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Victor D López Nov 2021
If you like SF
My short stories book is free
Through 11/30
Not much of a haiku, but the book is free through 11/30/21 only at Although the book in eBook and paperback versions is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most other leading retailers, only the Smashwords site will have the ebook version in the leading formats available for a free download as my Thanksgiving "thank you" to my readers.
Kelsey Banerjee Jul 2020
I wanted to thank everyone for being so amazing. I started posting here nearly two months ago now, soon after I started writing a poem a day with the goal of 100 days. I completed my challenge earlier this week, and I couldn't have done it without being on here.  

Everyone's positive words have been really encouraging.

That's why I wanted to take a break from posting a poem and share this giveaway I'm hosting with you. I'm giving away 5 books - one large one of poetry and 4 of international short stories.

If it's your cup of tea, you can enter here:

Thank you all again! Looking forward to posting poems again tomorrow. :-)
Berenice Dec 2019
This cruel love...
Take it away from me
I wish i can throw it back to your pretty face

I have nothing to do with it
I'd like to get rid of it
To give it away
No money - for free
Why me?
Nico Reznick Mar 2016
Hi, guys.

Anyone who would like to pick up my second poetry collection, "Gulag 101", can grab it for free until 18th.

US customers:
UK customers:

It's on a special promotion to tie in with the launch of my latest fiction offering, "The Other One", a novella about a young girl growing up in the long, dark shadow of her abducted identical twin.  

You can grab this one, too, if you like.

US link:
UK link:

Residents of the rest of the world, both of these titles will be available if you look for them on Amazon.
Thanks for your support, everyone!
Nico Reznick Mar 2016
Apologies, as this is not in fact a poem.  It is, however, a link to a whole bunch of poems.  
Between now and Tuesday, my first poetry collection, "Over Glassy Horizon", is free to download on Kindle.

US link:
UK link:  
(Elsewhere in the world, just hop onto Amazon and look up the book.  The offer is worldwide.)

Hope you enjoy this freebie.  All reviews are much appreciated.
Cat Fiske Dec 2015
I don't believe in childish things,

like santa,

I don't partake anymore in the act of gift getting,

I used to believe that all these things used to be what christmas time was for,

but what about the kids who never got even 1 gift this season,

we hardly hear their cries,

there happy to have they family together just for christmas night,

but what about those kids,

who can't even get that,

santa must not like them then,

*** santa has forgotten them,


because there's no such thing as santa,

and I have not forgotten them,

but who else has not forgotten them,

someone needs to help them,

I used to believe in santa,

I used to get gifts,

but now I ask my family to give my gifts to other kids,

this seasons about giving,

so give to someone who has less.
an idea for the season.

— The End —