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Eleanor Oct 2018
I feel a presence besides me
I want to believe it is you
I want you to hold me one more time
Tell me everything will be fine
Reassure me that you never left
But you have
And now
My life is more lonely
I find it hard to see the light
Because since you left it's been darkness
I want the phone to ring again
I want to hear your amazing stories
But the phone will never ring
I'll never hear another story
Your name is the only thing I have left of you
A poem about my Nan named Fay, my middle name is Fay, after her.
Eleanor Sep 2018
I sit here in the sunshine
With the flowers in bloom around me
Nothing but happiness
Then a dark shadow
The flowers start to die
The sun slips away
I look around to see why
And I see you
Walking towards me
A dark ominous figure
There to **** up all the Joy in this world
There to place me back in the darkness
I want to run
But you’re an addiction
I have to keep coming back to you
But one day I'll overcome it
But for now I'm stuck in the darkness with you.
Eleanor Sep 2018
Is this how my life will be
The constant round and round we do
The fights?
The hate?
The anger?
It exhausts me
But at the same time I want to fight for us
The Love
The Joy
The Fun
But I can't take this round and round
Please let me go or fight for us with me.
Eleanor Aug 2018
Each day that passes it breaks more
I want it to be whole
I want it to stop hurting
I want it to stop breaking
But every time I put it back together
You shatter it again
I know I should just give up
But I still have hope
That one day you won't hurt me
That we can be happy and free
That one day I will love you fully, again
Others want to run away and never look back
But, I'm not ready to give up
Even though I am now broken
Eleanor Aug 2018
As I stand here alone
I hear the sound of leaves crunching under shoes
I turn to see who it is
Hoping it's you
But nothing is there
      The wind starts to blow
All the leaves start to dance
It's so beautiful
It's free
It's amazing
Then I feel a hand clasp mine
I see it's you
We stand there, together
Watching the leaves dance
Then when they stop
You're gone
You were never there
Just a ghost of something I once had
Eleanor Aug 2018
Our love is like the seasons
Always changing
Sometimes cold
Sometimes hot
Then sometimes right in the middle
Winter will be cold
But you will right there to keep me warm
Winter will be dark
But you'll show me the light
Spring will be the time we renew
Spring will be beautiful
Summer will be fun
Summer we will laugh
But what is constant in the seasons
Is I have you
Eleanor Jul 2018
When I look at you time just stops
The world just stops spinning
And all I have is you
My love
My heart
My everything
And all we have is time
Time apart
Time to grow
Time to argue
Time to cry
And above all time together
Our hearts beating as one
Our hands intertwined
The look in your eyes
That makes me feel home
All we have is time
And I want to spend every minute
With you
A poem for my boyfriend Alex. Who means the world to me and is my rock, my spirit, my home.
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