There are infinite reactions.
So many that it clouds the mind in ways.
Not depicted in myths and lore.
And fret over the loss of sight.
When our most powerful telescope.
Only perceives a fraction of its vastness.
There are rules and guidelines to follow.
Yet even these are given room to manipulate.
The species greatest asset is choice..
And in just as many ways is also it's bane.
Groups and squads are formed by likeness.
Then set out to erase change.
As if remaining stagnant was progress.
Even when the battlefield reeks of regret churned in blood does one find solace.
For after the rage dissipates.
Fear rises from the reverse graveyard with the sun.
It's better to leave things unseen.
And unspoken.
Praise be to the righteous man.
Writing history since birth B.C.
Long after the ink runs dry

When Deceit becomes normal,
Honesty becomes rare.
The world doesn't seem
So interesting
Any more.

"Love, I'll see you soon,
I promise," you faithfully said,
And I was over the moon.
Really, how easily I'm mislead.

#love   #heartbreak   #lies   #pain   #sadness   #deceit  

I stare at the blank page

Maybe if I write
Maybe only then
This pain will subside

But my mind is blank
My heart a heavy cage
My dreams an empty mirage
Soaked in the cracks of
An endless barren plain

Maybe if I write
Maybe if I write

But you see,
My mind is blank
My soul broken and frail
All I have left
Are these tears and nothing else

Even these words
Will soon be washed away
As they find their home
On a paper
Soiled with my despair

You see,
All you left for me
Are your lies
These tears
And an empty shell

#love   #lost   #despair   #deceit   #lostwords  
Ysa Pa
Ysa Pa
Feb 19

During the brief moment
Of utmost vulnerability
The end of fairy tale kisses
Marking the era of a cruel reality

With the intention of shattering
You came, caressing the scars
With glimpses of desperation
And envying the collision of stars

With my inability to hinder
Your plans to have mine stolen
During my reconstruction of walls
You planned out the forbidden

You acted, without a shred of doubt
I responded, through utter loss
Now that its ended, I still can't believe
That what I warned others of, happened to us

Nts... Feb 17
#lies   #him   #deceit   #weakness   #unforgiven  
Feb 17

I nearly passed out... Or did I?  Wait!  
I need to help the darkness princess..
I must swim up!
I must save them all!

I emerge from the shadow filled pond that was formely a prison cell of some sort.  It held captive the princess of darkness.  They were all waiting for me! I felt all of their touch. I felt her hold me.  I then felt her breathe. She wispered into my ear.. " Thank you... Please help me take my world back. Help me spread my benevolent darkness to this endless light.  Pleaseeeeeee.. I need your shadow, I need your shade,  I need your darkness to spread today.  You are the Shadow savior.. The twilight song,  The blessing of shades... "  As she held me I noticed that my darkness started to spread into the air itself. I felt a shift inside my heart as I gave myself all to the darkness! I could now spread darkness without physical touch.  I was now a dark star in a world of light.  I grew and I grew.. The light beings were all trying to run away from me.. I was a singularity, I was a black hole!  My sadness grew infinite! I was a sad shade and shadow! This world of light was no world at all! It was the very sun that gave life to us all.  The dark princess laughed at my mistake.. She laughed at her deceit!!

Even light cannot escape..
Feb 11

"So, tell me. Do you love the game?" he asked.

"Yes. I do," I reply as I strain every muscle in my head, trying not to nod as if I was also convincing myself.

He gives an almost imperceptible nod as if trying to convince himself too.

I do nothing but watch him turn his back and leave.

And every single moment spent staring at the mirror not recognizing the con artist I have become flashed in my mind.

I have decided to play the game yet you have conceded the moment you sealed the wall as you turned away.

We were the only ones playing the game yet we were both losing.

for Arin and Kestrel

#love   #deceit   #game  

You're a spider, with your eight eyes
and your web of haunting lies

It almost feels welcoming
And you're seemingly beckoning

Why would I want to be
Your next meal? I should flee

But something brings me around
And just like that, I'm down

Wrapped in a silken suit and left to die
Before you eat me, let me say "goodbye".

#food   #emotion   #feeling   #deceit   #hunger   #oops   #victim   #spider   #allure   #meal  

It hurt's  so much
That  you have to
Make up all these  stories

Dec 25, 2016

Dear god, he's so sweet! Too sweet in fact.
I don't even have to be sultry, or bat my lashes with this one.
I knew I had him when I noticed his glance
As we passed each other earlier.

He's quick too! Of course, I get told all time how pretty I am,
But they ALL start to flush when I tell them that's not so.
He may be quick, but he's also too quick to hand out his trust.
I know better than to do that!

He so stiff sitting like that.
He'll relax the longer I lean into him.
So still.. Normally they get courageous by now.
Better be careful, I may start to like him.

I can tell he's enjoying the attention.
Seems like he's starving for it deep down
The way he talks so openly to me.

"I've only had two or three girlfriends."
"Two or three?"
"Well, I guess one month doesn't count as a relationship."
I don't find it hard to believe this kid.

"Better be careful," He says after a pause.
With genuine curiosity I look up at him
"I'm starting to like you."
Don't think I've met a more honest guy in my damn life!

I almost melted in satisfaction, and got ever more cozy in his arms
Right after giving him a hard kiss on the cheek -just in front of his ear.
That gave him the dumbest grin I think he ever had.
Or will ever have.

Feeling his chest breathe as I lay against it almost reminds me of…
He feels so strong too.. Just like..

Stop it! I'm not here to bring back stupid memories.
He may be sweet, but every guy's the same in the end.
They all wind up leaving more than marks
On your heart and on your face..

Finally pulled his arm over my shoulder- hand nearly on my breast
Just take the bait for god's sake!
This nice guy shit can only take you so far
Gonna need some action sooner than later.

Must have been two weeks since my last romp.
Fuck, I'm so hungry..
I wish he would just take me back to his place already..
I'm starting to get bored now.

What balls! Actually leaned in
And kissed me on my cheek
Maybe this isn't a bust after all.
"Sorry." Soon escaped his lips. - Bust.

He's too innocent. Shame.
What a fucking shame!
He could've absolutely taken me
Bent me over... anything! But.. (sigh)

He's still warm though.
I can sit here for a little longer.
But sadly, I'll be sleeping in a cold bed tonight.
Tomorrow may bring someone with more promise.

#broken   #anger   #lust   #hurt   #pity   #deceit   #hunger  
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