why can't we embrace the *adjectives*?
Lauren Vincent
Lauren Vincent
Jun 10, 2013

It's a real shame
that to be noticed
you have to have beauty

beauty is just a noun

why can't we embrace the adjectives?
strange, unusual, different, unique
because 'real' beauty isn't about perfection
it's about those adjectives
who make you, you.

Adjectives scrawled all across it.
Jul 17, 2014

I looked down onto the paper before me.
Adjectives scrawled all across it.
Beast, worthless, idiotic, suicidal, freak, unorganized, unintelligent, try hard, spastic, boring, arrogant, obsessive.
This went on for ages, at least a hundred negative words against myself on it.
I looked down at the paper as a tear rolled down my face. I crossed out the adjectives. I smiled and flipped it over, and on the back I wrote a note.
"There are many things I can be describe as... Though, those are not adjectives I would use... But the best I could say? Healing."
I looked down toward the paper and smiled.

Elizabeth Foley
Elizabeth Foley
Dec 26, 2012

What they used to call me
How they say I look
The perpetual state of my feelings
My heart and spirit
The intangible look in my eyes
The jokes I make about myself
My self portrait
Perceptions of who I am
My feelings about who I am...
The entirety that I will never be for you
The end to every path I chose

Jun 13, 2013      Jun 15, 2013

My poems idealize your tongue on my tongue
your breath in mine,
these verses will romanticize how we skipped from street to street
our arms swinging between your left hip and my right
like I did not think about how my parents
never doubled their strength to pull me up above ground as
we walked through parking lots. I
needed to fly and no adult could let me but you.
The sudden hurt, I have not yet dramatized that morning
you returned my voicemail unsuspecting
unknowing my intention to whisper I hate you I hate you I hate you.
Every bone in my body had broken because we could not
levitate any longer: you were not even strong
enough to keep yourself grounded. I make you sound beautiful
I make you sound ugly, but neither is real, just as
how there are no words for the New Year ball dropping.

Abstract Colleague
Abstract Colleague
Jun 23, 2014

A creative
bright sky
from a black and dark earth.
Sculpted, smooth, cylindrical.
A simple layered texture.

I wrote down adjectives that described a sculpture and I added a couple of other words. This was the outcome.
derick gibbs
derick gibbs
Apr 27, 2014

Insert pretty word here:
All pertain to my lady's love

#love   #heart   #thoughts   #you  
let's make music without the adjectives
John Ricafrente Pesebre

worlds converge in a papercup
come, come you on the tambourine
me on the harmonica
let's make music without the adjectives
let's live on the jingle-jangle of coins
tara na! this pavement
is our carnegie; metaphors
sans adverbs -- no illusions, no fantasies.
you and me and this street --
dancing like gypsies on a prairie
later tonight, while the moon watches over
we'll upstage the stars
with sexy adverbs & adjectives

Life’s about the adjectives,
Michael Benton
Aug 20, 2010

Life’s about the adjectives,
it’s how we know the world.
Nouns, you see, are only names,
with adjectives - life is knurled.

Think about the apple,
just fruit upon the tree,
red ripe skin with tasty pulp,
better lets us see.

Providing us the texture,
of color if you will,
ADJ allows us space,
to give our lines the fill.

Life’s about the adjectives,
spice for the written line,
Verbs, you see, are motion,
and index things like time.  

Think about the race car,
going around the lane,
zipping fast with lightning speed,
better feeds the brain.  

Providing us the feeling,
of nature if you will,
ADJ gives the taste,
to writings we distill.  

Verbs contain the action,
and nouns have the heart,
adjectives add the flavor,
for cooks of written art.  

Life’s about the adjectives,
how else could it be,
that words paint the pigments,
in poems for us to see?

Copyright © 2007 MH Benton
Dec 25, 2014

warm, so warm

warm, warm, so warm

it's christmas and i am in love
p;       ~adjectives or verbs~
Taru M
Taru M
Apr 18, 2014

in the wide world of poetry
what gets your nouns pumping more
                   ~adjectives or verbs~

can you transition
   using only prepositions and an hourglass
or do figures remind you of mirrors
      and mirrors only of hate
what have you seen (in any reflection) that keeps you dripping?
there are thousands
nay millions
slipping through the same crack
   can you feel their coarse carress in the mass exodus
          would it matter if you did

I figure, for some, nouns are enough company
      adjectives only descibe the dream
   and verbs tell you how to get there
but nouns are the shoreline
         and time is the wave gradually pumping you there

Aptly renamed when I was drunk...what's your take, adjectives or verbs?
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