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"Why on your wrist?"
They always ask
"Why not closer to your heart?"
What they don't see
is that it is close to my heart
it is my most vulnerable spot

For you see;
the tattoo hides a regret
my biggest mistake
and my most triggering space

πάντα θα σ΄αγαπάω, γιαγιά
Mandalina Sep 23
There it goes again
like a feather lost in the wind
like a dead fish following the stream
like a salty tear falling from a chin

There it goes again
to somewhere far away
to somewhere dark and hidden
to somewhere out of reach

there it goes again

Mandalina Sep 22
i feel like a car stuck in traffic
impatiently waiting for the line to ease up
but the line keeps getting longer
and there isnt anything i can do
except for waiting
for someone else to lead the way
because even though ive tried
my road is blocked
frustrated all i can do is honk the horn
scream all i can
or sit in silence
until someone shows up
and guides the way
but it has been years
and im still glued in the same spot
losing all my sanity
while not being able to leave
putting my hope on someone else
hoping theyll help
i feel like a car stuck in traffic

Mandalina Sep 12
the white lines
the pink skin
the untold pain

it all begins with a crack

Mandalina Sep 10
Are you depressed?
I don't know
Are you depressed?
I don't know
Are you depressed?
I might be

Mandalina Aug 25
My Friend,
You look tired
as if you have walked a thousand miles
carrying everyone else's baggage

My Friend,
You look sad
as if you have cried a thousand rivers
trying to mend the pain

My Friend,
You look drained
as if you have drowned a thousand times
screaming for any kind of aid

My Friend,
I see you
as you're running even further away
poisoning your life every day

My Friend,
I know you
and as I'm watching you lose yourself
ignoring my pleas for your sake

I hope you know I love you

for I can see beyond your pretend

Mandalina Aug 22
sometimes it's easier to let the red out

than it is to speak what's on my mind

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