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Nov 2020 · 254
Our love is worth
Our love is worth
Trying for,
Fighting for,
And even
Dying for.
Oct 2020 · 245
So be it.
I've been waiting for you
My entire existence.
If that means I have to wait
A bit more to be in your arms,
So be it.
Because you are so worth
Every minute if it means
The rest of eternity.
Oct 2020 · 136
The Hope of Someday
With the hope of someday,
For you, eternity, I shall wait.
Oct 2020 · 166
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Pain is temporary.
Tears are temporary.
Fear is temporary.
Failure is temporary.
Nightmares are temporary.
Storms are temporary.
Darkness is temporary.
Coldness is temporary.
Immortality is temporary.

So just keep moving on, dear.
It will be worth it.
All of that hurt,
All of the bad that you feel,
It may seem overwhelming;
You may feel like you’re drowning
And can’t get back to the surface,
That it’s pulling you deeper...
But just know you can get up.
There are people who can help you swim
Through that deep darkness.
There is always someone
Who loves you and will miss you.
There is always tomorrow,
A chance at a new day for better things.

All of the bad is temporary
As long as you can keep hope.
Know there will be some bad days
But it will get better,
The good WILL outweigh the bad,
I promise you.
So you just gotta keep your head up, darling,
And keep walking.
This isn’t the end.
There is so much beauty and good to come
As the sun rises, so shall you.
Oct 2020 · 148
Eternal Flame
Let me be your end, baby.
Let your heart know
No more pain.
Let me fill every crack
From that broken heart.
I promise to hold you forever
And let go never.
Our fire of love shall know of no end
Let it be an eternal flame.
Oct 2020 · 139
If I've Known
If I've known I was yours,
I would've known
What I was living for.
Oct 2020 · 118
Dearest Enzo,
A broken heart
Means you were
Oct 2020 · 127
Dear Enzo,
Only those with
A broken heart
Can truly write
Oct 2020 · 198
Unable to sleep
I stay up at night
Unable to sleep
Because I know if
I do indeed dream
I will wake
Disappointed with reality.
Oct 2020 · 100
What was and no longer is
I can’t relive the past
But I continue revisiting
What was and no longer is.
Drowning in your laugh
Long but forgotten.
You kiss her and **** me.
Oct 2020 · 110
Shadows of the past
Shadows of the past flicker in sight
And when I think it will all finally be over
I feel--everything.
Unable to say goodbye
I cry.

No escaping me
I remember and just die.
For I am not yours anymore
As you are not mine.
Oct 2020 · 89
Memories flood
To the surface
And I drown
In the icy,
Black water
Of yesterday
As tomorrow’s
Shadow passes
Me by.
Oct 2020 · 118
to live or die
I don't want to live,
But I don't want to die.
Oct 2020 · 102
My bleeding heart
Here I remain
A hole in my chest
Because I gave you my bleeding heart.
No longer beating
You robbed me of everything
What more do I have?

I am nothing without my love
And my love, how could you?
You stole my heart
You stole my breath
You stole my mind
And now you take my words.
Oct 2020 · 84
Memento Mori
What did the Roman servants say
At the backs of the victorious generals?
After a victory, during a parade...
‘Memento mori’ -
Meaning: remember you are mortal.
May you as well feel pride,
But never forget to be humbled.
Oct 2020 · 76
Deep in Love
Deep in love,
Buried 6 feet under,
You’ll find me crying.

Black dirt in my mouth,
In my heart,
I remain dying.

The weight is unbearable
And I’m left suffocating.

I can’t hold my breath forever.

Help me up,
Hold me,
And let go never.
Title inspired by 'Deep in Earth' by the infamous EAP. I took it down and am reposting parts.
Oct 2020 · 68
Choking on what-ifs
And suffocating on memories
You left me buried in a shallow grave

No one to hear my cry for help,
No one to see me,
My screams remain stifled in my throat
Unable to pass my barely parted lips.
No air in my lungs
I remain silent.
Silent and forgotten.
Oct 2020 · 77
In misery - dying
I was starving until I met you.
Feasting on your words
Of 'I love you' and promises,
My love grew.

Not knowing the only one
I cared about in the world
That I’d do anything for
Was the one that left me all alone
In misery - dying.
Oct 2020 · 83
In the end
In the
Oct 2020 · 81
Love me
Love me,
Or **** me;
For I shall take it
No other way.
Oct 2020 · 82
Break your heart
I want to take your entire heart
All of your love - all of you.
I want to be your world - your everything...
And then I want to break your heart.

I want you to write poems after me.
If you are even able to sleep -
I want to be in your dreams,
Forever haunting you.
I want to make you hurt,
I want your soul to bleed.
To curse you with eternal tears.
Baby, just let me break your heart -
Like you did to me.
Oct 2020 · 118
Addicted to you
You are my drug and I’m addicted
Whenever you are gone; withdrawal.
Every chance I get, I need a hit.
It is no longer a question of want.
For you make my fantasy reality,
You are my eternal happy pills
And I can’t lose that.
You are what keeps me living
Even as you **** me -
I shall love you forever.
Oct 2020 · 100
The breaking of my heart
The breaking of my heart felt like -
A noose around my neck,
A knife to my back,
A grenade in my stomach,
Poison in my brain,
And water in my lungs.
All at once...
But the pain never left.
Oct 2020 · 87
I write my pain
I write my pain.
Every word is a tear.
I cut through the paper
With a pen
Instead of my wrists
With a knife.
Replacing my blood
With rhymes and lines.
A poem is born as I end my life.
Oct 2020 · 89
Let Our Love Rain Down
Let our love rain down
Like the bullets
For Bonnie and Clyde.
I’ll **** for you
But don’t be mistaken,
I’d also die for you.
For never was a story of more woe,
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.
Oct 2020 · 63
Our love
Our love
Started from an ember
Underestimated and barely visible.
Flying through the wind, searching.
With oxygen, it was brought to life.
Spread, grew and
Lit this cold, dark world like a sun

Then, after time, it burned everything
All that was left was the cold, dark, dirt floor.
Nothing left to keep it alive
It shrunk, choked, and suffocated.
Death finally took our love.
Oct 2020 · 141
Maybe When I'm Dead
Maybe When I'm dead
People Will know of my heart,
My fate, my words and my mind.
Maybe they'll finally care -
Finally read my words.
For my poetry is my eulogy.
Maybe when I'm dead,
People will know of my pain.
With my tears and blood
through these lines, rhymes, and stanzas -
May they see the true me.
And maybe when I'm dead,
I may finally be called a poet.
Sep 2020 · 105
Suffered Sufficiency
I am not yours anymore
As you are not mine.
Sep 2020 · 93
Lonely Heart
You wish me luck and happiness…
With someone else.
But there’s no one else,
My heart was set on you.
You were the only one, lover.
And now my lonely heart dies
Every minute you are no longer with me.
Sep 2020 · 76
The Forbidden Fruit
To take a bite of the forbidden fruit
I wouldn’t mind being ****** for eternity
As long as I had you.
Being strong is wrong
Let the weak peek.
Sep 2020 · 101
My Scarlet Letter
You are taken.
All I want
Unable to have
You are my scarlet letter.
I would pay any price to make it right
To get you back.
Sep 2020 · 75
Never the victor
I’ve been looking for happiness,
But it’s this never-ending
Game of hide and seek
Where I am never the victor.
The grace of tomorrow
Only chains me.
The dreams are the only escape,
But alas, they never last.
Sep 2020 · 91
My Clyde
My Clyde,
You said you’d always
Protect me, never leave me.
**** and be killed for me.
That together, we’d burn
The world that broke us.
And I was your Bonnie,
You had all of me.
I was willing to do anything,
But now I’m just a memory.
Sep 2020 · 49
Without music...
I breathe music.
It's in my blood.
In my heart,
Brain, and lungs.
It makes up my soul -
My body no longer a shell.
It gives me life
And without music,
I'd be dead.
Sep 2020 · 79
Be free
You have every right to be free
I don't want to keep your heart
Locked up and in chains
Holding the key with a title
Be free, my friend,
Love others, none, or many
Your heart has room for many.
I am your friend and that's just fine by me.
Sep 2020 · 75
In the end...
It wasn’t me that made you smile.
It wasn’t me that made you happy.
It wasn’t me that made you laugh.
It wasn’t me that made you want to get up in the morning
It wasn’t me who you met in your dreams.
It wasn’t me who you lived for.
In the end, it wasn’t me that you were in love with.
Sep 2020 · 81
All along
All along I was blind,
While you Dragged me By the heart.
Sep 2020 · 68
on the surface
A whole universe and universes
But we are barely on the surface.
Telling us to shoot for the moon
But we can’t even leave our seats to explore.
Sep 2020 · 58
I am not a side
Another said you love her.
How am I supposed to take this?
You say you want me...
Then still go behind my heart
And tell another the same.
How must I be sure of your love
Without knowing of your other lovers?
I am not a side
I'm the dessert -
The last dish
Where you are full but
You still choose me cuz you want me
The sweetness -
The satisfaction.
I am your end.
You shall no longer take any more of my words or my tears.
I am done crying and writing.
For you fill my mind and I become blind.
Sep 2020 · 79
While You've Been
While you’ve been smiling
I’ve been dying.

While you’ve been laughing
I’ve been crying.

While you’ve been kissing her
I’ve remained alone.

While you’ve been talking with her
I’ve been drowning in silence.

While you’ve been dreaming
I’ve been thinking of you.

While you’ve been happy
I’ve been writing stupid poems
And wishing death upon myself
Because I see no light at the end of the tunnel.
Like 3 of my poems were too long and I feel like not many peeps read them bc of that, so I decided to break them up as best as I could into chunked single poems.
Sep 2020 · 66
I Wish You a Broken Heart
I wish you a broken heart.
I wish you pain and I wish you tears
Just so you can know how it feels.

I wish you to be consumed by sadness
Where time seems to pass you by.

I wish for you to stay up all night
Unable to sleep
Just wondering where you went wrong.

I wish for you to feel as messed up
And depressed as I did
In every moment of every day.

I wish for you to feel everything
Because it seemed to be
That you felt nothing.

I just want you to have a little taste
Of the misery and sorrow I’ve endured.

But, I really don’t wish you a broken heart
Because it’s worse than torture.
And I’m not like you
I’m no monster.
Like 3 of my poems were too long and I feel like not many peeps read them bc of that, so I decided to break them up as best as I could into chunked single poems.
Sep 2020 · 64
My Mirror's Perspective
Why don’t you visit often?
Why do I never see your smile?

Do I make you sad?
Do you not like me?
Why do you glance at me
For a second and turn away the next?

Always with a frown
Sometimes you stand in front of me.
I watch as you brush your hair and teeth.
Putting on some mascara and lipgloss.
Dear, you already have a beautiful face.
I see you often change your outfit
And you sigh, so frustrated -
Yet I thought you looked great.

I watch you sitting on your bed
Silent tears running down your face.
I notice how the time flies as you stay there
Eating one meal a day
Waking up at 12.

I see you on your laptop all day -
Doing homework or just
Distracting yourself from all of the pain.

Writing in your journal
No one else knows your mind -
What’s in your heart -
Your eyes -
The weight on your shoulders -
And all of the sadness that consumes you.

When you finally take your mask off
And step off the stage of life at night -
Only I can see the real you.
Sep 2020 · 73
Haunted Heart
A haunted heart
With the eternal
Ghost of you.
Sep 2020 · 53
Tears are Immortal
Tears are immortal.
They may cease but are never gone.
They cannot die
Nor stop at your command.

They come when they please
And leave at their convenience.
They live within everyone
And take control of your body.

They blind you and make you sob.
They leave you thirsty and with a headache.
Dehydrated, sad, and exhausted
Numb and empty when they leave.

They obey the situation
Determining their place.
And when called are never late.
Although, sometimes they disobey
Time and reality.

Cursed with the promise of return
One can never know
Could be at any moment.
They will reap when you are grim
So call them the Grim Reaper.

The blood of your eyes.
Tears are immortal.
Sep 2020 · 70
I Miss You
May I say that I miss you
Because it’s true.

I miss your heart
Your laugh
Your eyes
Your tears
Your body
And your words...
All of you.

And I fear that longing
Will never fade
Nor ever leave.
Sep 2020 · 83
I'm fine.
At least
That is
What I say
So you
Do not
Have to
Sep 2020 · 62
This feeling...
Seems to be undying.
It consumes me
And never goes away.

I know only glimpses of happiness,
Yet microscopic compared to the pain.

When will it not hurt so bad?
When will the good
Finally outweigh the bad?
How much longer must I wait?
How much more must I bear?

I  just gotta keep hiding it.
And when I wake...
I put on the mask as I step onstage.
Awaiting reality...
I remind myself to keep it all locked away.
Sep 2020 · 66
To Be Okay
I wish for you to be okay
But I know I can’t make you okay.
Nothing can make it okay…
Only time.
My grandma told me those words on a call today, a few days after my dad had passed. Just wanted to jot it down so I won't forget it.
Sep 2020 · 86
We need emotion.
Not what we can pick and choose,
But all of them.
Not everything can be good times
And happiness.
We need to get lost
So that we can be found.
We need to be in the dark
So we can find the light.
We have to get our heart broken
To know we were loved.
We gotta bleed
To know we are alive.
We gotta live
To know we can die.
We gotta feel pain
So that we can know
What it’s like to feel okay.
We need to make mistakes
In order to grow.
We need to fall
So we can learn to get up.
We need to love
So we can conquer hate.
We need to feel
So we can know we are human.
That is why we need emotion.
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