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Jim Sep 2021
I was given a riddle where the waters run red
I was given hope from a forgotten friend
I found a hard stone lying in the soft grass
I sat and I waited for more time to pass

With each breath, the clouds drifted by
The song bird hummed and the day became night
A crack in the distance as the land split in two
The handmaid fled to an evening rendezvous

Bright ripples formed in the fabric of time
I showed up and found I was last in line
I peered at my watch looking for answers
The clock exclaimed “now!” and the futures been canceled

And though the cold tightens my skin
And the cricket sings my song
The road is full of twists, turns and heartache
But it was never very long
Jim May 2021
I told her to wait while I took a trip
It wouldn't take long and I'd be home quick
Just heading to France, be back in a zip.

Packed up a bag and loaded a trunk
wished everybody the best of luck
And hoped that I had brought enough.

When I returned one and twenty days later
I placed a call in order to meet her
Made plans at Mario's to grab some dinner.

Dessert was a treat, we split the bill
I had thought it a date... that is, until
She shared a story of her new love, Bill!

Twenty one days was too much to ask
So I bought a plane ticket with a fast pass
To return sooner for my lady in France.
Jim Apr 2021
Hang me high,
closer to heaven when I die.
I'll have less steps to climb.

Place my ashes on Mistral winds
over tranquil pastures.
I will spread to the lands I have traveled.

Wipe your tears with pictures of us.
On better days
with any luck
I will live in memories
Jim Apr 2021
Sat down to listen to the world today:

Heard a holler from the wood shoutin’, “They’re takin’ my land away!”

“They’re takin’ my fish and poisonin’ the waters.” I heard the ocean say.

And the air blew by with all the same problems ~ except it was enjoying the day.
Jim Apr 2021
I am writing.
I am writing some words.
I am writing some words that are meant to be heard.

They’re meant to be heard;
to be heard by a few.
A few will hear, including you.

What did you think, now that you’ve heard?
What do you think when you heard all the words?
..when you heard the words written to the few.
The few that did hear (that included you).
Jim Apr 2021
I speak of fire
Wild dancing flame
Of love and of passion
A light hot blaze

And I fear this flame
It’s glint, the terror, the soul
I fear to lose all my control
Yet curiosity... then intrigue
Such marvelous power
Cities raised, hearts cower
And as time trips forward
As flame cast a shadow
May this light never dim
on my internal battle
Jim Apr 2021
And where were you when I needed you the most.
As I was wrenching on the floor -- pleading with my ghosts.
When my burden was too much, when I looked in your direction.
Nothing but the wind I felt, and the cold tear of rejection.
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