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 Apr 2020 imposter artist
Roman B
Life has moments where a blossom presents itself
One can go their whole life looking for that moment
And it would not be a wasted life

Every breath there is a shine of light
That flickers and leaves
That is what we are made of

Life in every breath

This breath can change you
It can carry you
Into a life, not wasted
Two nights in a row
I came home to the panicked
Flapping of wings
In the garage.

A bird,
Crying and flying
Circling the garage ceiling,
With the door

I picked up a mop
Hanging on the wall,
Brandished it like a saber,
And ran in circles around the car
Trying to convince
The sparrow
That there was
A way of escape.

In circles,
And all you have to do
Is leave.
The Moon
Is merely a moon

For a second
If you
Relate that

Then it's
With that gaze
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Zen Element
I love words
when they are

handled with care
to nourish and grow


I hate words
when they are

used as weapons
to crush and destroy

I hear whispering outside
The wind as your name is cried
My company on these nights so cold
Rhythmic song keeping my hand to hold
I miss you, and everything I hear or see reminds me of you somehow.
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