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Fantasio Milian Sep 2022
i want to be angry
i wish i was
i reflect on times past
the tattoos on my mind
rosy colors and laughter and love
scales unbalanced by red and blue
with flaming currents of vibrance
i ignore violet’s truth

i wish i was angry
i want to be
the scratches and scars
on my soul and my arms
ripped apart by your nails
and promises broken
less black, less white
violet sure must be right

but like the morning
my heart beats blue
i don’t condemn you
for your choices and sins
i remember an angel
and forget the shadows cast
i pray my memories of you
will turn violet at last
day 17
Fantasio Milian Sep 2022
thoughts that don't belong
intrinsically wrong


harm your bone and skin
tattoos of your sins


words not meant but said
dreams not gone but dead

day 9
Fantasio Milian Sep 2022
nothing to see
nowhere to go
waiting forever
minutes pass slow
embers turn cinder
lost all glow
wild lemon trees
stunted growth
grey advances
head to toe
numbing depression
etched below
day 8
Fantasio Milian Aug 2022
alone i come
alone i pass
alone i walk this road
like i always have.
Fantasio Milian Aug 2022
you met somebody troublesome
someone with cracks and scars
you see beyond and internalize
that they’re your other half.

you tend to their pain, it’s violent
there’s darkness that consumes
you inject them with the light you have
but now you’re broken too.
day 3
Fantasio Milian Aug 2022
you worked to build your other half
you stayed up day and night
you gave them wings to levitate
and strength to push and fight.

you molded them into something new
a flower standing proud
you constructed someone fireproof
who speaks their mind aloud.

your work is done, you’re satisfied
an artist’s grand hooray
you made them legs to stand on
yet now they walk away.

you lost yourself in your piece of art
the clock hits midnight twelve
the sculpture you built shines marbly bright
but you have cracked yourself.
don't lose yourself
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020
Shadows of rainbows in the night sky
Crimson clouds bleeding nocturnal tears
Heavenly angels drop like holy rain
As smoke swallows moonlit terrain
The fires of war are feasting
On the victims of contested domain

As the dead rise
And the living suffer their last breath
Masked shadows dance
Unbothered in the face of death

They sing
And shout
And cry
For they know
When the clouds pass
Dawn is nigh.
10:24 pm
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