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20.1k · Jan 2015
How radiant.  A lovely sight
Glowing in the bold sunlight.
Love, peacefulness and mirth—
Giving joy upon the earth.
Sunflower.  Unique you are.
Your beauty radiates afar—
Engaging the human race,
As always, with a happy face.
Lovely is the song you sing,
Its heartfelt melody to ring.
A song of beauty and of grace
Lends expression to the face.

How charming is the sunflow'r—
Adding zing to flow’r power.
2.3k · Jan 2015
You Are Unique
He could've made two—
Another just like you.
But, then, He took
A second thought,
And said, 'Just one would do.'

And so, for your loveliness—
Your uniqueness too—
There is no other
Quite like you.
There's just no other quite like you.

-Walterrean Salley
2.3k · Feb 2015
Rainbow Sonnet
Have you heard of the rainbow story
With a *** of gold at the end?    
Such incredible tale of hope,
A positive message to send.

As children, we’d see a rainbow
And remember the tale of old—
Longing to find the rainbow’s end
To discover the *** of gold.

But there is a rainbow for all
As life’s opportunities come.
And those are the ones we chase,
Where such ‘gold’ might be from.
And hope is sparked after all these years
Whenever a rainbow appears.

(2/2015 revision)
2.1k · Jan 2015
Violin Beneath My Window
Violin sitting
‘Neath my window.
Wonder does it sound
As it did before?

It looks all right.
The strings—intact.
Wonder do I
Still have the knack?

Violin sitting
‘Neath my window.
Can I still play
As I did before?

Oh, how soothing
Too the ears.
I still can play
After all these years.

And the violin sitting
‘Neath my window
Sounds as good
As it did before.

-Walterrean Salley
Charles Schulz brought us Charlie Brown,
Who rarely smiled, joked, or sang.
A troubled soul—always down,
He hung out with the Peanuts Gang.
Lucy, Patty, Sally, Linus,
Snoopy—the whole nerdy clan
Tried to cheer ole Charlie up;
But sadly it was all in vain.

Life has many a Charlie Brown,
We see them come as well as go.
For, as in Schulz's masterpiece,
We tend, somehow, to love them so.
Too, we try our hand at luck,
Tryin' to cheer ole Charlie up.

-Walterrean Salley
1.3k · Mar 2015
Human Behavior
Human behavior is
A phenomenal wonder
Having been  studied
Since the beginning
Of time.  And, today,
It is still a mystery.
1.3k · Jan 2015
A Prayer for the Elderly
Dear Lord, as busy
As You must be,
Don’t forget
The elderly.

By Your mighty,
Powerful hand,
Protect seniors
Across the land.

Provide in this
Economic storm—
Food and shelter.
Keep them warm.

And when past-
Echoes chime,
Preserve them
In lonely times.

Quell their fears
Night and day.
Hold their hand,
Guide their way.

Thanks for hearing
This simple plea
And remembering
The elderly.
1.2k · Mar 2015
(A Psalm of Declaration: the sovereignty
of God.)

From everlasting to everlasting,
Behold—I am God.
I've created mankind
From the dusty sod.
There is no disparity
Nor variance with me.
In truth, as I am—
I shall forever be
Alpha and Omega—
The first and last.
The dawn and scope
Of ages past.
There is none like me,
And my decree shall be.
I declare all things;
There is none like me.
I am self-existing:
For I alone am God
Who rules the powers that be
With the scepter and rod.
I, Jehovah, never change.
And tho' the heavens sever—
I the Lord am the same
Yesterday and forever.
Original and inspired by tthe biblical psalms
1.2k · Jan 2015
Beautiful You
Your beautiful heart,
And beautiful soul
And beautiful mind
Make a beautiful you,
Who touches
And inspires others—
Making them
Feel beautiful too.
1.2k · Mar 2015
For a Beautiful Sonata
A beautiful sonata
Comes to mind in much duress.
Winged its way into my heart,
Relieving of no small stress.

‘Tis rhythmic in its affect.
The melodious little bird
Spins such lovely harmony—    
The best my heart’s e’er heard.

A calm has swept over me.
And so, to end this cantata—  
Kudos in the highest notes
To honor such sonata.
1.1k · Mar 2015
Without Motherhood,
Life would be like
A garden without flowers--
Full  of thorns and thistles.
But thank God for motherhood
Such a special gift
And the love, joy, beauty
And warmth it brings.
And thank you--
wonderful Mom--
For making the difference.
Happy Mother’s Day.
1.1k · Jun 2018
My Friend Edward
(For All Fathers, and Nurses too.)

Dispensing meds to heal the hurt,
He never treats us like some dirt
But takes the time to laugh and joke.
And always with a gentle stroke.

Such goodness from a gallant heart.
And thus we call him King Edward.
The kindest soul who's ward, I  find,
Is a kingdom (within his mind).

I pray God that your goodness goes
Around the world both to and fro
To ease the feeble, here and there,
From all the throes of life's despair.

Kudos to Father's everywhere.
And "praise" for nurses that do care.
For Edward Robinson (RN), my new friend at OS Tybee on this beautiful Father's Day 2018.

Revised July 1, 2018. In order to make this poem a "Sonnet," like it was intended to be, the last two verses (having been mistakenly omitted) are now added.
1.1k · Mar 2018
A ‘Painful’ Haiku
Peering out ‘pon the
World thro' life’s broken window-
Seeing mounds of pain.
937 · Mar 2015
A Soul Called Mother
God made a soul,
Called her mother
And gave her a task
Like no other.

According to His
Divine decree
A guardian of life
She should be.

A nurturer, teacher
And a guide
With her lil broods
Right by her side.

He told her to call
When the task is hard.
And He’d see her thro',
For He is God.

And that He’d lead
And guide her too
In all He has given
Her to do.
934 · Feb 2015
A Winter-Swan Song
Tree after tree after tree stood bare
Robbing the landscape of natural ware.
But life for nature soon shall return
To clothe all that is naked and bare.

All things wintry are starting to slip
Sunshine and blue skies are on the mend.
Jack Frost is losing his chilly grip
As the weather pursues a new trend.

Snow upon snow ‘pon snow gently fell
But now it is slowly melting away.
Lovely scenes languishing in the wake,
As pristine white is spun into gray.

Soon the spring comes--glorious and brave,
As the bleak Winter goes to her grave.
(Revised 2/2018.)
919 · Jan 2015
Christmas Sonnet
Somehow, it seems that Christmas
Brings out the best in us.
Its aura and mystic has long
Been the main ******.

The mystery of Santa.
The angels and the elves.
The little Child of Bethlehem.
The presents on the shelves.

The story of the wise men.
The carols, hymns and songs.
The Christmas cards and greetings.
And the peace that comes along.

For, Christmas is so practical—
And yet it is so magical.

-Walterrean Salley
914 · Feb 2015
A flower in my
Garden was afflicted.  
Tho’ limp, its color reflected
Some depth and expression.  
Feeling pity…
I could not bring me to
Discard of it.  So, lovingly
And patiently I nursed it
Back to health.

Strengthen the weak.
Revive the hurting.
871 · Mar 2018
A ‘Wildflower’ Haiku
Peeping from beneath
The huge gray rock - a tender,
Yellow wildflower.
731 · Jan 2015
Princess Diana of Wales
In August 1997,
At a Parisian site,
Fate ****** the world to mourn—
Just past the stroke of midnight.

A beautiful princess
At soaring height
Suddenly lost
Her earthly light.

Sunday ended
Her mortal plight—
She breathe her last
And then took flight.

A kindly woman—
Full of life.
A doting mother,
And longing wife.

Her adorable sons,
Two young lads,
Were left, solely,
In care of their Dad.

The world noted
The touch of her hand—
The generous heart
She shared with man.

Heads of state—
Moved with tears—
Honored the Princess'
Fruitful years.

America, France,
Africa too—
Reflected upon
The Diana they knew.

She touched lepers,
Which royals forbade,
Embraced the homeless
And victims of AIDS.

An image of beauty.
A charming dove.
A woman of courage.
A token—beloved.

In the eyes of children,
Diana stood tall.
She won their hearts,
And loved them all.

With plenty to offer,
She traveled a lot—
‘Twas everywhere.
Then, she was not.

A pilgrimage came
Day and night,
With oceans of gifts
For tribute sites.

They stood for hours
In sorted lines,
To leave expressions
In books signed.

On September 6,
Fans of Di
Flooded the UK
For a final goodbye.

The jammed cortege
Was over three miles:
Kensington to Abby.
At Saint James she lie.

Many knew her
And many did not,
But all mourned
The fate of her lot.

Cher'shed impressions
Upon the world.
A legacy of hope
By a British girl.

A precious jewel,
A towering steeple.
Forever the 'Princess…
Of the People.'

-Walterrean Salley
729 · Feb 2018
What’s Up with Bitcoin
I’ve heard lots ‘bout Bitcoin
But don’t know what it is.
So, I’ve begun a research
To follow up the biz.

Bitcoin must mean something,
Tho’ the term sounds strange.
Does it replace the dollar?
Or maybe it’s just change?

As to what ‘Bitcoin’ is,
I still have not a clue.
But reports here and there
Declares what it can do.

Bitcoin. Bitcoin. Hmmm!
For all the talk that’s made,
According to my theory,
It has to do with trade.
700 · Jul 2018
As a young man (30ish)
Sat alone in a room,
His feeble voice
Rang out:
"If there's anyone here,
Please talk to me."

"Help!" He continued.
"I've gotta go
To the bathroom.
Please, help me!"
Echoed his broken,
Lame voice.

Sadly, his cry
Fell on deaf ears.

I've seen him
Throw himself down,
And banging his head
On the floor--
In a loud voice,  
Cursed God continuously.

With a lamenting voice,
He prayed to die.
And yet, he lived.

In pitious ragings,
He'd severely
Threaten others.
But with family,
He remained utterly calm.
Only his family
Could console him.

My heart ached for him,
As my eyes welled with tears.
For, you see,
He was young and blind.

He was a young blind man,
Consumed by his blindness.
This story is true. And situations such as this, illustrates the truth of life's less glamorous side: the affliction. The darkness. The loneliness. The dependency and utterly helpless feeling. The fear and despair. What is not, and yet could have been for any of us.
678 · Mar 2015
Without a Manual
Motherhood, an awesome task,
Does not come with
An instructions manual.
There’s no Step One.
Step Two.  
And Step Three.
But that’s okay,
Because in spite of all the obstacles,
Somehow, by God’s grace,
You’ve managed to do well—
Even without a manual.
And for this alone,
We celebrate You.
673 · Jan 2015
A New Day
It’s a new day
With new horizons.
A chance to explore
New frontiers.
New projections.
New directions.
New potentials.
New careers.
A chance to rise up
To the challenge,
And to conquer
All those fears.
It’s a new day
With new horizons.
Another chance.
A brand new year.
663 · Mar 2015
Human life is sacred
Like hallowed ground.
And all should protect
The sanctity of
Those grounds.
Not to trample.  
Not to sabotage.
But only to protect
One’s right to live,
Making it an
Experiential joy
For all.
657 · Feb 2015
Thanksgiving Y2k
Despite the freezing, wintry storms,
Generous souls are proven warm
As grateful hearts this thankful eve,
Are poised to give and not receive.
Human kindness magically soars.
Many embrace the sick and poor.
Corporations and bikers clubs,
Join to share much needed grub:
Turkey, Brown Bags, and full meals.
Sick and homeless—meals on wheels.
And though uncertainty fills the air,
There's joy for Thanksgiving's near,
When folks unite to take a part
Of faith renewed in the human heart.
Perhaps tomorrow, It'll all go away,
But for now, it's Thanksgiving Day.
Reflecting a Town's Mood.  Written immediately following the 2000 Presidential Election—won by President George Bush—the country being divided over the results of hanging, pregnant and indented chads.
644 · Mar 2015
(A Song of Trust. A doxological hymn.)

All-wise and loving
Heavenly Father,
I completely rest
In you.
610 · Jan 2015
Exiting the Christmas Arena
The highly-charged-festive spirit
Of Christmas all aglow.
Food, garland, gifts and lights
Songs and trees, the whole show.

Orchestras and cantatas.
Heav'nly bells sweetly rung.
Fife, cello, mandolin, violin.
And lovely choruses sung.

But the carolers, now, are silent
The ornaments are on the shelves.
All the gifts are opened
There’s no more need for elves.

The candles are blown out
And the gleaming lights unplugged.
The heavenly bells sit silent;
Gone is the Christmas bug.

Decorations all packed up
And the tinsel taken down.
Stores remove their displays.
Family has left town.

The Christmas Season’s over
The festivities are done.
‘Tis time to leave the Arena,
Ahh. It’s time to move on.

Though life reverts to normal,
Still, keep the Spirit alive;
Remember why we celebrate.
Let Christmas ever thrive.

(Revised 12/2015)
601 · Jan 2015
The Fog
The fog is an illusion—
A master of disguise,
Which hides the tangible
Before our very eyes.

But when the fog has lifted
Everything’s still there,
And the tangible
Only seemed to’ve disappeared.

In the early morning
Or late at night,
The fog descends
Upon various sites.

It gives an air of mystery
That has long prevailed.
Dangerously intriguing
Is the fog’s foggy veil.
595 · Jan 2015
Savannah in the Spring
Savannah is beautiful is she not,
With her lovely homestead lots?
Have you seen her in the spring?
She is the most charming thing.

Azaleas blooming everywhere,
Adorning parks and town squares:
Fuchsia, red, pink, and white.
Such a breathtaking sight.

Dogwoods scattered here and there,
Nestled among the trees.
Magnolia fragrance fills the air,
Borne by gentle breeze.

Wisteria lends a delicate touch.
The aged oak we love so much.
How charming, spirited and brisk;
So beautiful and picturesque.

Crape myrtle with a crimped look
Brightens lawns and scenic nooks.
The river with its gentle flow.
The beach where many love to go.

Juniper, cypress and cedar too,
Give contrast with their dark-green hue.
The sago palm in bold fanfare
Is seen almost everywhere.

Savannah is fortunate to be
Richly filled with history.
Beautiful art for all to see
Adorns the various galleries.

Fancy eating, southern style.
Down-home cooking worthwhile.
A little time is all it takes
To visit the restaurants and lakes.

Come see Savannah in the spring;
Enjoy the view that nature brings.
And may God's blessings ever be
Upon our city by the sea.
582 · Jan 2015
A Cold Grey Wintry Day
On this cold, gray-wintry day,
The sun is nowhere to be found.

Listen! I hear the rain:
Pit pat, pit pat—dripppppp, plop.
Pit pat, pit pat—dripppppp, plop.

Like a sad song, its music play
To the melancholy lyric of:
“A Cold, Gray Wintry Day.”
555 · Jun 2018
Destiny Is Waiting
Destiny awaits all.
Each one.
Whomever enters
Through life's sacred gates,
Has an appointment
With destiny.
She'll not be hindered
Or prevented by anyone.
May all find their way safely
To that sacred path,
Designed especially for them.
As age is realized, destiny becomes more of a factor
551 · Mar 2015
The Thread of Truth
Truth is
Of a golden
Cord, which does not fray.  And
Which cannot be broken.  Truth stands
549 · Jan 2015
God Will Keep His Promises
Seasons come and the seasons go
There is a time to reap and a time to sow
All things may change  under the sun
God don’t ever change, He’s the only One
Come what may, His Word is true
God will  keep His promises to you.

Men may fail us, great and small
The mighty mountains may crumble and fall
Friends may come and friends may go
But there is one thing you should always know
Come what may, His Word is true
God will keep His promises to you.
549 · Jan 2015
The Woodstove
Once a staple of the times
(Even in my day) ,
The woodstove was a means
By which God made a way.
A bridge between then and now,
It fed and kept us warm.
The woodstove was a way of life.
The woodstove was the norm.
And ranking ‘mongst the basics
Needed to survive,
The woodstove has served well
In keeping us alive.
548 · Mar 2018
‘Blackberry’ Haiku
The prized blackberry,
Sweet and delicious - nestled
Amongst painful thorns.
535 · Apr 2018
The hammer of God’s divine will
Pounds, pounds, and pounds still,
Breaking to pieces
A stubborn boulder
Until the crude rock becomes dust
That scatters at his mild breath.

And to his delight,
A precious stone
Both, new and lovely,
And refined, is formed.
533 · Mar 2015
For a Special Mom
God needed someone to be a mom.
Someone special to embrace
Little ones—giving them the love
And care they need.
Someone willing to sacrifice
In order to nurture and teach them.
Someone to listen to their problems
And help them find a solution.
Someone to discipline,
And guide them
Until they spread their wings—
Leaving the nest
To make a life of their own.
God needed someone special
For such a unique task,
And that is why He chose you.
Congratulations for a job well-done.
504 · Apr 2018
God is my sun
Dissipating the clouds.
No dark is too great
That his love can’t penetrate;
His rays shine through.
And no gloom can loom
Where God beams.
502 · Jan 2015
Homey Memories
Home is full of memories
Pleasant, kind and sweet.
Thoughtful and endearing
with memories unique.
Among the celebrations,
‘Tis there you will find
Happy family gatherings
Of all sorts and kind.
Birthdays and holidays
With peace for the mind.
Home is a place of  rest.
The home is an ensign.
496 · Mar 2015
(Cry of Grievance: life's overwhelming problems.)

Except for God's mercy,
My troubles would have long
Destroyed me.

Multiplied like the stars,
They are as deceitful as
The ways of a brook.
An innocent prey, stalked game;
I am the target of their poignant aim.

Like water, my troubles flow;
They are as unwelcome as a foe.

But God shall plague them.
He shall bind them with a strong cord
And crush them 'neath his mighty foot.
And they shall cease.

Lord, by your sovereign power,
Rebuke them into oblivion
That they all cease.

**NOTE: This psalm does not refer to any person. Herein, I am simply speaking of the daily grind in my life, which seemed to have been multiplied one-hundred fold.
**NOTE: This psalm does not refer to any person. Herein, I am simply speaking of the daily grind in my life, which seemed to have been multiplied one-hundred fold.

***This psalm refers to all the daily troubles that so weigh me down.  Things that are seemingly too much to bear.  Problems and situations with no answers.
490 · Mar 2018
A Perfect Day
In the ship of life, sailing o’er the sea of time.
Tempest raging, billows tossing, jolting the brine.
Launching, now, into the deep—from the tranquil shore
Sailing t’ward a promised land—a land forevermore.

A battered ship nears the land of perfect peace and glee,
As midnight furrows heavy brow on tempestuous sea.
So pow’rful a storm—thunder, lightning, ship-toss.
And so intense the gale—might everything be lost?

Sailing until dawn appears against celestial glow.
Thus, a golden day is born—heart could never know.
In harbor there, the ship docks and the anchor’s cast.
Stepping onto heaven’s shore, my soul is safe at last.

Home at last.  Home at last.  Nevermore to roam.
Thank You, oh, my blessed Lord.  I am safely home.
(8/2017 rev)
Visualizing the journey from earth to Heaven.
490 · Jan 2015
Everyday Miracles
Miracles happen
Every day
To many a folk
In many a way.
They’re not hidden
Beneath a tree,
But manifested
For all to see.

A mother giving
Sacred birth.
A flower shoots up
From the earth.
A wanderer
Who finds his way.
A survivor
Sees another day.

A beggar gets
His next meal.
A patient that’s
Completely healed.
The ocean with
Its shades of blue.
The sky with
A many hue.

And every day,
Miracles happen
In every way.
You don’t have
To travel far—
Just look around
And there they are.

2012 Walterrean Salley
479 · Jan 2015
Nightingale's Song
O'er fields and fountains,
Resounding in mountains
Is the nightingale's song.
Daffodils glisten,
As butterflies listen—
Enchanted all day long.

The echoing brine,
A conduit—refine—
Channels such tune along.
O'er rocks and rills
Go the trills
Of a melody that's strong.

On majestic scale
Is the nightingale;
For, it is among
The smallest creatures
With grandest features.
And that's where it belongs.

-Walterrean Salley
Common Nightingales sing in the daytime as well as at night. The difference is—they sing more during the night, and thus they are called “nightingale.”
476 · Mar 2015
My PC at Times
At times my PC
Can certainly be a killjoy.
Having placed it on a
Pedestal (speaking well
Of it), somehow, it
Falls from the precipice.
It dwindles my spirit.
462 · Jan 2015
A Tribute to Steve Jobs
Singlehandedly, he changed the world
With his giftedness.
And carved his way into our lives
With his geniusness.

And how should we compare
Such fascinating mind?
Indeed he was a genius.
He was one of a kind.

Despite his human flaws,
He made it to the top.
The incredible inventions—
Ambition couldn't be stopped.

Even in his last days,
He pushed, and pushed still,
Until his final work was done.
‘Twas such an incredible will.

And so, thanks to Steve Jobs—
A great mind of the day—
For his contributions
In a prolific way.

-Walterrean Salley
461 · Jan 2015
A Hungry Cat
Meeeow. Meeeow. Meeeow.
Hungry. *****. Emaciated.
One could count its ribs.

Its meeeow’s were faint.
As the longing, green eyes
Stared pleading.
Begging for just a morsel.

There, now—a bowl of milk
And some bread.
And a portion of meat.

Slowly and cautiously,
It approached the spoil
With a few soft meeeows—
As if to say, 'Thank you."
“Thank you very much.”

-Walterrean Salley
(1/2015 rev)
454 · Mar 2015
Black Hairs Turned Grey
They’ve held my hand and guided my way
And lead me down the pathways of life.
And what a case of  “patience” in truth
As they dealt with my questions in rife.

And now what can I effect for them
In the time of their ripened old age?
The wise who have been pillars in life—
What might be done to comfort such sage?

To pay a fond, warm visit in kind.
A card.  A call.  A letter. A smile.
Take time to hold a wrinkled lil hand,
Or  give a small gift every short while.

All the black hairs are become quite grey
Such folks are a grand treasure on loan.
And in all of our prayers for them—
May God keep them for ever His own.
440 · Jan 2015
The Charm of a Rose
Oh, how sweet the rose.
On and on its fragrance goes,
With a heavenly scent.
And when the heart is sore
(Pain, sorrow and more) ,
Causing one to lament—

Like a magic wand,
The rose lends a hand;
For it is such a mint.
Its beauty inspires,
(Of which one ne'er tires)
Leaving the heart content.

Its petals are gorgeous.
They subtly forge us
With their bold accent,
To embrace such presence
With a sense of reverence
And that, in any event.

The rose is for ages,
And yet engages—
Like a perfect gent.
It brightens the day
In such a way—
As if an 'agent' sent.

-Walterrean Salley
435 · Jan 2015
Christmas— A Magical Time
Christmas is but once a year
And what a magical time.
Hymns and kind wishes
As bells begin to chime.

A warm and cozy fire.
Pine scent in the air.
Billowing-chimney smoke,
Sending friendly flares.

Family and friends
Exchanging gifts and cards.
Cooking and Caroling.
Embellished house and yard.

Like the bulbs on Christmas trees,
Spirits are so bright.
‘Tis a time of miracles
As hearts change overnight.

Ballerinas dancing
And twirling all around.
Folk so amused
By the festive sights and sounds.

Then the snowman melts.
And '****! ' All is gone.
Ornaments rest on shelves
As life reverts to norm.

But the hymns and carols
Continue to chime on
With a message that's yet powerful
When the season is long gone.

Walterrean Salley
430 · Jan 2015
A Diamond
saw a diamond
In the sky.
There to sparkle
Way up high.
I pulled it down
Into my heart,
Perhaps some wisdom
To impart.

© 2009 WW. Salley
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