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MadeleineBarnham Jan 2022
all my matches burned out
i yearned for one last fire to be lit
my nights are now dark
and i don't know where i'm going
where's that spark i once had
that brightened up a whole village
that drove my passion wild into greatness
now i wait on a dreams gone to the grave island
looking up at the empty dark starless sky
i wait for the tied to come in
so i can feel the water touch my feet
and retreat from this hopes all gone feeling
follow the sea back to where my fire burned so bright
back to where i can find my fire
Feeling like I'm not as passionate for the things I love like I used to be. After lockdown I felt no motivation to work hard anymore and I miss the feeling of spending hours doing the things I loved. I want to find my drive again for succeeding.
MadeleineBarnham Jun 2020
Sore souls heal from
the verdict of me
Just a little quote from a song/poem i wrote
people are mean to make themselves feel better and that's sad
MadeleineBarnham Jun 2018
I love how the lights
Make it visible to see the rain
I love how the pavement shines
Shadowed umbrellas are revealed
I love how the wheels on a car brush up the rain from the road
making it sound like water slides from water parks
All the damp leaves create
An abstract masterpiece
Lamp posts look more mystic
Creating silhouettes from a distance
Drains awaken and are
MadeleineBarnham May 2018
I’ve walked through the
Burning flames of disappointment
Flames STING Seeping through my skin
Sore souls heal from the verdict of me

Piece by piece
I turn into ASH
Eventually all I am is
Dark, Black, Disintegrated ASH
What Do You Guys think?
I love feedback.
MadeleineBarnham Apr 2018
Yesterday was bright and sunny
Today was dark and rainy

A few weeks now
and the RAIN is still here!
Sometimes the sun will peep through clouds to say hello
But then quickly hide away

A month now and still RAIN
Thunderstorms are here and there

When will the sun shine again over the plain landscapes for this earth...
Interpret this however you want.
MadeleineBarnham Apr 2018
We all thought the same
She cut the rope we were balancing on
But you wanna keep your slate clean
So she was just a bad dream to be forgotten

You lie to yourself to be loved
Threw us under the bus and took your crown
Created a false article that told a biased story

Then published it...

We’re the blood thirsty reptilians now!
The drama seeking horror queens
The tables have turned
The fable turned to be true
A lesson is to be learnt.
Don’t trust the mouth of an unmasked joker
It doesn’t matter how much they shed their unequivocal truths
There are still darker hidden layers of secrets...
Secrets locked in an overloading box ready to busticate

Stay away...

You’re the poison that can’t be reckoned with.

Just remember!

While the vultures scavenge for fictious answers
The eagles laugh and over rule moronic actions.

               - Madeleine.Barnham
Betrayal is a funny thing and a sad thing when someone close turns to a darker shade of grey. It hurts when it's someone close, someone, you trusted for years, it only ***** when it's someone distant. It's funny how minds change and we never know why?

— The End —