Nov 22, 2016

I'm a linear surface with no reflection

The bumps on my face are of paint splatters in sections

You can look at me

you can scream at me

You can punch me

You think I don't have feelings?
You think I don't care?

You think you're better than me because I can't move

but I can stare

my friends and I stick together

we're always here

we're  always waiting for you to run
through that door

I watch you throw your shoes at my cousin, the floor

And if you hit one of my friends again I will protect you no more.

But no worries because one day I will crumble, I won't be here anymore

I'll take all of us with me!
my friends, my father, my mother, my cousins even my uncle.

You'll be stuck with the family outcast
His name is Rubble.

He doesn't play nice,
like bed in the late night

No shade no shield
No ceiling no lamp light
No wood no steel

Only feelings of cold nights

The Poetry Peddler
The Poetry Peddler
Oct 25, 2016

You left me
on this windy day
my heart blew
straight out of my chest
onto the sidewalk
and into the gutter

now what??

you should pay for your heinous crime

#breakup   #nasty  
AD Fox Spirit
AD Fox Spirit
Sep 30, 2016

They say your a nuisance,
And you'll always be that stupid little kid.

They call you all those awful names,
Making you want to not feel anything;
Your wanting to be hollow forever.

Your heart is hollow but at the same time its heavy with dark thoughts and desires.

Your all alone,
Your mind a racing with those words of venomous hate,
Making you feel dead inside.

They insult you,
With those words like;

They keep repeating all those nasty things,
Making your mind a bit hazy with foggy thoughts of bitterness.

#hate   #pain   #thoughts   #misery   #bullying   #bullies   #nasty   #insults   #disgrace   #negtive  
Anmol Tyagi
Anmol Tyagi
Aug 15, 2016

Everything is fine,
until our friendship sails,
never even try to make it drawn,

I know this is nasty place to live,
Forget what happen in past,
opportunities are waiting,
and, it never gonna last.

How we me first ?
Yeah, I reminisce,
you took me home,
and everything is fine.

Reminisce the good old days,
wish we could live them again,
Just used to play games,
and not words like profit or gain.

But under the strain of time,
feelings have to wane.

Oh! let me wish you now,
God must give you strength,
And he must keep you bliss,
Wish you a very happy birthday man,
God must give you power to find appropriate and amiss.

Amatus Poet
- Anmol Tyagi
#pain   #time   #past   #friendship   #wish   #childhood   #motivation   #reminisce   #place   #nasty  
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson
Jul 11, 2016

Crying Night

You said mean

you didn’t think
about what you said
to me

I turned my back
and we sat in silence.
The glow of our phones lighting up our faces
mine, sad
yours, oblivious

mine, a way out of our plans tomorrow
yours, Facebook scrolling

the last straw
the tip of the iceberg
it wasn’t the things he said that night
it was everything
it was me feeling like I wasn’t good enough
our hearts filled not equally

mine, full, overflowing, even
yours, unsure,
you turned to me and tried to make me giggle
at a post
I shoved you
and the flood gates opened
first quietly
then raging
heavy, breathe taking sobs
crying crying

then you realized
this wasn’t a joke
you held me tight
and I told you why
All of it, and you laid and listened
shhhhhh you said.
shhhhhh you’re okay.

No I’m not
this isn’t okay.

why am I not enough
the way I feel is too much
I shouldn’t have to hold it all back
You’ve turned me into an insomniac

#crying   #night   #you   #horrible   #nasty   #mean   #said   #teasing  

I found a box of words today

In a corner of my mind

I think my brain tucked them away

In a place I'd never find

The box was black and dusty

Full of words I rarely use

I think my brain had hid them

While I suffered from the blues

Words like "hate" and "prejudice"

Words that hurt and maim

I didn't know the box was there

Now, I've found it just the same

Now, what to do with this old box

And the words that are inside

These are true words of avoidance

Words I guess I thought had died

I don't know what just made me

Go into this corner of my head

I must have eaten Mexican

Before I went to bed

But, now I have a box of words

I can not use or sell

And some I see are pretty bad

So, I guess it's just as well

I'll put the box away again

And I'll hide it in my brain

And I'll keep these dark words buried

For to use them is insane.

#words   #hate   #awful   #mind   #black   #insane   #nasty   #racist   #buried   #prejudice  

What is it with some people
Do they have to be so rude

Erin Knight
Jan 11, 2016

Heidi's Diary

Dear Diary,
Someone just told me to 'Beware of Crimson Peak'
I'm guessing this is some type of horror movie?
Maybe like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?
Or more of a World War Z?
Who knows?

But one thing is for sure,
all these shows and movies give me nightmares.

This small project is a part of my new series, called 'Heidi's Diary'.
Hope you guys enjoy!
The Revolutionist
The Revolutionist
Dec 30, 2015

The smell of stale french fries
and E.coli coated beef

the raw onions and garlic cloves
stunk up the kitchen and watered my eyes
no ice in the drink machines...
but plenty of warm pop

Chicken nuggets with 16 new herbs
and spices and hot fudge Sundays, without the hot fudge

banana splits with rotten bananas
and the tomatoes weren't that fresh either
the cheese was moldy and the buns, moldier

The advertisements claimed "Have it your way"
it wasn't my way, it was their way

I paid a dollar fifty ordering off the dollar menu
it was a ripoff....

I spoke to the manager
and the manager spit in my face
and said "Have a nice day"

it wasn't a nice day, it wasn't a nice day at all....

#anger   #sadness   #abuse   #food   #humor   #money   #nasty   #hungry   #disgusting   #restaurant  
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