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 Feb 2018 Audora
Star BG
 Feb 2018 Audora
Star BG
Roses are red.
My hearts blue.
Because I'm lonely.
without you.

Roses are pink
My heart is grey.
Hope you come round
so we can play.

Roses are yellow.
My heart is brown.
Cause you have gone,
far out of town.

Roses are purple.
My heart is dark.
My moneys gone now.
Marc your a shark.
inspired by kathryn anne
 Dec 2017 Audora
Beautiful Soul
 Dec 2017 Audora
I lost a soul
Beautiful soul
In a blue dawn
I lost you

I lost my love
Now I have to live
My life without
I lost my cat, 14-9-14
 Dec 2017 Audora
Lady Ravenhill
Is the way
You fill me
In ways
I didn't know
I was
 Nov 2017 Audora
 Nov 2017 Audora
I see the sun
I want to be in it
I wish I can run and play
I wish it everyday
But you keep me locked up
In my body
I don't know why you won't let be
All I want is to be free
Please just let me go
I wish you could know
How much
I want the sunshine
It's cold
Where I am
All I want is my freedom
I want to kiss you for the last time,
under the rain.
So, that you will not see my tears.
You will not see the fear
in my eyes,
when you leave.
While the rain is pouring,
so as my heart.
And the hurt I’m feeling will flow
with it just like the way you
made me feel loved and walked
away from me,
I’ll forget it forever.
 Sep 2017 Audora
 Sep 2017 Audora
There is nothing easier
than to complicate everything!
 Aug 2017 Audora
I'm still afraid sometimes
to even close my eyes
because I know
that right beside me
it is there that you stand.
At first I sense it
feeling tingles up my spine
then you softly but surely
take my fragile hand

I absorb the moment
it's just like old times
allowing myself to fully feel it
flowing emotions, like words that rhyme.
It was just so effortless
'me and you'
yet it wasn't meant to be
a love that ended way too soon

We know how and we know why
and I still lose a precious part of you
each time I breathe a sigh.
Perhaps when
each part of you has finally gone
I'll be more certain that the
'you and me' are done

I'll no longer be so afraid
to gently close my eyes
it'll be 'me' and 'myself'
and quiet empty sighs
You'll never again
be so close beside me
or softly take my hand,
I'll just be closing my eyes
to drift off and dream of
the treasured life we'd planned

An old piece written last year

— The End —