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Jun 2018
You know when you say a word over and again it stops sounding like a word. Well the same thing happens when you think of what a word means. Like the meaning of something is broken when you think of what meaning means. Confused? Great. Because that’s words confusing and meaningless separate but together they can be so much more.
If I was to write a whole page long writing on words it would just boil down to cool phrasy thingyies
Which is ironic cause those aren’t even words
What I’m trying to say is don’t use words alone. Write every word with your meaning. Not that I think I’m the best writer , hell from reading this your probably already know that. But I decided just to write no stops just write what I feel will get across maybe, so basically meh just write something with heart so that words hold meaning and don’t just leave you wondering what the hell did I just read. I’m assuming this is a total dumpsterfire but that’s meh cause I wanted to try something and I did so this came out ..... well meh
meh It is what it is
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