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 Mar 2018 REAL
Heather Methot
he's not mainstream.
but he's got me on his stream.
his personalities got a ring.
it makes the mocking jays sing.  

he's beautiful.
and new.
 Oct 2017 REAL
I told you I was yours to keep
No you're not dreaming, I slid to sleep
You keep on running, losing heat
Please stop running, rest your feet
 Jun 2017 REAL
Heather Methot
 Jun 2017 REAL
Heather Methot
I hope you think of me like a 5000 piece puzzle,
Hope you feel like a detective when you talk to me,
Or when you hear about me,
Or when you think about me,
I hope you romanticize me into something more than just a human body,

I hope when we kiss your lungs expand,
Hope you think more than just lungs,
Hope when every inch of your body fills with energy
you think the chemical reaction,
I hope you think of me more than just a chemical reaction,
I hope i can fool you into believeing that
I am way more than what i say,

I hope you write about me,
Hope you can't get your mind off it because
you just need an answer,
i hope you find your answer,

I hope you figure out things about me
in the way i do my makeup,
Hope you try and find symbolism in it,
I hope you think me into a work of art,
Hope you finish with a blank canvas
because there is so much beauty in the unknown.

I hope you dream of dissecting me,
Hope you wake up with scars on your finger tips,
I hope i make you nervous,
Hope you think precisely of what to say when you're around me,
Hope you ask every question critically,
I hope you think i know exactly what you're up to,
Hope you hide nothing,

I hope you play word games with me
to try and piece together how my mind works,
I hope after all that time
you still cant grasp it,
Hope im always close enough to touch
but not close enough to get a firm grip on,
I hope you dig yourself a whole from walking in circles,
Hope you never say my name in fear of the tone being incorrect,
Hope you know ill always be here if you need me,

I hope you have no idea what any of this means,
I hope this has given your mind 3 different mining routes,
I hope you know i am buried treasure,
I hope you never hit gold,
I hope you never understand me.
 Apr 2016 REAL
 Apr 2016 REAL
I can feel you in every nerve of my body, you've got my hands sweating, my legs shaking and it's you I see when I open my eyes, I reach a moment of ecstasy, I feel you inside, your mouth has dried, I've never felt like this before.
 Jan 2016 REAL
 Jan 2016 REAL
my home is not 4 walls and a bed, it's your eyes and everything in your head..
 Oct 2015 REAL
Heather Methot
Trigger Warning,
2am cartoons,
all you can eat buffets,
toboggans rides that last all day,
bald spots,
black eyes,
lighter fluid and burning plastic smells sworm the air.

I don’t let people know,
i was taught to lie like it was a breath coming out of my mouth.

Letting people in as my sisters dad stares at my mother,
He doesn’t look anything like my father,
Maybe if he looked alittle more like my father,
Maybe this would all be okay.

Judges don’t trust mothers whos boyfreinds looks like a crack head,
Judges don’t trust mothers who look like a crack head,
how is it abuse when you allow it to happen.

Trigger warning,
Red and blue lights, 
the sound of a taser, 
and the gentle words
"its all okay we are here now".

i used to sleep with the thought I might wake up alone.
 Sep 2015 REAL
kaleidoscoping thoughts rotate
patterns change, colours migrate
hard as I try, I
cannot escape-
the penitentiary that is my own

I could walk tens of miles,
run thousands of feet
fly forever with angel wings
and dive to the deepest
depths of the sea.

from time to time
when I can't even stand
to be around me,
I put my pink matter
on my bedside shelf
and leave,

for I have better things,
to do with myself
then worry about

& me.
Sometimes I can't stand who I am
 Aug 2015 REAL
 Aug 2015 REAL
His lips told the stories of sleep & day-dreams.

Heavy on his tongue was a white lie.

Between the wink of his teeth was yet another.

And that is how she knows what truth tastes like.
We learn through experience, memories.
I wish you, you & you a really good day/night filled with lil surprises and wonderful things.
And if you are having a terrible day, *hugs hugs hugs*.
 Jan 2015 REAL
Joshua Haines
I sit and I dream,
a parasitic dream,
where we aren't
who we were
and we aren't
how we seem.
Where I eat you
and you eat me
and somehow
we're still

In each pile of
body on body
I walk by
and loss.
I love you's
I hate me's
saturate the air's
the nation and all
are pinned against
each wall
being ******,
We are
Our ***** are
property of
intellectual property.

In my dream,
where I dream,
I've ever loved,
is dreaming
trapped in a pit
of motorized
rubber ******
where the rubber
pumps and eats,
pumps and eats,
breaking ribs,
shattering spines,
ripping esophagus,
splitting spirit like
tissue paper.
Bodies ripped apart
by branded, artificial
society's configuration.
Brand recognition.
Product placement.
Motor salad.
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