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Misfired Jul 2018
Four little chicks waiting in the nest
One plucked out and waved about
A predator on its daily route
Three little chicks waiting in the nest
Who’ve been fed and fed again
They’ve grown to be quite a pest
They give their mother no rest
Three little chicks should leave the nest
One chick was given a poke and fell out the nest
This chick has never woke from such a poke
Another jumped right off the nest
With puffed out breast
The chick sored with great speed
Straight into a tree the chick hit
It’s skull went split
The last chick out the nest
The mother bird gave it her all
That’s all she thought when the last one did fall
But this chick was the brightest of all
It flew with caution
it kept in the sky
This chick could fly
Unlike the others this chick did not die
This little chick was the lone survivor
Chick was the only one to thrive
Something in its eyes gave it drive
Our little chick grew up
And had five chicks of it’s own
A proud mother
These chicks took a dive of their own
Only few had flown
The mother once again left alone
Had nothing left she was weak old and frail
Barely making it  out the nest
She can remember giving it her best
But now was time for her to rest
She flapped her wings and jumped off the nest
I wish I could illustrate what I pictured in my mind to start this poem but yeah hope you like it

— The End —