field
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