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Isabellamae Nov 14
We must not give up
when the road has become rugged
there is so much more
to see
to feel
to taste
to hear
to smell
there is so much magic
waiting to be found
and troavaille.
The elegance of this world
is so much more
than the pain
that we feel within
Isabellamae Jun 13
The tears still come
but that's usual
The pain comes and goes
but that's normal
The suicide notes are gone
ripped up and torn
The blades have disappeared
The scars have faded
The sun has come out
from behind the clouds

Healing comes to us all
Isabellamae Jun 13
You're eyes
You're smile
You're heart
You're sweet kisses
You're arms
It all holds me steady
when I fall to pieces

-You're my saviour
Isabellamae Jun 13
I think I love the rain
the dust rises from the old road
I think I love the clouds
the silence inside the soft wind
I think I love music
strumming the red guitar
the rain plays a beat
on the clear window
So I wrote a song
about how I love the rain.
Isabellamae Apr 17
A dark sentiment
in my empty soul
gives me unlighted conceptions
Standing in a crowd of people
is my heart sitting shady
I wonder why
and in the cold comfortable night
is where is feel home
and I smile.
Isabellamae Mar 7
I need coffee
like the grass needs the rain.
I need coffee
I'm going really insane.
I need coffee.
like a book needs its words
I need coffee
like the sky needs the birds.
I need coffee:)

Isabellamae Feb 28
are all
"I love you's"

- Me, absquatulate.
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