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Misfired Oct 2018
I fall for you every time I see you.
Words could never do your beauty justice
You once told me that you’re so in love me with you don’t know what to do.
All I could think was to point out the obvious
I tried to play if off smooth and I kissed you right after saying how about this. We laughed after. But truly and honestly I can’t seem to find the words to describe your smile. Or the completeness I feel when looking in your eyes shows me understanding that I’ve never imagined. You don’t know the darkest side of me but I doubt it could effect they way you look at me. That way you look at me. Love that look is breathtaking my heart drops to my feet when you look at me like that. It’s not just the way you see me. I’ve never had someone that is as honest as you and can actually speak to me. The me that I don’t let others see is held in your hands. I should be transparent to a person like you, but you look into me not past and I think that’s beautiful because when our eyes me I can’t help but smile. I’m cheesy I know. I used to always think that being cheesy was so lame. But it has a beautiful truth behind the gestures. I’m gonna open the door for you. It’s lame I know but you come before anything with me because my heart says that it belongs to you. So to you my heart I will always follow. You asked me to write a letter to you instead of giving you something. I ended up getting you a hoodie so that when I’m not there I can still hug you. I could write a thousand letters but they’d never contain the right words. When we’re together this world falls away and the one thing I can focus on is you, my world. I don’t know why but every time we get together I can’t help but fall deeper in love with you. I can’t stop thinking about you even though I know I’m gonna see you tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes fast enough. And time never moves slow enough when we’re together.
Soo yeah I can’t sleep and this kept me up in the back of my head. I decided it needed to be said even if I never show her this profile or the fact I do this. Thank you for reading I don’t post often. I actually don’t post unless I can’t sleep. My mind does still make poems and writings all day but I can’t seem to write unless my thoughts chase my lazy *** down. Anywho, thanks for reading I don’t really edit what I write so it might be difficult to get through. Wow this is long
Misfired Sep 2018
I want to be intertwined with you
As a trees roots are with the earth
A bird with the wind
As the sun and the moon
A trees roots run deep into the earth
As you find the deepest parts of me that I never let others see.
A bird falls without wind to carry it , I fell for you faster than imagined but surprisingly you my wind caught me, and sent me soaring with a kiss.
The sun and moon have been compared millions of times but I won’t bother comparing you to the sun or moon because you’re beauty surpasses both. You say you can’t see it but you shine so bright that you mearly bind yourself when looking in the mirror. I’m your moon not nearly a reflection of how much you shine. I only reflect your light so that the people can look forward to you.
I think I fell and haven’t quite hit the ground.
Misfired Sep 2018
I turned around broken and ****** up
You gave me a boulder to cry on
Another place to vent this mind that goes on for miles long
You got broken and ****** with
I waited with open arms and a soft shoulder to land on
I wanted to be able to be there
I hope I was there for you as you where there for me
Like and air bag I braced for your impact
To catch you was all I wanted to do
You’re what I want to wake up to even a text from you makes me giddy
And you keep saying I don’t wanna hurt you when if I get hurt from you it’ll be the best decision I’ve made in forever
It seems like forever ago when you where trying to get me back with my ex
I wanted so badly for you to text me that day saiying “I’m single your single”
I’m really the cheesy one though
I really don’t see how you would ever like a guy like me
I’m like a 3 compared to you a 9
I say 9 because you’re my favorite number
I don’t want to be another heart break
But If that’s what it takes to be with you break my heart till it’s black and blue
All long as I get to see you
Thou art the wings to a bird I’m of no use with out thou company by thy side.
That’s an inside joke that only you will get
If you say no I think I’ve dug myself a large enough pit.
Good night to the light that is you
I mean this with all my might.
Wow I’m cheesy
And to the girl reading this I’m cheesy and I couldn’t count how many times you brightened my day so thanks
So this is a poem about this girl who shall remained in named. I recently went through a pretty bad break up and she was there for me and then later she got broken up with so I hopefully was there for her at least I tried my hardest to be and now it’s been a while and I found myself falling for this girl turns out she started falling for me one thing lead to another and I wrote this so yeah hope you enjoyed
Misfired Jul 2018
Four little chicks waiting in the nest
One plucked out and waved about
A predator on its daily route
Three little chicks waiting in the nest
Who’ve been fed and fed again
They’ve grown to be quite a pest
They give their mother no rest
Three little chicks should leave the nest
One chick was given a poke and fell out the nest
This chick has never woke from such a poke
Another jumped right off the nest
With puffed out breast
The chick sored with great speed
Straight into a tree the chick hit
It’s skull went split
The last chick out the nest
The mother bird gave it her all
That’s all she thought when the last one did fall
But this chick was the brightest of all
It flew with caution
it kept in the sky
This chick could fly
Unlike the others this chick did not die
This little chick was the lone survivor
Chick was the only one to thrive
Something in its eyes gave it drive
Our little chick grew up
And had five chicks of it’s own
A proud mother
These chicks took a dive of their own
Only few had flown
The mother once again left alone
Had nothing left she was weak old and frail
Barely making it  out the nest
She can remember giving it her best
But now was time for her to rest
She flapped her wings and jumped off the nest
I wish I could illustrate what I pictured in my mind to start this poem but yeah hope you like it
Misfired Jun 2018
I stare up into the night
Nothing stares back
Just the dark
The void of thought takes over my mind
My nights are sleepless when I can’t hear noise
Silence is my misery
And yet silence provides a sanctuary
In the night silence is ironically like a white noise of endless worries and thoughts that are louder than a death cry
In the sun silence is rare and nearly unheard of so more likely than not silence provides solitude from the world
Silence drives a man insane and yet noise can do the same. Leaving a double edged blade
Which do you blame the noisy or the
I confide in silence but noise hides my fears and myself which leaves me torn
Misfired Jun 2018
You know when you say a word over and again it stops sounding like a word. Well the same thing happens when you think of what a word means. Like the meaning of something is broken when you think of what meaning means. Confused? Great. Because that’s words confusing and meaningless separate but together they can be so much more.
If I was to write a whole page long writing on words it would just boil down to cool phrasy thingyies
Which is ironic cause those aren’t even words
What I’m trying to say is don’t use words alone. Write every word with your meaning. Not that I think I’m the best writer , hell from reading this your probably already know that. But I decided just to write no stops just write what I feel will get across maybe, so basically meh just write something with heart so that words hold meaning and don’t just leave you wondering what the hell did I just read. I’m assuming this is a total dumpsterfire but that’s meh cause I wanted to try something and I did so this came out ..... well meh
meh It is what it is
Misfired May 2018
You died with out me being able to see you
They told me that I couldn’t see you that way
I wanted to tell you goodbye
I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful
Because I remember asking why you never took pictures at a young age
You said because you thought you where ugly
I wanted to tell you right then and there that you where beautiful
But I chose that it could embarrass me so instead of making your day I made my self hate that moment and time
Now that you are gone I miss your smile
It took me a little over awhile
To realize that I missed you
That I barely knew you and I wish I could have seemed advice from you
You were kind
You were beautiful despite what believed
So you left me with little wisdom
And a hole in my heart knowing I truly don’t believe in magic but hope it’s real for you
the little wisdom you left me was don’t hold back love your life
It took me a while to start trying to understand your smile I still don’t but in that smile I see all of the joy behind it
Making every smile beautiful
Others only see outwards which is fine but life is more than beauty
Life is timed and goes by fast so you told me not to grow up to make it last
You probably would hate the idea of me writing to you when you’re gone
But I wanted to tell you goodbye I won’t forget.
I lost my great grandmother just a little over four months ago it took some time but I hope that I understand her impact on my life. And I hope in some way this could impact someone else’s life
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