Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
3 days ago

Not a poet.
Not a poet.
Not a poet.
And I know it.

I wrote this last year... I think I had some poetic problems.

Lipstick kissed
On a paper cup
A trademark red shadow
Of the person left
Evidence of a moment
A mood, an event
Then discarded
Forgotten instantly
As was this morning's
Instant brew

©Ladyofravehill 3/13/17

Feel my pain,
etched into time,
I am not the one
to keep others in line,
but sometimes I would
just love to be heard.
I am no one, that's clear,
so no one takes my word.
Put me in a ditch, make
yourselves grand,
you are the only ones who
others understand.
One things for sure-on a cold day
in hell, I'd never give you the time
of day, but I'm no one, so oh well.

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You berate me
For things I haven't done yet
Telling me
That failure is inevitable
Yet you wonder
Why I am afraid to try

I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you

I've been at this for years, and I still can't keep up with you!
You always win at everything I'm best at, so I guess this is the truth,
There is no way to master anything unless you "break bones" at
Everything you do. In this world, it's either "kill or be killed,"
At least in the competitive world. Well, I'm sure that they've
Displayed maturity at every turn making things this way.
The only way to win is to give up at everyone's stupid immature

Look up the latest episode of Smosh, "how to be the best gamer" on Youtube, they've got some answers for you...

You've just got to try harder! Where have I heard THAT before?
Years down the line, I'm still a supposed newb at everything I work so hard at. Piano, poetry, games, art, the list goes on and on...

I don't mind if people never read this poem! The truth hurts, so you're all proving this by hating my poem!

People want to
Have Faith in the System,
But what does
"Having Faith in the System"
Really mean?
Having Faith in the Power of Money?
Guess what, Folks?
With distorted priorities
And a false sense of values,
Your money can KILL you!
Deregulate the Toxic Polluters,
Study Hard,
Work Hard,
Fuck Hard,
And what do  you get?
A Retard.....
That's What.
Someone who will never be able to understand
The meaning of this poem.
A product
Of the Power of Money.

You see..
it's kinda like dodge ball
but you can't throw back

#life   #thoughts   #pointless   #feels   #futile   #avoid   #oneside  

Here we are, all drowned in the unimportant things,
Sat around, lazy, sipping on drinks and waiting.
Laughter and smiles around, though there's no point to it,
Or because there's no point to it,
And not one wants it to end.

As I tap out the rhythm of another song I've never heard,
My gaze drifts from face to face,
All bright (though one is sleeping) and no worries taking over.
Tonight is not about me nor any one of us,
So we all share a while, a meal and a game.

We made it through again,
It was tough this time around,
Trials, barriers, disappointments,
Sadness, loss and doubts,
But we mark this day - an arbitrary date -
To remind ourselves, that the past,
Can go to bed,
And the future charges faster,
And fills our hearts instead.

Sorry this is so late, I wrote this about the New Year but I've been so busy I haven't put it up yet!
#future   #hope   #pointless  

Open up your eyes we're all disguised, we're hypnotized. We have overdosed with these pointless posts just to see how much we can boast. We're all trapped liquid inside a bottle that is wrapped with a title named "social media" We're all to blame, cause all we dig for is fame. Acceptance is where we find our bliss, but is all of this worth being blind

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Nov 30, 2016

I once had a home.
I once could live happily.
I was once whole.
In the blink of an eye, that was all changed.
I cry now.
I am blinded by my own thoughts now.
I am someone else now.
In the blink of an eye, I was thrust into a world where nothing matters.
I now swim through life, not caring.
It's funny how the word carefree is always used positively.
My head pounds with headaches.
I force myself to keep going, not knowing why,
wanting to give up.
People see me cry sometimes.
They wonder.
They try and help.
They try their hardest to be empathetic.
They are good people.
I may live a good life.
I may have it better than many people.
Forget may, I do have a great life.
But I can't seem to forget my sadness.

#depression   #life   #home   #cry   #happy   #help   #swim   #pointless   #blink   #carefree  
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