Moonflower Apr 7
I know it's damaging
to compare every little thing he does
To every little thing you did
how is it as young as we were
we were more mature than this?
I sang for you alone
I sang for you alone
I don't know where you are
I don't know where I am
aside from this hospital bed
I can't wait for this to be over
I can't wait for the end
I can't wait to come home
I can't wait be home
post surgery blues
  Feb 28 Moonflower
i want to get high in foreign cities
travel to places i have yet to lay my eyes on
pack a bag and take off, my only motive to feel free
i want to kiss lovers on pavement my toes have never touched
beneath trees rooted with legends in their leaves
ensuring everlasting love
and i want to feel light, rather than weighed down
anchored to one small town
i want to drop everything and get away
to places where time is altered
and the stars are always present
whether it be in the night sky or people's eyes
i want to fall in love with strangers, cities, and scenes
i crave so deeply to feel free
to start anew

but at the same time
i want you to come too

  Feb 28 Moonflower
phil roberts
As I lie here
With eyes closed softly
I think deeply of you
And I inhale stars
The scent of twinkling light
So fresh and alive
Sparkling gentle inside me
And I want to write this feeling
So tentatively
As it must be
Like writing words on bubbles
Delicate and precious
Begging them not to disappear
Like dreams in the morning

                                        By Phil Roberts
This may well be my last poem here.
  Feb 11 Moonflower
Sara Mares
I can hear him in the next room
Pecking at the keyboard
Muttering, every now and then, to himself
I think of how this man carries on his shoulders the weight of an education and looking forward the weight of a family
With each word read and typed he moves slightly closer to our life together
Difficult days where work seems impossible and rain soaks the fire in his soul
Memorable days, in the sun, full of dreams and songs
Life and happiness
Washing dishes in our kitchen together
Talking about what movie to watch that night
Places we will travel
Things we will see and experience
Disagreements, because we know those come too
But I know that this is it, what we all search for
No matter what I love him, and there is no future that doesn't have him in it
Only a door separates us now, and two and half more years of school
And then, he is all mine
Moonflower Dec 2017
I do not care if you have made a home within my bones
Or if you believe the key to finding your happiness is hidden beneath my tongue.
If you take your stay for granted,
I will tear that shit to the fucking ground.
Moonflower Nov 2017
It's alright to be a cog if you adore the clock you're ticking for.
  Nov 2017 Moonflower
back in the day
rocks could talk
they where
casual, petty and small-minded
just like us
divinities platitudes
every word a drop of manna
its magic
wow magic

so out of conceit
we made them gods
deferred to their credibility
and like idiot children
paid attention to their great allegories
a provident sea of wisdom
from the skeletons of time

we carved their faces from stones
put them on pedestals
and gave them names
the great know it alls
urns of heaven
those oracles of old

and so ensued
the epic cycle of talking statues
and thats how decisions where made
back in the day

the statues are strangely mute now
sunken shadows into earths bowels
and the age of reason
has been transplanted
by the age of
what the fuck
a new
hobbled world soul
of darkened consciousness
to cope with tentacles of complexity
and a forest of trials
where depth of thought has been replaced
and decisions are made by
the exalted
ennie meenie minee moe
an abstruse form of ritual magic

so from now on
all arguments will be settled
by me
sticking my tongue out
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