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I will leave now
Without fuss
But I want you to know
I am leaving
Just for us
I miss you
Not your body but your friendship
Not your kisses but your laughter
Not your touch but your kindness
I miss you
missing someone makes my heart ache
in the rain

The slow burn
of that refrain

Touching the tips
of my brain

Speaking to me
about that dream

Of you...
I look back at our past
And see the devil’s footprints in the sand
Violent waves have washed away
The tears I shed
While all you did
Was sharpen your horns

With the skull on your scepter
You turned my head like an owl
My love was a gentle candle
And you made the fire spread
I am engulfed by venomous flames
And all I see is red.
8:16 pm
I love so much
With all my heart
With no regrets
We'll be together
Just listen to our
Heart's beat forever..
True Love ❤️
And she sat
Still as a stone
Rigid in her responsibility
Blocking the rif and the raff
Bouncing in and out of her eyesite
She sat
Alone, stoic
More than she should ever have to know
Like a rung
On a ladder
Her mother clinging on
She is the ground
She sits

My daughter
Proud, and alone
all of your last words
drowning in a fire

the flames are melting
all of your sweet dreams

your last goodbye
I'll never read it

I don't ever look back
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