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Apr 2023 · 606
Beatrice Apr 2023
Open waters full of feels
To infinity and beyond
Countless droplets of this
Stars never dying out

Conquer the seas with me
Through the rough waters
Don't let the cosmo suit
Run out of oxygen sources

Almighty clam you
With little pearl me
In your strong shell
Flying with you
In the same orbit
For you I fell.
To my one and only.
Feb 2021 · 138
Simple Sorry
Beatrice Feb 2021
It's the second time
You've let me down
It was naive of me
To think you'd care

Funny enough
You act like it's me
When you started it all
And made me end it

You knew it all
The trials and tribulations
You went with it anyway
Cause don't you have it worse ?

And that's fine
Think that way
I'll just never ask
For a simple sorry...

Ever again.
Not much to say, just that I'm a bit disappointed.
Oct 2020 · 114
Beatrice Oct 2020
Been though a lot
Had closed up
Dealt with it
And went back
To the start

But everytime
I get back up
There is someone
To push me hard
And I fall again

A lighthearted joke
Was all it trully was
You had to hurt me
And it is all because
I don't read minds

Why is this normal?
How could you ever?
Thinking before speaking
Is probably what you
Should do better

I hope the females
In your life
Pack their bags
And leave you
For the better.
This was written about a guy ,who replied to a pick up line by calling me a fat b***h (didn't take it too personally since it's completely false). Yes, people like that are real and it made realize that these people have no concept of how hard it is for someone to make the first move or how much of a low-life it makes them look like. There is no excuse to act this way. If you are not interested or taken, just say so with respect. Good thing I am stronger now and this was written purely for making this into art and having something possitive associated with it.
Aug 2020 · 88
Beatrice Aug 2020
I feel hurt
And guilty
So I'm a victim ?
Or a villian ?

Push it down
And get over it
The worry's
Not worth it

But I'm scared
What if it matters
And I'll just let it fall
Like dominoes
A lot of times I am overthinking small things and twisting them into something they are not, but it's not just me being dramatic, it's me being scared of being left by the people I love the most and it being my fault.This not only causes a lot of anxiety for me but to push down a lot of stuff, that's upsetting me in effort not feel that anxiety...and the more I pushed down...the more I feel I can erupt and breakdown...All of this, is circle I'll probably eventually break, but it won't be easy to forget what caused all of this in the first place...
May 2020 · 91
Flower Friends
Beatrice May 2020
My oh my !
What a woman
You're becoming

My oh my !
Wishing you luck
A long journey's awaiting

You're already wise
But become even wiser
You're already pretty
But bloom into a flower

Continue to be better
Even though you're the best
Reach even a little higher
Your potential's endless

Keep on growing
The way you are now
You'll end up like
A modern fairytale

You're the friend
I keep in my heart
Let's bloom together
So that we don't grow apart
A poem I wrote for my friends birthday. Love her so much.
Apr 2020 · 87
Spring brought you to me
Beatrice Apr 2020
Seasons, they change
My feelings stay the same
However long it'll take
I promise...I'll wait

Seasons, they change
But my choice is made
I'll protect my true feelings
Instead of self-deceiving

Never thought this day would come
You and me, we're inseparable
I'm thankful that you came to me
From now on, its only love and no agony

Never thought this day would come
Yes, we might regret it twice or more
But together, we can get through it all
Spring brought you to me, now I'm too, all yours.
This poem is the one that I'll keep close to my heart. Everyone can tell it's about love, they might figure out the meaning of it too, but I wanted it to have something really important hidden behind the theme, the meaning, and the words, that only I would understand.  I might changed it a bit later to make it even more personal, but for now I am happy with the way it is.
Mar 2020 · 105
Beatrice Mar 2020
It lets us, people, to be heard
When don't want to speak up
Or be vulnerable and get hurt
It puts our feelings to use
We create some personal and new
Keep it each one of them close to our heart
Because they helped to keep us and our sorrows apart

Whether its love, friends or ourselves
We depend on the poem to let us loose
And save us from the reality called hell
But not only it frees, but it helps to remember
The endurance of the miraculous joy
We want to relive and not to let go of it ever.
Poetry is an escape for a lot of us. It lets our hardships create something beautiful, but also it lets the memories, which we value, to be relived or encapsulated in secret code made up of words that we might only understand.
Mar 2020 · 63
For him
Beatrice Mar 2020
This was meant to be a praising to my crush
How great, wonderful and intelligent he was
But now I am finally no longer love blind
I saw how different he was in "real" life
He never deserved this praising of mine
So now I'll speak up and tell the you why

All the conversations I started were one-sided
I might as well be talking to the four walls around me
Yes, he might have not been interested in me
But the least he could have done was tell to me this
Instead of letting me **** myself inside over the seens
And burning my self esteem to the seams.
I feel if a person doesn't have feelings back for you or isn't even interested in talking with you, he should be honest about it...Sadly, that's not how most people are and I had to learn this lesson in a hard way. Never continue pursuing someone if they don't want to let you pursue them.
Mar 2020 · 109
Beatrice Mar 2020
The foundation of my happiness
And occasionally my tears
Friends are the people
Who I want to keep for years

When I was down and couldn't get up
You took me by the arms and held me up
When I was lost in the stress of my mind
You told me to calm down cause you're staying by my side

Thought, that could never be happy with myself
To me, I was annoying, pathetic and never enough
But you showed me how to embrace the person I am
Now I can say I'm a girl with a confidence crown on my head

Now I'm strong and never letting myself go back
To the agonizing , full of lessons to be learned past
Yes, I do still break down sometimes
But I remind myself of what you've made me , guys

I wish I could help you as much as you did me
So whenever you're in agony , disarray or whatever it might be
Without hesitation , pick up the phone and talk to me
Through messages or calls, I'll try to give you the support you need

Hope you enjoy our friendship of seven as much I do
Yes , there's sometimes drama and fighting going on too
But we always make up and never wreck
What we've built with each other , hand by hand

Hope you all  feel special in this friend group of ours
The birthday surprise, the unexpected compliments
Made me feel like I was a friend made out of gold for you
But, I am just a girl who wishes all of you feel the same way too

Already well over a year together
We're going stronger than ever
I hope that it stays this way
After graduation till the ripe old age.
To the people who saved last year and never left since in a time of need. I hope after this they will understand what a major part they play in my life.
Beatrice Mar 2020
Sunbeams and periwinkle sky
Birds chirping on the trees outside
Cool, but soft wind's blowing
Grass greening and not stopping
Agh...the breath of fresh air of spring
Feeling up my lungs to their full capacity
Nature's becoming alive again
Let's go out my dear friends
...But wait...THE CORONAVIRUS!

Now we are bound to the inside
Quaritine's up and running
To save us from the deadly disease outside
Oh why, oh why, coronavirus had you came
Ruined my favorite, lovely season of the year
You stole my Fridays and all of the fun
You took my social life and threw out
And now I am miserable at home
While you're probably parading the streets
Of Milan, Paris and basically the world.

God I hope this ends soon enough
Before I lose control and go nuts
Feeling the pressures of inner conflicts
And trying to escape from my own "logic"
Where are my friends ?, I want to see them
Unfortunately, that is not a possibility
The world needs a break from the year's start
Coronavirus, gone.
This is more of a rant ,than a poem, though I really wanted to say some things and writing a poem about them, for me, is one of the best ways to relieve all of my not so nice feelings. The current situation in our world is the worst so far this year and I hope this will end soon , cause sitting at home is quite fine (well not for me , but for most of us) , but obviously the real issue is that people are dying , because of this horrible disease that just keeps on spreading. The only thing I can do about it is to spread awareness and do social distancing +stay at home as much as possible. I wish I could do more to help stop the disease, but I can't, though I'll definitely keep doing what I do, cause even the little contribution counts here.
Mar 2020 · 60
Beatrice Mar 2020
Millions of drops
Filling up a deep hole
I couldn't find the bottom of it
Even if I drank it all

It's calming
But it's dangerous
Some get lucky
Some perish

Ocean's an escape
But it's also a trap
Sounds somewhat familier
Yes ,I meant loneliness.
Mar 2020 · 94
Beatrice Mar 2020
It used to be nice
But I'm no longer
Trapped inside
In the fickle mind of mine

I'm so alone
Someone, please, save me
Before I eat myself
To the bones and go crazy
Dec 2018 · 195
Thoughts on you
Beatrice Dec 2018
I lived without you for this long
But now I can't imagine you being gone
How come I need you now?
This was ment to be a haiku. Don't know if I did this right ,so if I made a mistake in the poems' construction ,let me know.
Dec 2018 · 222
Dreams burried by reality
Beatrice Dec 2018
My heart flutters around you
I feel shivers run through
Got my arms around your neck
Your lips are leaning for a peck
Suddenly you disappear
Left my arms only hugging air

Light coming through my lids
A familiar noise is breaking in
Once my eyes see again
Disappoinment fills my head
I need you next to me
In my king size bed.
If you have any advice comment below ,cause that's helps me get better
Dec 2018 · 437
Silent Cry
Beatrice Dec 2018
I am sitting in the sun
Wind brushing off
Pure tears of suffer
My mind goes numb

Dropping on the tiles
Just like the spring rain
It calms me down
It's going to be okay

Numbness slowly goes away
The sweet melody in my brain
Makes the world pitch black
In a rather delightful way

Hello love, long time no see
A promise to never leave ?
Well now we will be together
Cause eternity is forever.
Waiting for your opinions or suggestions ,cause they are valuable to me ,because that's the only way for me to know my mistakes and get better at writing poems.

— The End —