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Moonflower Sep 5
The more you say it
the less truthful it
if you're over it, be over it.
Moonflower Aug 27
I was right all along,
I did love you more.
Moonflower Jul 18
I'm swinging from limbs of tree to tree
you're the moss bed beneath me
if loving you is giving you the space you need
I'll do my best to not intervene
written whilst camping in north carolina on 4/20/19
Moonflower Apr 10
In the springtime between the everglades and mountainside
I have talks with the sun about moving on
but between the downtown city streets and 7:54pm sunsets,  
I don't know if I can.

In the summertime I find myself between the trees and the glow of light against your face until very late into the evening
driving down back roads
and talking about the past,
smoking funny plants
and speaking of our dreams.

You're lost and you don't know it,
don't worry, I am too.
There are too many things to say
and not enough time
as my thoughts collapse over the other in three's and two's.
entering the bacchanal with my own elixirs in my pockets,
the chorus of voices collide against one another into a harmonious babble.

it's 6:48pm where I am,
the sun is setting on your side of town.
if these roads could bend until they led me to where you are,
I still don't think I'd follow along.

I lost my heart to a bear trap
while searching for yours in the grove,
freckle-spotted strawberries
and cracked jars of honey
littered the path for miles on end.

I followed your gaze out of the wooden corridor and found cherry blossoms tucked between folds of linen as I greeted the morn.
Your grin is so fixed that
I look to it to find the humor
even if I'm the joke,
and I think of the way your eyes looked
when you were too stunned to speak; hand to mouth,
until I fall asleep and meet you in my lucid dreams.
Moonflower Mar 9
come back, come back,
come back from the dead,
before the acid went straight
to your head.

come here, come close,
come hold me again,
the way you used to when
you were my friend.

you're near, you're far,
you're somewhere between,
you're hidden in shadows
and leaving unseen.

i feel the pull when
i'm thinking alone
it sticks to my teeth
and clings to each bone.
Moonflower Jan 4
you were a wound that wouldn't stop bleeding,
i was the gauze volunteering itself.
i don't know why i never accepted that you only ever put yourself first;
i guess i thought if i loved you fiercely enough you would see that i was worth placing at least second.
i think of our softer moments and it takes all i have to keep from unravelling,
even though they only lasted as long as the summer did.
sitting beside you in your hospital bed late june,
i know now that you just needed a distraction from your detox,
and that it wouldn't have made a difference if I'd just stayed home.

it's 7:25 in the morning and i'm outside smoking a cigarette beside grass so cold that it appears blue.
nothing will rid me of my thoughts reluctantly drifting to you.
thought takes shape in the form of smoke clouds
billowing out from my lungs on this quiet morning.
i realize now what little concern i have for my own well-being.
you never warned me of how abruptly you would change;
i was the poor ******* who saw your flaws and decided to keep loving you anyway.

i think of the feeling of when we kiss and how i can almost taste your soul
and so the breakdown begins.
i loved you so tenderly.
i remember the spring.
i guess our moments were just moments to you,
but to me, they were the beginning of our life together.
Moonflower Dec 2018
today marks one year
since your lips
found their way to mine
365 days
52 weeks
12 months
we've reached a place where it's the norm to ignore one another's calls,
the norm to let the other know that we're fine on our own,
the norm to swim in our toxicity until we're ready to dry off with an "i," a "miss," and a "you."

comparison is killer,
and when i find myself lost in thought
doing just that,
i remind myself that old loves are old loves for a reason
but it's never been this bad before.
my family cringes at the sound of your name,
they tell me, "you seem more lively without him,"
they come to my rescue when you've left me in shambles.

today is our one-year anniversary.
we argued last night and
you called at 2:33, 2:49, 2:50, and 4:15 in the morning
i guess to make things right
but for reasons i cannot yet grasp,
i'm not moved this time.
i remember the words, "i don't need you,"
i remember the lie, "no one will love you the way i love you,"
i remember walking into this not knowing you had your patterns and ways, being too blinded by the glowing fire in your chest to see the overly-confident smirk on your face.

i cannot pretend that i do not love you
but the way you hold my heart is an insult to love itself.

I've left nobler men for milder transgressions
while in search of my soulmate,
and it's taken me 365 days,
52 weeks,
12 months
1 year
to finally accept that
are not
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