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May 2018
You died with out me being able to see you
They told me that I couldn’t see you that way
I wanted to tell you goodbye
I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful
Because I remember asking why you never took pictures at a young age
You said because you thought you where ugly
I wanted to tell you right then and there that you where beautiful
But I chose that it could embarrass me so instead of making your day I made my self hate that moment and time
Now that you are gone I miss your smile
It took me a little over awhile
To realize that I missed you
That I barely knew you and I wish I could have seemed advice from you
You were kind
You were beautiful despite what believed
So you left me with little wisdom
And a hole in my heart knowing I truly don’t believe in magic but hope it’s real for you
the little wisdom you left me was don’t hold back love your life
It took me a while to start trying to understand your smile I still don’t but in that smile I see all of the joy behind it
Making every smile beautiful
Others only see outwards which is fine but life is more than beauty
Life is timed and goes by fast so you told me not to grow up to make it last
You probably would hate the idea of me writing to you when you’re gone
But I wanted to tell you goodbye I won’t forget.
I lost my great grandmother just a little over four months ago it took some time but I hope that I understand her impact on my life. And I hope in some way this could impact someone else’s life
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