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Sep 2015
Trigger Warning,
2am cartoons,
all you can eat buffets,
toboggans rides that last all day,
bald spots,
black eyes,
lighter fluid and burning plastic smells sworm the air.

I don’t let people know,
i was taught to lie like it was a breath coming out of my mouth.

Letting people in as my sisters dad stares at my mother,
He doesn’t look anything like my father,
Maybe if he looked alittle more like my father,
Maybe this would all be okay.

Judges don’t trust mothers whos boyfreinds looks like a crack head,
Judges don’t trust mothers who look like a crack head,
how is it abuse when you allow it to happen.

Trigger warning,
Red and blue lights, 
the sound of a taser, 
and the gentle words
"its all okay we are here now".

i used to sleep with the thought I might wake up alone.
Heather Methot
Written by
Heather Methot
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