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15/F    Art
17/FTM/Hell.    --- Shoot me a message if you wanna chat, rant, vent- whatever. I'm always listening, even if I don't reply ---
Kayla Chappell
22/F/Sacramento    * The magic of ink and a blank piece of paper The aroma of coffee And the feeling of music * -k.c
Druzzayne Rika
21/F/not in present    I am but a mystery, that you get to solve by reading my poetry! though it is better you don't, I am more than little ...
Lizzie Matthias
16/Cisgender Female/Scandinavia 🇩🇰🇸🇪🇳🇴    WILL NOT BE ACTIVE FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE I’M SORRY
Away from home *It's so good, to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin...*
15/F/it's complicated   
20/Genderqueer    I write sometimes.
Moonbeam Dream
15/F/probably my room    Hi, I write poetry, obviously, but normally I write for my own well being or just for personal joy. But a friend of mine reminded ...
M/SpaceTime/    Hello, Hello Poets
Meagan Marie
Patricia Cikus
my poems are not here to make me famous they are here acting like a petite diary of my inspiration desperation love or no love ...
Tony Tweedy
M/Australia    I paint as badly as I write....
winter sakuras
19/F/somewhere only we know    "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." --Einstein
36/F/Seattle    Trying to grow by reading and writing poetry , capturing precious moments with my children, learning the art to let go, trying to capture milestones ...
Maharlika    Even rainbows leave. ©
Come shed old skin with me

— The End —