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Beatrice Feb 2019
Through all of my tears and sorrow
I realize that I cared for the wrong people
I should've loved and cared for those ones
Who I spent my time with
And value every second of it
Instead of that one time thing
That happened between you and me

I was blinded by your so called "kindness"
I'll admit that wrapping my arms
Around you was nice
But that's long gone now
Now I'm just an empty space
In your narrow vision and this toxic place

In the end you found me useless and unappealing
But I can't blame you
When I feel the same the feeling
About my stupid existence
As an average human being

Realization hit me like a wall o bricks
But it didn't fix a single thing
Cause even now I'm still  left with nothing
Except the shatters and peaces of the broken me

So , why mind me drowning in pain ?
When it's well deserved considering
I ignored all of the warnings
From the ones who still care and cared for me

I can't float back up from the past
But nether I can stop sinking
Well I guess I'll just keep on going
Until I sink to the lowest of my ability.
I am still learning how to move on. It's hard to do so ,when you miss those goods things. But what I've learned so far is that even good things should be forgotten if they bring other bad memories with them every time you remember them. Even though in this poem I speaking about going deeper into the past ,I don't believe that it's a good thing to do. This poem was a good way for me to let out all of my feelings and to realize that I shouldn't think like this and that I should focus on living now.
Beatrice Dec 2018
I lived without you for this long
But now I can't imagine you being gone
How come I need you now?
This was ment to be a haiku. Don't know if I did this right ,so if I made a mistake in the poems' construction ,let me know.
Beatrice Dec 2018
My heart flutters around you
I feel shivers run through
Got my arms around your neck
Your lips are leaning for a peck
Suddenly you disappear
Left my arms only hugging air

Light coming through my lids
A familiar noise is breaking in
Once my eyes see again
Disappoinment fills my head
I need you next to me
In my king size bed.
If you have any advice comment below ,cause that's helps me get better
Beatrice Dec 2018
I am sitting in the sun
Wind brushing off
Pure tears of suffer
My mind goes numb

Dropping on the tiles
Just like the spring rain
It calms me down
It's going to be okay

Numbness slowly goes away
The sweet melody in my brain
Makes the world pitch black
In a rather delightful way

Hello love ,long time no see
A promise to never leave ?
Well now we will be together
Cause eternity is forever.
Waiting for your opinions or suggestions ,cause they are valuable to me ,because that's the only way for me to know my mistakes and get better at writing poems.

— The End —