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Misfired Sep 2018
I turned around broken and ****** up
You gave me a boulder to cry on
Another place to vent this mind that goes on for miles long
You got broken and ****** with
I waited with open arms and a soft shoulder to land on
I wanted to be able to be there
I hope I was there for you as you where there for me
Like and air bag I braced for your impact
To catch you was all I wanted to do
You’re what I want to wake up to even a text from you makes me giddy
And you keep saying I don’t wanna hurt you when if I get hurt from you it’ll be the best decision I’ve made in forever
It seems like forever ago when you where trying to get me back with my ex
I wanted so badly for you to text me that day saiying “I’m single your single”
I’m really the cheesy one though
I really don’t see how you would ever like a guy like me
I’m like a 3 compared to you a 9
I say 9 because you’re my favorite number
I don’t want to be another heart break
But If that’s what it takes to be with you break my heart till it’s black and blue
All long as I get to see you
Thou art the wings to a bird I’m of no use with out thou company by thy side.
That’s an inside joke that only you will get
If you say no I think I’ve dug myself a large enough pit.
Good night to the light that is you
I mean this with all my might.
Wow I’m cheesy
And to the girl reading this I’m cheesy and I couldn’t count how many times you brightened my day so thanks
So this is a poem about this girl who shall remained in named. I recently went through a pretty bad break up and she was there for me and then later she got broken up with so I hopefully was there for her at least I tried my hardest to be and now it’s been a while and I found myself falling for this girl turns out she started falling for me one thing lead to another and I wrote this so yeah hope you enjoyed

— The End —