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Oct 2018
I fall for you every time I see you.
Words could never do your beauty justice
You once told me that you’re so in love me with you don’t know what to do.
All I could think was to point out the obvious
I tried to play if off smooth and I kissed you right after saying how about this. We laughed after. But truly and honestly I can’t seem to find the words to describe your smile. Or the completeness I feel when looking in your eyes shows me understanding that I’ve never imagined. You don’t know the darkest side of me but I doubt it could effect they way you look at me. That way you look at me. Love that look is breathtaking my heart drops to my feet when you look at me like that. It’s not just the way you see me. I’ve never had someone that is as honest as you and can actually speak to me. The me that I don’t let others see is held in your hands. I should be transparent to a person like you, but you look into me not past and I think that’s beautiful because when our eyes me I can’t help but smile. I’m cheesy I know. I used to always think that being cheesy was so lame. But it has a beautiful truth behind the gestures. I’m gonna open the door for you. It’s lame I know but you come before anything with me because my heart says that it belongs to you. So to you my heart I will always follow. You asked me to write a letter to you instead of giving you something. I ended up getting you a hoodie so that when I’m not there I can still hug you. I could write a thousand letters but they’d never contain the right words. When we’re together this world falls away and the one thing I can focus on is you, my world. I don’t know why but every time we get together I can’t help but fall deeper in love with you. I can’t stop thinking about you even though I know I’m gonna see you tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes fast enough. And time never moves slow enough when we’re together.
Soo yeah I can’t sleep and this kept me up in the back of my head. I decided it needed to be said even if I never show her this profile or the fact I do this. Thank you for reading I don’t post often. I actually don’t post unless I can’t sleep. My mind does still make poems and writings all day but I can’t seem to write unless my thoughts chase my lazy *** down. Anywho, thanks for reading I don’t really edit what I write so it might be difficult to get through. Wow this is long
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