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I'm glad that we both get that - **** cheating.
It ***** that we had to go through it,
And it was for 4 years of our life and for what?
A ******* cheater...
So, I'm glad your last relationship didn't work out,
Because now I got you, baby.
You are mine.
And I would never mess it up or hurt you
cuz I love you.
So, I'm down for forever.
Our love is worth
Trying for,
Fighting for,
And even
Dying for.
I've been waiting for you
My entire existence.
If that means I have to wait
A bit more to be in your arms,
So be it.
Because you are so worth
Every minute if it means
The rest of eternity.
With the hope of someday,
For you, eternity I shall wait.

Pain is temporary.
Tears are temporary.
Fear is temporary.
Failure is temporary.
Nightmares are temporary.
Storms are temporary.
Darkness is temporary.
Coldness is temporary.
Immortality is temporary.

So just keep moving on, dear.
It will be worth it.
All of that hurt,
All of the bad that you feel,
It may seem overwhelming;
You may feel like you’re drowning
And can’t get back to the surface,
That it’s pulling you deeper...
But just know you can get up.
There are people who can help you swim
Through that deep darkness.
There is always someone
Who loves you and will miss you.
There is always tomorrow,
A chance at a new day for better things.

All of the bad is temporary
As long as you can keep hope.
Know there will be some bad days
But it will get better,
The good WILL outweigh the bad,
I promise you.
So you just gotta keep your head up, darling,
And keep walking.
This isn’t the end.
There is so much beauty and good to come
As the sun rises, so shall you.
Let me be your end, baby.
Let your heart know
No more pain.
Let me fill every crack
From that broken heart.
I promise to hold you forever
And never let go.
Our fire of love shall know of no end
Let it be an eternal flame.
If I've known I was yours,
I would've known
What I was living for.
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