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Sep 2019
The rain hurts my eyes
like tears burning.
Tears burn my eyes
but not like the rain.

Rain brings regret
like tears.

But the rain hurts my eyes
weather's regret for sunshine?

But sunshine hurts my eyes
like a fire burning too close.

So now sunshine brings regret
always regret
for what I can't see straight
for causing a row
for feeling giddy
for seeing three for eight.

It's not my fault
I would change it
if I could.
graves' disease is an auto-immune disease arising from an overactive thyroid and triggered by trauma and stress.I was diagnosed with this in the year 2000,it was a  scary and painful journey but thanks to our wonderful NHS who saved my sight and put me back together and Women's Aid who rescued me from the trauma and stress, I am in a positive space and have been for about 15 years.My poetry has always been my therapy and reflects the space I was in when the poem was written.
Written by
rose hopkins  Wye Valley, South Wales,
(Wye Valley, South Wales,)   
         N, Lily, Hyacinth Carver, Sara Kellie, Sourodeep and 24 others
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