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ester Aug 2017
I am intrigued by the way he kissed her lips
It was like he was pouring out the whole universe
So achingly in love with her soul, never her body
He reminded me of the time I had your lips against mine
For I miss the sparks morbidly
And not having you by my side just kills me
Come back to me like the sun always does
Never leave me behind like the passed time
Where there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.
#133 that one time my friend wrote about a french kiss and i just thought about him and this came out....
ester Jul 2017
In this crowded city
Whilst swimming through the ocean of strangers
My shoulder unwarily bumped into yours
And it felt like sparks were flying
For the moment our eyes met
It was like I could see right through your soul
Incidents like this don’t happen as much as I want them to
Because my heart has been broken and wounded for so long
And I felt as if there was no way I could find myself falling again
But you
        You were different
From when our hands first interlocked
Till the night I heard the sound of your laugh
To the way you said my name
Every bit of you felt intensely fitting with the broken pieces of my soul
        And I fell in love with you
i'm so deeply in love with you even when i haven't met you yet
ester May 2017
Sometimes it may seem
That the world hates us
Because we’re million miles apart
Yet the love feels so genuine and true
And I miss your presence
Even when I’ve never felt your warmth
Yet I crave it at the very most
When the sky’s crying
As if it knows
How badly I yearn for you
To be here
#60 for i am always missing you
ester May 2017
Just like the rain that hits the Earth
My heart breaks
Silently at first
No soul could see
So it continues to crack
At every “I’m sorry, I gotta go.”
I begged you to stay
With the last pieces of me I had left
In hopes you’d be the rainbow
But you were the lightning that stroked me open
And the streams from my eyes, they fall
Just like the rain that refuses to stop
I’m flooded inside
#94 flood inside me
ester May 2017
I’ve lost my way finding myself
For I’ve been through the sun and the moon
To seek nothing but the stars
I traveled from the asteroids to the Milky Way
Yet the world still feels empty and cold
Just like the back of my hands
And I almost let my thoughts **** me
For on the night the stars shone the brightest
You gave me a hand to discover the sky
And I learnt that I can still breathe
For you were brighter than the stars compared
Never could I ever ask from the constellations that align
To be more than what you already are
The one that saves me
#81 he was my whole universe
ester May 2017
Where did all the promises go?
Were all the “I love you”s as empty as your heart was?
My heart aches for you
It always will
But you don’t seem to get that
You’re the one causing me so much pain
Yet you blamed me for feeling too much.

— The End —