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Fantasio Milian Nov 2020
I’m a prisoner to my own mind
The key is nowhere to be found
My surroundings bear great trouble
Yet the real issues reside within

I cannot close my eyes
For what I see
Keeps the sandman away
He fears the prison too

It crawls underneath my skin
A throat made of sand
Dry coughs clawing their way out
Disturbing the ones blessed with silence
11:54 pm
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020
Shadows of rainbows in the night sky
Crimson clouds bleeding nocturnal tears
Heavenly angels drop like holy rain
As smoke swallows moonlit terrain
The fires of war are feasting
On the victims of contested domain

As the dead rise
And the living suffer their last breath
Masked shadows dance
Unbothered in the face of death

They sing
And shout
And cry
For they know
When the clouds pass
Dawn is nigh.
10:24 pm
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020
False promises of the rising sun
With a libation of blood
The unity of the divine
Search for a successor
As the eye of Horus
Lost sight of the sky

In pursuit of enlivening the afterlife
The Atef crown was deprived of its shine.
7:37 pm
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020
Rainy night, rock bottom
Wet hair, red eyes
Clouded mind, alcohol

I trusted you
I loved you
You threw me away

Two weeks of distance
All it took

I chose you
Every day
For one and a half years

You told me I was the love of your life
What happened

Where’d you go
Other guys

Who the **** are you
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020



7:14 pm
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020
who's got brown hair that blows in the wind
who's got a split tongue and tattoos of their sins
who's got a bright smile that splits suns to their core
who's got the fortuitous gift to drift sailors ashore

el diablo
el diablo

who's got brown eyes that twinkle and shine
who's got a fiery cage that traps and confines
who's got a presence so warm it emanates spells
who sits on a throne in the temples of hell

el diablo
el diablo
1:02 am
Fantasio Milian Oct 2020
I look back at our past
And see the devil’s footprints in the sand
Violent waves have washed away
The tears I shed
While all you did
Was sharpen your horns

With the skull on your scepter
You turned my head like an owl
My love was a gentle candle
And you made the fire spread
I am engulfed by venomous flames
And all I see is red.
8:16 pm
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