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Vineetha Aug 2018
Our longing for things are endless,
our expectations from people are boundless,
our pertinacity towards flawlessness is aimless,
our fixation on not giving up brings spitefulness.

While we’re occupied comparing our life to the rest,
we overlook to appreciate what we have as of now.
While we’re diligent discussing someone else’s life,
we disregard the flaws within us that need fixing.
While we’re busy blaming the Almighty for what we don’t possess yet,
we forget to acknowledge him for what he has given all along.

Never ascertain happiness in others,
for you’re bound to feel dejected.
Never begin to look all starry eyed at things,
for they undoubtedly blur into nothingness in no time.
Invest in yourself,
cherish yourself,
buckle up towards maturing into a better human,
set expectations from yourself,
because the key to your happiness is ‘YOU’.
Vineetha Jul 2018
In my small world,
within my tiny heart,
A portion controlled by friends,
I got this gem
who rules it wholly.

The day we first met,
I instantly placed the bet
to be forever in debt,
cause you never let me fret.

You & I took on this beautiful journey called ‘friendship’,
with no terms attached,
beyond promises,
left out pictures,
wrapped just in the opulence of memories.

Dear best friend,
over the years,
despite the country mile,
thin yak,
you’re with me forevermore,
appearing like a beacon,
whenever I need you the most.

There isn’t a day that goes by,
without me going agape,
asking just one question–
what did I ever do to deserve you?

I can never thank you enough
for choosing to stick with me, always,
I can never love you enough
for the way you care for me invariably,
I can never relish you enough
for the amount of thought and
the effort you put in those letters,
all I can do is to try my best
to be at least half the person you’re–
kind, comforting, calm and warm
because you’re my one and only,
for today and till the end of the time.
Vineetha Jul 2018
Fly like a bird,
flap those wings harder,
scale the height,
unleash the hidden treasure.
You can only touch the impossible–
when you strive,
never to succumb under pressure,
believe in the endless possibilities, and,
esteem your effort
over entitlement to success.
Vineetha Jul 2018
I get it,
I get it when you say–’You just got lucky’,
I get it when you say–’Anyone could do it’,
I get it when you say–’Well! That was easy’,
I get it–
I get it because that wasn’t my first, and,
won’t be my last bumping into your ignorance.

Lucky you say–
Did you ever try looking me in the eye
when I had no tears left to cry?
Did you ever try marching with me down that road
where failure was inevitable?
Did you ever try sliding with me
when I came crashing down that uphill battle?
Did you ever try peeking into my tangled brain
when it was forever stuck in a loop?
Did you ever try living the moment with me
through the burden of being oblivious?

Anyone could do it.
But they didn’t–
because they chose,
serene over sailing through the chaos,
hole-up over encountering the storm,
surrender over taking control, and
fear over faith.

Well! That wasn’t easy–
The scuffle that squeezed the blood and sweat,
the fear that kicked the gut,
the anxiety that killed the spirit,
most of all– the dread of not making it, ever!
For all that matters,
Luck isn’t wizardry–
luck that you see as complimentary,
is the outcome of the chances that I took in disguise.
#struggle #hardwork #nevergiveup
Vineetha Jun 2018
I ain’t perfect,
I ain’t ever going to be perfect.
As I try to break the curse,
I put my hope on stoicism,
until all the struggle corrodes,
and all the hurt and tear evaporates.
I fail, when I do–
I never shied the wisdom from failure.
I fill in the courage to wake up every day,
for a new beginning.
I get up, I get out,
I look close, and only at those,
who never balk when they hit their low.

As I challenge my norm,
I fight every minute, every second to embrace the change.
When my diffidence attempts to knock my spirit of endurance–
I turn the light of hope into a fire of spirit,
I turn the kicks of stall into the power of now,
I turn the weight of surmise into the wings of reality.
As I ascend–I reign as a queen,
A queen, who'll never be defeated by defeat.
Vineetha May 2018
While you stand exactly where you started with envy towards me,
I work my way to be a better version of myself each day.
While you’re working hard slandering me to the rest,
I work my way to be an erudite one day.
While you’re hustling to build an army to fight me,
I work my way to be strong and powerful enough to stand-up to you alone.
While you find comfort when people trust your deception over my truth,
I work my way to better understand the world; not to trust folks more than they deserve.
While you’re buried in a plot to win a reaction from me,
I work my way to reassure myself you’re neither worth my time nor my attention.
While you’re engrossed in feeding your insecurity,
I work my way to appreciate everything and not lose my mind over things undeserving.
While you’re diligent to be me,
I work my way to convince you every single time that–
No matter how hard or long you try; you can never be me.
Vineetha Apr 2018
While I worked hard,
it came easy to her,
While she was a natural at it,
I had to grind my way to it.
A thought crossed my mind,
It’s unfair,
I had no flair,
no natural gift to spare,
for it’s meant only for the gifted,
and the blessed.
Upon reconsidering,
I wasn’t impuissant,
I had the vigorous tool of all–
belief in myself,
a clear path to achieve the goal.
Although rudimentary,
still, the one to fetch happiness.
It might take longer,
it might get harder,
but certainly is doable,
for it’s not about the gift, but grit.
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