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Misfired May 2018
I want to stay quiet
But before I can my mouth lest lose
All the thing I don’t want to tell you comes lose
It hurts cause it’s the truth
When they scream at me no one loves you and when I scream back you have no one to love
It’s like sending a war dove
It has beauty in its speed but pain in its message
The love that we all crave
only grows with age
We all want to turn a page
But we can’t because of the festering rage
That we all hold in our hearts to our hands
Swelling  the fingers from turning over a new leaf
Out of rage do we take our daggers from their sheath
To shrike in the worst of ways
And we each turn the blades to our hearts
We hold dear our faults
To our hearts that we both see each other’s fauls
You could expose mine and I yours
So we say nothing
And just stare at the past scars
Of getting to close to each other’s stars.
Idk if it should end their our continue in some way. Let me know ? Idk
Misfired May 2018
I wake up and put on a mask to pretend
I walk around with a fake smile
I say what you want to hear
I try to act like I really care
I am pulling at heart strings that aren’t there
I try to seem complicated
I really am simple
I don’t care
I don’t want to care
I want to sleep
I want to do nothing
I won’t stop talking about myself
I don’t care about myself I care about you but somehow some way you make me care
I don’t want to
So tell me about
Yes you no more I’s
Only you say what you think
Tell me about your mask
I don’t want to care about me
Let me care about you
Ummm yeah
Hi if you’re actually reading this
Misfired May 2018
Dear emptiness
I have gotten to know you well. You provoke the thoughts that keep me up in your solitude. Like we’re all just sprinting at a brick wall that we pretend is there, one day I’m gonna hit it saying I told you so to my self. You emptiness are made from my sleepless nights. Such as this one where my brick wall seems only several feet ahead of me. You my emptiness are a pain in the *** to keep to myself, throughout the day your tugged at by others and pulled out by the night. Why do you strive to make me miserable. And so emptiness answer my questions and I’ll answer yours? No I didn’t think so. Well I guess I am just talking to a brick wall, that I’m pretending isn’t there. Dear emptiness you my dearest friend are nothing.
It’s funny how all day all I wanted to do is sleep and now I’m so tired I can’t sleep. Dear emptiness your a pain in the *** to sleep with
Misfired May 2018
It is okay to go
You won’t leave us
We won’t let you rust
From the gust of rain that pours down
You’ll stain the ground
It is okay to go
We all go
We don’t no where
But after all the ware and tare
You still leave me with a tear
We are meant to be left with a stair
As we leave
I hope you breathed the fresh air
One last time I wish you could chew me out for being stupid
One last time I wish I could tell you everything would be alright
One last time
I was only able to tell you that it was okay to go
That was my last time
This night was long ago
But still fresh
I could never give it a rest
Could I always see you in such detail
Or remember the moments when you gave advice like yoda
I guess what you gave was everything
And I gave you nothing but a goodbye
And I hope that you were right because I want to give you a hello again
But until then your final words will ring
And the sound of tin roofs will ting
The one that we would fall asleep to over again
It’s okay that you went
I’m glad you finally found out what happened next
Next time don’t leave me behind
I don’t mind
I just want there to be a next time
We’ll be just fine
Till next time

We never saw eye to eye until I had to say goodbye
Misfired Apr 2018
During the night I can’t stop my self from asking the questions that haunt me
I have stayed up countless night not able to sleep be cause of my fear of having to much to fear
For example if there 7.2 million people on this planet that I’m so minuscule that I’m nothing but a number
If there’s millions of atoms in a human body than to an atom I’m greater or equal to a world
And at the same time my number of atoms in my body compare nothing to that of a universe so my existence is meaning less
And yet I still ask why because I’m just stupid enough to understand that I don’t have a meaning if I ask what my meaning is like countless others
Countless because no one cares to count the number of meaningless thoughts we have
Yet alone the number of times I get so engulfed in my thoughts that I can’t sleep at night
For example you know that weird repetition of your name in your head what if that’s the past you saying that all those people needed you in the past and now them calling your name is their past way of haunting you..... no, no one else gets that
Well I guess I either have to be the only one who thinks this way or someone can relate
Which is another thing that keeps me up at night if there are 7.2 million people on the planet someone has the exact same thoughts and reactions to something as me which means there’s an identical me struggling to understand why
I from this rant or whatever my mind is let me ask why do you write or why do you bother to do anything at
To question your beliefs and philosophy’s is to write poetry so will anyone else ask why with me?
Why did I write this
Misfired Apr 2018
yes I’m broken
As are you
But my broken is the type of infection that doctors look at and simply say I don’t know
My broken is not able to be fixed
I’m fine to be broken
Broken mirrors have a simplistic beauty to them
As you are my mirror and I am your broken
Trying to fix myself so I don’t take away from your reflection
We are all broken
We are waiting to be told that are cracks are beautiful
And if no one will tell you that your cracks are beautiful
Then tell yourself
Because in this world you must take your broken side and exclaim that it’s your best side
A mirror can’t fix its cracks
And you the knights will never put humor back
So give up on your cracks and accept that art is held in extravagant messes
We are all broken
We are all art
We are all never going to be fixed
Because when you try to fix glass it cracks more
Just ask me
I’m in shards
In shards I lay laughing at the fact that when I was little my family called shards ****-farts
So just thinking that I’m in shards and so broken I can’t get fixed brings some happy memories back
Their happy until I realized one time in the first  grade I sharded and had to run to the office for new pants and on the way their I saw my crush
She questioned the smell and I darted for the office
Ironically the next day we started dating
She was my first crush
I say crush cause she left the first crack when she called me out in front of the class “you’re stupid you can’t speak or spell”
You see I had a speech impediment and was ruled out as stupid
Our cracks can run deep
But or words can always run deeper
I think it’s too long kinda went on a rant sooo yeah hoped you got something from it
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