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Mandalina May 16
I only wanted you to tell you that I'm sorry
I was desperate
Please, forgive me

You should know
I needed your words

You said something important
I needed to hear it

But I'm sorry
I shouldn't have gone to you
I made a mistake

I only wanted to tell you that I'm sorry
I thank you
and I appreciate it

but please
just forget it all

Mandalina Feb 23
Colors are like people,
the first glance is deceiving
and in different ways all needed;
you can't help but believing.

Colors work as smiles,
they hide the deepest pain
and without the audience;
they would be in vain.

Colors are like facades
they prove how easy it is to be misled
and they will disguise all your so-called flaws;
even those inside your head.

Colors are amazing
that's the bottom line,
but sometimes I'm just wishing;
for someone to see through mine.

Mandalina Feb 18
I say,
I never cry.
Because I can't
and I won't;

Crying is hard,
I don't know how.

I refuse to cry,
I'm weak.
I'm sad.
But completely numb.

Yet all I need
                        is a
               ­                                  sad

Mandalina Feb 9
I put down the knife
only to pick up the glass

in other words

I put down one addiction
only to pick up another one

Mandalina Dec 2018
the pain of losing you
is a pain I can't even imagine
so I will continue to take these punches
and I will continue to patch up my heart
and it doesn't matter if I feel like I can't take anymore
I will keep doing it
because I'm still so desperate for your love

Mandalina Nov 2018
I'm sorry
I failed
I slipped
I broke down
I caved in
I gave up

I'm sorry
I relapsed

Mandalina Nov 2018
I wish I could stop thinking
             ­                         and dying

I wish I could stop screaming
                                        and disappoint

I wish I knew how to apologise
                                          think straight
                                             and get over regrets

But most of all I wish I could end it all
                                             by not breathing
                                                    or trying

I simply wish for freedom
                 ­                    and death

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