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 Nov 2015 Alejandra Erebia
I think your smile is so perfect,
I love the way it makes me feel like I can fly.

I can't tell you how happy it made me when you layed on my shoulder.
Or how happy it made me when you let me lay on your lap.

Please don't break my heart again.
I love you too much to bear by myself.
I need to feel your touch when I don't want anyone else's.

The truth is, I look into your eyes like I see the stars in them.
The truth is, the twinkles I see make me feel alive, and I can't let that go.
My eyes don't really deserve to look into yours.

When you move around I always have to look at you to make sure you're okay.
I don't want to think you're uncomfortable.
I want my shoulder to feel like pillows of the finest feathers.

When you would wrap your arm around mine,
and you'd snuggle up next to me,
I couldn't remember all the bad things our history holds.

I need you more than you think I do.
You're not my only happiness, but please stay.
When I first met you, I never would've thought this is where we'd be.
But I'm so totally okay with what has become of us.

I'm going to protect you always.
I'm not going to let someone wake you up or bother you while you rest.
We had such a long day and I should be sleeping rather than typing this sappy poem,
But I'd rather keep watch over my treasure.
The truth is, I love you.
She's so adorable when she's asleep.
upon leaving the HELLO POETRY site

Please turn out the Lights !


Oh (?)

The Last True Poet

has already left ... (!)



That explains why it's

So dark here !


( ||| )

and thusly

All truth is spoken


The subtlety of passion


The long walk

The mountain

A man and woman

Are here


the gentle river

The needed revolution

The young boys and girls

Have made their decision


The gathering storm

The unborn tomorrow

The violent need for nurturing


We are not amused


We are mankind


We know no politician


We are honest


We will not stay amid thieves


The great gambol

The gentle revolution

A pure river

The end of the massive fraud called

" wealth and money "


People !


We are here


Oh yes

Yes we are


                                                                < freedom >


we come
We come

( oh oh oh yeah )

We come


                                Freedom !


Freedom !

( we come )


from across pure waters

We the sons of Man

we with the song of earth itself

We of the holy land


We of divine wisdom

We of the courage to stand

Before the guns of tyranny

With the child in our arms

With the magic wand within our hands


Dance !


you of the righteous power

                                           ( I can tell with just one glance )
think of all the people you've ever met,
and all the conversations that have ever left an impact on you.
think of all the thoughts that those words prompted in you,
and all the actions they led to,
which went and touched more people than you can count.
innumerable words and thoughts,
little cosmic representations of the
souls of people touching us
your life is forever and inexplicably interconnected with a million others.
forever intertwined, forever in tandem; forever solitary.


                                                       ( let us not be judgemental )


She's sad !

( she wants to die )                                                      


                                         Let us not be judgemental



I just read a poem about accepting others


it was quite lovely


( and hence ---- this poem )


let the sweet juices flow

( she's looking for a guy /// actually

As per the above --- it could be a girl ///

By guy fits into the rhymme scheme better

So we' ll stick with guy )


Let the sweet juices flow

She's lookin for a guy

That is all she sees

It's all she thinks she needs

Just another boy


She's looking to create

A ****** -like fantasy


An ****** - like fantasy

( just like you and me )


It's a special kind of beauty

Seeing a young girl cry


Titillates our senses

( drops of blood a rollin cross our minds )


The innocent ****

Walks down the street

I watch you watch

I see what you see

I see what you are trying to create


( but

I'm not judgemental  ! )


Though I'm not sure who is the ****

The girl or the rest of us watching



All are innocent

For we mustn't be judgemental
Do me a favor.
Just go away.
Leave me alone.

I tell you that every day.
Everything else has left,
So why not you?

Please do me a favor.
Just go away.
And leave me alone.

I thought I had lost you long ago.
But you came back to me.
I guess you never really left.

Do me a favor.
Just go away.
Leave me alone, this time for good.

I pray for this every night.
Want you to leave so bad.
But you never do, always are on the back of my mind.

But please do me a favor.
And just go away.
Leave me alone.

I lost everything but not you.
My friends, my hopes, my desires, my love for myself.
But you always stayed.

Do me a favor.
Just go away.
And leave me alone.

I did not ask for you.
So please go away and leave me alone.
This time for good.
This poem is about depression and how bad I want it to leave me alone when it comes back and hits me in the face. When I have a good time and I am not depressed and I feel sad for no reason it  scares me, will depression take over again.
i miss you
     and everything we talked about.
i miss you
     and everything we were.
i miss you
     and everything you said to me.
i miss you
     and the way you said my name.
i miss you
     and the way you laughed at my stupid jokes.
i miss you
     and your smile.
i miss you
     and how you'd call me at midnight because you knew i was awake.
i miss you
     and the way you said, "i love you" before you'd say goodbye.
i miss you
     and your laugh.
i miss you
     and everything you promised.
i miss you
     and all of our inside jokes.
i miss you
     and how you made me feel.
i miss you
     and how happy you made me.
but most of all

I never thought I'd miss you like this...
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