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Jul 2018 · 700
As a young man (30ish)
Sat alone in a room,
His feeble voice
Rang out:
"If there's anyone here,
Please talk to me."

"Help!" He continued.
"I've gotta go
To the bathroom.
Please, help me!"
Echoed his broken,
Lame voice.

Sadly, his cry
Fell on deaf ears.

I've seen him
Throw himself down,
And banging his head
On the floor--
In a loud voice,  
Cursed God continuously.

With a lamenting voice,
He prayed to die.
And yet, he lived.

In pitious ragings,
He'd severely
Threaten others.
But with family,
He remained utterly calm.
Only his family
Could console him.

My heart ached for him,
As my eyes welled with tears.
For, you see,
He was young and blind.

He was a young blind man,
Consumed by his blindness.
This story is true. And situations such as this, illustrates the truth of life's less glamorous side: the affliction. The darkness. The loneliness. The dependency and utterly helpless feeling. The fear and despair. What is not, and yet could have been for any of us.
Jun 2018 · 1.1k
My Friend Edward
(For All Fathers, and Nurses too.)

Dispensing meds to heal the hurt,
He never treats us like some dirt
But takes the time to laugh and joke.
And always with a gentle stroke.

Such goodness from a gallant heart.
And thus we call him King Edward.
The kindest soul who's ward, I  find,
Is a kingdom (within his mind).

I pray God that your goodness goes
Around the world both to and fro
To ease the feeble, here and there,
From all the throes of life's despair.

Kudos to Father's everywhere.
And "praise" for nurses that do care.
For Edward Robinson (RN), my new friend at OS Tybee on this beautiful Father's Day 2018.

Revised July 1, 2018. In order to make this poem a "Sonnet," like it was intended to be, the last two verses (having been mistakenly omitted) are now added.
Jun 2018 · 555
Destiny Is Waiting
Destiny awaits all.
Each one.
Whomever enters
Through life's sacred gates,
Has an appointment
With destiny.
She'll not be hindered
Or prevented by anyone.
May all find their way safely
To that sacred path,
Designed especially for them.
As age is realized, destiny becomes more of a factor
Apr 2018 · 334
A bruised reed,
I lean ‘pon him.
Broken, I limp on.
He is my support—
A strong crutch.
My helper;
A shoulder to lean on.
Oh how I trust in him
And am secure.
Apr 2018 · 504
God is my sun
Dissipating the clouds.
No dark is too great
That his love can’t penetrate;
His rays shine through.
And no gloom can loom
Where God beams.
Apr 2018 · 345
A helpless dove
Sleeps through the storm.
Thunder. Lightening. Wind gust.
And yet he sleeps—
Even through the flood watch.

Peace. God is peace.
He speaks to my storm
And by the authority of his voice
Calm be my life.
I rest in him.
Apr 2018 · 245
God the problem solver,
The repairer of the breach
And restorer of all things.

Like with the repairman
That fixes broken items,
I am learning to give
My problems to you Lord.
For the power of restoration
Is in your hands.
Apr 2018 · 219
Wearily I call to him in prayer
His presence is manifested.
…His hand ‘pon my shoulder.

My soul is quickened.
With tears of joy,
My heart palpitates.
And through quivering lips,
I render praises to him.

Assurance overwhelms.
My heart is strengthened,
And, in him, I am comforted.
Apr 2018 · 253
A captain at the helm
Of the ship,
God rules his universe.
He turns it at will
For it’s his ship.
Man, nature or beast—
All must comply.
The controls
Rest in God’s hand.
Apr 2018 · 164
God combs the earth,
Scouting the good and evil.
His eye is set—
Like a microscope.
And with microscopic lenses,
He scrutinizes the tiny atom.
Of every fiber of the being,
Even the tiniest particles,
Nothing escapes his all-seeing eye.
Apr 2018 · 195
Clever. And deadly.
Evil of every kind occupies
Life’s nooks and crannies--
Casting deep shadows.
Beware. Mankind beware.

As night is full of darkness,
So life is full of evil.
But God is light.

There is no darkness
In him who rules the dark
And brings good out of evil.
Apr 2018 · 205
He is before me an opened door;
I have but to enter.
His presence is life and goodness.
And the omnipotent God
Has the power to work
All things for my good.
Apr 2018 · 168
Come nightfall,
He holds my hand
And comforts my heart—
Leading me through the dark.
Some nights are longer
Than others,
But he never leaves me
To face the dark alone.
God is there.
Apr 2018 · 166
A little flower
Planted in God’s garden--
I grow,
Nurtured by his hand.
Betimes the morning dew descends,
The sun beams,
The rain pours.
And scattered winds
May cause me to bobble.
But still the motley colors
Are radiant and fair—
For I stand in his courts
Amongst the others there.
A testament to God’s mercy and care.
His compassion is enduring.
Apr 2018 · 146
Oh Father,
My constant companion
And faithful guide
I give you my heart forever.
I commit my life to you
For safekeeping.
Hide me in your *****;
In you I rest.
Apr 2018 · 143
There is no lock or key;
The door of my heart
Is opened unto you lord.
Welcome into my humble abode.
Forever with me abide
My companion and guide.
Grace my life with beauty
In your sight.
Apr 2018 · 130
(Godly dedication and commitment.)

Thump. Thump. Thump.
Betimes Lord I can feel
The beat of your heart.
And, in response, mine beats
To the rhythm thereof.

Thump. Thump. Thump…
On and on it goes.
For I am one with you.
Apr 2018 · 136
Thank you, my Father,
That I am not alone;
You haven’t abandoned me.
For I am your child, and
In your embrace I am secure.

You are holding my hand,
And I do not journey alone.
In you I am.
Apr 2018 · 129
(Meditation on the faithfulness of God's Promises; God Keeps His vows.)

Seasons come.
Seasons go.
There is a time to reap
And a time to sow.
All things may change
Under the sun.
God won't ever change;
He’s the only one.
Come what may,
His word is true.
God will keep
His promises to you.

Men may fail us,
Great and small.
The mighty mountains
May crumble and fall.
Friends may come
And friends may go.
But there is one thing
You should always know--
Come what may,
His word is true.
God will keep
His promises to you.
Apr 2018 · 133
The divine broom
Of his wondrous love
Sweeps over the hidden
Crevices of my soul.

Careful not to miss
The hard to reach places
Of nooks and crannies,
He sweeps behind the doors,
And even ‘neath the rugs.

And removing the particles
Of dirt and dust from the heart,
He sweeps and sweeps
Until he has swept it all away,
And I am clean.
Apr 2018 · 144
Lord we enter your gates
With thanksgiving.
We come before your presence
With singing.
Our voices we raise
As we enter with praise
To render to you
The glory due.
We lift our hands
And humble our hearts
As we offer praise to you.

We praise you.
We praise you, Lord.
We offer praise unto you.
Apr 2018 · 104
This tent of temporary abode,
Gives way, becoming
More fragile by the degree.

The color fades.
And in aging, it rips, tears,
And painfully trembles.
The best repairs are only
For a short while.
And, soon, it shall fold.

But, ever, my faith is in God,
Who has assembled for me
A new and lasting abode.
Apr 2018 · 134
When the path is dark
And my senses are dull
And the pain is more
Than I can bear,
I look heav’nward--
‘Yon sun, moon, and stars,
Where a voice then whispers,
“I am here.”
Apr 2018 · 172
(Reflecting upon my first encounter with the Lord. After desperately seeking to know Him, I found God on the pages of His Word.)

I thought to find him there
in nature--the singing brooks.
The sparrow’s song.
The murmuring sea.
And even the brilliant Mr. sun,
But it wasn’t to be.

Instead, I heard a faint-soft voice
Speaking to me from the pages
Of his awesome and abiding word.
‘Twas then I realized
That I had found him.
Apr 2018 · 205
Desperately, I cried to God
And He has not heard me today.
He does not answer.

The path is dark.
The way is bleak.
Oh Lord, where are you?

You are my only light, Lord,
Oh, guide me, I need you now.
Hear my call.

I will wait for him;
He will come.
For he will answer me.
Apr 2018 · 124
(Confident in God's love.)

There is one thing I know of the Lord,
He loves me.
If ever that I am sure of the Lord,
He loves me.
He’s proved his love over again.
In all of my trials, I call on him.
He never fails to come to my rescue.
He loves me.

Whenever in doubt, I go to his word.
Said that if he cares for the birds,
He loves me.
I don’t worry. I don’t fret.
God in his mercies has not failed me yet.
His great love can never fail.
He loves me.
Apr 2018 · 153
What kind of love is this
‘Pon which, gratefully, I’ve stumbled?
So great I cannot understand it.
So incredible I have never known,
Nor can I ever know it.

A love all encompassing.
No exceptions. No exclusions
A love beyond limits.
No fences, walls, boundaries or borders.

More faithful than the dawn,
More just than the law.
And purer than the light.

And yet, it is a tough love.
Demanding justice, mercy, truth --
And whatever is right at all cost.

Always requiring responsibility
And accountability.
A love that demands the best.
Apr 2018 · 137
'Pon entering life’s stormy strides,
His perfect peace accompanies
With incredible calm.

Though the rain beats down,
Floods rise, lightning flashes,
And thunder rolls,
One can rest, in spite of the storm.

I do not seek a closet shelter.
Nor to crawl under a bed for fear.
For God is my shelter,
And he is always there.

In the midst of it all, I can sleep.
I can rest in him.
Apr 2018 · 198
I am like the weak
Little loggerhead,
Prodding. Pushing along.
Trundling across
The sandy dunes of time,
Striving to reach
The sea of infinity
For its healing waters.
Infinite living waters.
Apr 2018 · 535
The hammer of God’s divine will
Pounds, pounds, and pounds still,
Breaking to pieces
A stubborn boulder
Until the crude rock becomes dust
That scatters at his mild breath.

And to his delight,
A precious stone
Both, new and lovely,
And refined, is formed.
Apr 2018 · 131
Father, in reclining,
I go with your Word
In my heart.

Like the baby with a pacifier.
Or nourished with a bottle
Of milk, I am comforted
For a night of rest.
No tossing and counting sheep,
But only a peaceful sleep.

Oh, the hope and comfort
Of your Word…
Too big for words.
Apr 2018 · 132
The floods of your joy
Overwhelm ecstatically.

In sickness,
You are my health.
In weakness,
You are my strength.
In darkness,
You are my light.
When dying,
You are my life.

Oh may my cross
Be a sacrifice,
And never a burden.
Apr 2018 · 120
Oh, gentle light, shine ‘pon me.
Brightly beam in my life.

Comfort with your warmth.
Nurture me with the strength
Of your presence.
Guide my feet in this bleak world.

Impart life, and spur growth.
Fill me with your presence,
Till I am all that
You want me to be.

Oh, thou divine torch,
Burn that your glory
May be reflected in me.
Apr 2018 · 113
In all your mercies,
Sweet and beautiful Lord,
I want to know you.

And in every trying hour,
When I may want to cowl,
Help me to trust in you.

Father, pick me up,
Though I stumble or fall.
And with a firm hand
Help me to stand.
Oh, hear my feeble call.

Teach me your ways.
Open my eyes, Lord,
And guide my heart.
Open my ears,
And help me to hear your voice.
Teach me, that I might know you.
Apr 2018 · 132
Oh, Lord, manifest yourself
In times of trouble.

Disclose your faithfulness.
Uncover your compassions.
Display your kind mercies.

Reveal your mighty deeds…
The stealthy moving
Of your gracious hand.

You are most generous.
And I am forever seeking
Your unfathomable love.

Oh my God, I welcome
Your blessings evermore.
Apr 2018 · 119
‘Tho you hide yourself,
You’re never far away.
But standing behind a wall,
You peep to see if I might care
To search for you.
And there is always an indication--
A clue to your nearness.

Oh, for your presence,
And your listening ear.
Just one feeble cry
And you’re on the spot.
The touch of your gentle hand,
Ever drawing me near--
Wiping every tear.
Apr 2018 · 117
Currently incomplete.
Apr 2018 · 105
Currently incomplete.
Apr 2018 · 104
Currently incomplete.
Apr 2018 · 199
(A Steadfast Trust.)

Surely tomorrow will come
With all her joys, and ills,
And sorrows.

But there’s no need to fear.    
For, Lord, I know that…
Still, You are God.
Apr 2018 · 140
I was created to worship you,
Oh Lord of all creation.
Who rides the waves
And strolls the seas.
And rules o’er all the nations.

The eons all belong to you,
Who made mankind of clay.
You keep the earth
And the universe,
Whom the lightening does obey.
Apr 2018 · 101
There is none like you,
Oh Lord, my God --
My Father, and my Friend.
You are always near,
Listening for my feeble call.
And, faithfully, you are there
When I cry unto you.
My salvation and strength,
You build me up each day.
You comfort my heart,
Leading and guiding me
In the right way.
Apr 2018 · 114
Oh Lord,
These feeble hands
I raise and lift unto
You in worship and praise of Your
Great name.
Apr 2018 · 117
(A Meditative Psalm : spiritual commitment.)

I love to sing of the Lord
And meditate 'pon him intriguingly.

Oh, to worship
With the offerings
Of prayer, praise
And thanksgiving.

I'm honored
To speak of his name.
My mind is in awe
To think of him.
My hands fold—
In reverence.
Merrily, my feet
Dance in his presence.

I bow to his majesty
And yield to his authority.

My eyes sparkle for his glory.
My ears tingle to hear the story
Of the almighty Rock of ages—
The Lord God of old.
Apr 2018 · 140
(A Praise-Psalm Ballad: a song of songs.)

Blessed is the Lord,
He gives me songs:
Songs of praise,
Songs of praise.

Blessed is the Lord,
He gives me songs:
Songs to praise
Unto his name.

I will sing
With all of my heart,
All of my soul,
All of my strength.

I will sing
With all of my might.
I will sing
Unto the Lord.
Apr 2018 · 408
(A Psalm for Protection: God is apt to keep.)

My soul, rest comfortably in the Lord;
No harm shall come nor evil befall.

The watchman watches to protect;
The burden of security rests upon him.
Always alert, he does not sleep
Because he is the watchman,
And the goods are left to his charge.

God, the faithful keeper,
Mightily shielding those in his care.
He neither slumbers nor sleeps,
But his eyes faithfully watch everywhere.
Apr 2018 · 114
(Psalm of Divine Commitment: God is
committed to his people.)

God comforts his people
As they cry unto him.
He will deliver them
From fear and affliction.
God loves his people;
He fulfills their
Good expectations.

And keeping nothing
Wholesome from them,
He willingly supplies
All their needs.
For they are ever the
Apple of his eye.

I will sing praise, and honor.
And meditate ‘pon the Lord.
And will tell of his goodness.
Apr 2018 · 119
(A Psalm of Expectation: a prayer of hope and adoration.)

Oh Lord, who faithfully fulfills
My expectancy,
You are the hope of my life.

I come to you daily,
With grand expectations.
There is no other Deliverer—
None to call upon.
My prayers are unto you,
My faith is in you,
My worship is of you,
My service is to you,
My heart is for you,
And my allegiance is with you.

You, who are greater than
All my troubles and fears,
Are my praise and song,
And my meditation
All the day long.
You deserve my all, Lord.
I love you for who you are.
Apr 2018 · 127
(A Psalm of Exhortation to Praise God.)

Let praises arise
And ascend unto God:
The praise of the redeemed,
Like a mighty bellow.
The sound of hallelujah!
And glory!
The cry of victory.

Let the saints in glory
Dance and sing.
Ever to joyfully
Laud their King—
The God of heaven and earth,
Who redeems them from all things.
Apr 2018 · 141
(A Psalm of Perpetual Trust.)

I will trust in God,
My strength and my helper.
He is my assurance;
My soul, be not disturbed.

There are many ships at sea,
But only those without mooring
Drift, being helplessly tossed,
And driven about by rough winds.
But those with an anchor
Are steadfast, even in the storm.

God is our stay.
All who place their trust in him
Shall never be moved.
The Lord is the anchor of the soul.
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