Jan 4

I laid in your bed, touching your body with the same hands that cursed it hours before
They cursed all men, pointing at the deceit and insecurities I have about myself

They pointed at me, then back at you, then back at me.
A cycle of love and hate, processing and empathy.

The curves of your body made me numb
The vibrations of your pump every hour
The vibrations of your pumping heart every second I could feel it in my hands every time I lingered just a bit too long
My fingers whispering secrets to your skin

As you talked on the phone, worlds away, in your language, I paused
I admired you. Strong not only by the arms I was holding, but by the head I was kissing
Your love for me seemed so great in those 11 hours.

Maybe 10. I'll round up in this case.

2pm and I finally make it back
You text me,

'did you make it back ok?'

It made me smile.
I walked three flights of steps back to my home.

'No, I died'

But part of me had
Friendship had turned to love
Love had turned into resentment
Resentment turned into heartache
They leave they leave they leave. They always leave.
And I sit here, alone
Wondering what I could have done to make you stay.

Maybe I admire the way you treat me as if I'm the only girl on your mind for those 10 hours.
11, I mean.
Maybe I think that the way you soften when I'm near is because of my heart
Maybe it's because I'm young and impulsive
A constant battle between love and hate

Pointing my finger to blame someone, something
Pointing out my flaws
Pointing out the ones who left
Staring in a mirror, I point

Escape is inescapable, pointing is fun
Maybe what I'm looking for is someone to point at me and say 'you're the one'

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Holly Bower
Holly Bower
Nov 17, 2016

At some point I’ll
Have to come to terms with this reality

At some point I’ll
Need to make peace with your absence

At some point I’ll
Turn around and find myself breathing-

That’s when I can say I made it;
When I can breathe and walk and feel
Without you

I’m there now
              I think
Just don’t want to admit it,
For fear that acceptance
Of your absence
Is release
Of potential
And the coming
Of the inevitable
The end

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Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
Nov 10, 2016

looks and judges you.
Looks from a different point of view.
writes labels on things,
and gives people crazy, stupid, names.
says that it’s right & I’m wrong;
but when I knew the truth about me all along.

tell you who the characters are, it’s obvious.
Narrators can see what the characters are oblivious.
are sometimes in 2nd person point of view.
Meanwhile, in other stories it’s their own point of view.
tell you want you want to hear.
While other stories leave you with a million tears.

not the letter from me to you,
but the actually letters n & u.
can be seen from both sides,
but who knows who is wrong or right.
do, as well, have a different point of view.
Just depends on who’s looking at it, me or you.

Stranded on an island
I could be happy to see
a boat cast out into sea.
Stranded on an island
I could write in the sand,
but then that boat will leave & I would feel like I’m in quicksand.
Stranded on an island
I would do anything to get help,
but I am the only one stranded on an island,
no one can hear my yelp.

Cast out into sea
I would be happy to see land,
hoping I could survive with my two bare hands.
Cast out into sea
while I’m alone on this boat
I hope to find a bottle with a note.
Cast out into sea
I would be happy to see land for the first time
since I left my home land for the last time.

the ones who are left on the outside of things,
mainly the ones who are never invited to parties.
are mainly judged by society itself.
We’re no one to blame, but the “popular” kids like yourself.
are the ones who are on the outside looking in
the place where we shouldn’t be in.

the ones who are in the “cool crowd”,
the ones who makes a joke when it’s too loud.
are always invited to go somewhere,
when the outcast aren’t even invited there.
rules the high school,
but we all know that it’s not important, nor cool.

an post that I created for my blog post.
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• it was always you-- until relatively recently
• you're not the epitome of romance so you say, but why did you hold me like you want to romance me
• i was sorry if it seemed like i moved on the first few months -- i was never good at being open
• i could've let you help me
• did you like being undefined or did you want something more concrete because i felt as though i was the one with a happy broken heart and you found something perfect for you
•i miss you, always missed you and will miss you if you leave again

Bullet points because I can't even make a normal poem--

"You don't wanna bring me down, you don't wanna say good bye, you don't wanna turn around, you don't wanna make me cry, well-- you caught me once, maybe on the flip side I could catch you again, you caught be once maybe on the flip side you could catch me again.."
#love   #muse   #bullet   #point  
Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
Sep 8, 2016

You missed the point by
the blind point of view at the
point of no return.

#lost   #senryu   #lack   #point  
Aug 30, 2016

anxiety is a terrorist
who holds me at gun point
and hijacks the plane that
i should be flying.
i don't know where we're headed
or what i'm going to do.

i am not safe on my own.

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Aug 22, 2016

I wonder sometimes ,What is the point of living?
  When the only certainty in this life is that I will die .
  People , things ,time , place will change with time
  But in the end , we will all lie in coffin .
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point on waking  ?
  When I live more freely in the land of my dreams .
  I am bounded by rules and all restrictions to live my life.
  Is it not better , to keep on sleeping ?
  I wonder sometimes ,What is the point running behind time?
  All this time , I have been running behind to catch up for all moments lost ,
  But it does not wait for me , when I try to get up from falling .
  And I know, I will never have it in my hand ,at least not for this lifetime .
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point of smiling?
  Life will always find a way to snatch it from you .
  So , why should I pretend that I am happy when I am sad .
  Why keep the pretense ,it all hurts to keep on feeling.
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point of working ?
  There is no one who appreciates and notices the hard work ,
  Everyone looks for mistakes , just to criticize ,
  And for money , which keeps all just for the big game playing .
  There is no point in anything that exists ,
  If you see the way I look the world .
  But that does not stop me from living just the same ,
  And being the cynical and pessimist .

#life   #wonder   #pessimist   #point   #cynical  
aniket nikhade
aniket nikhade
Jun 22, 2016

Action speaks louder than words,
so does confidence,
which speaks for itself as the right thing done at the right moment in time,
enhances the scope of how things will shape in future,
then also at the same point in time it changes the nature of everything in present, which has got do something with regards to future.

Definitely taking a proper line of action speaks for itself rather than stating it merely on a piece of paper or in the form of words.

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Jun 12, 2016

don't tell me that you understand
if you're going to say that some win and some lose
because i know that
but i needed to be in the winning
i needed not just wanted
and that is what you don't understand
that is why


missed the point completely.

the full stop in the middle is on purpose, it is the point and the you is the person missing it, if you get what i mean :)
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