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viola Dec 2019
traumatic events bind us together,
I will always be a part of you,  
and you a part of me.
viola Oct 2019
it's 3 am
and I am
desperately missing you
viola Sep 2019
tonight feels heavy
my mindsets deadly
how do I change?
I am tired of playing this game
chasing after something
that I am afraid doesn't exist

I am angry
I am sad, confused

when do the clouds clear?
when will my cherry checks dry?
tears constantly fall from my eyes.
  Sep 2019 viola
You took away parts of me that I will never get back
And I'm working ******* being okay with that.
viola Sep 2019
I lied
when I said I was ok
because I am actually
really ******* broken inside.
viola Sep 2019
sadness is my oldest friend
he’s always there for me
even when I want him
to go home
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