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Aug 3 · 129
I have run the race
I have finished the course
I have paid a classic price
Now the prize, a delicate angel,
In my hands in bold gold!

Oh! What a diadem of glory
In my hand at eventide
Rushing in a morning dawn
With armada of royal rainbows
Arching my violet sky
On wings of glory in glory!
Jul 30 · 166
Mountains are subdued in triumph
Valleys are crossed in glory
Battles are tamed to surrender
Whirlwinds are made still in valor
Faith conquers fear in victory
With discipline, the ace-axe!

I am discipline
The soul of the winning army
The refining army of the inimitable
Procuring success to the weak
Making small numbers formidable
Turning talent to power
Turning disability to ability
I am discipline, the almighty formula!
Jul 28 · 42
I belong to the class
The class of the rainbows
Exploding love in glory!

I belong to the class
The class of the moons
Ruling darkness at dusk!

I belong to the class
The class of the roses
Exploding lilies in the meadows!

I belong to the class
The class of kings
Riding horses in untamed glory!

I belong to the best class
The good is not good for me
To fly  paradise on angel's wings!
Strive for the best. Never settle for mediocrity.  Excellence is the goal of great people.
Jul 26 · 184
The common is rare in the market of the rare and the deep calls to the deep at the noise  of silence!
Jul 24 · 90
Early morning gold
Turned priceless treasure
In vortex of noon furnace
Then glowing platinum in galaxy stars

Aureate treasure in golden prize
Cascading in effulgence on love plateau
Roaringly flowing violet waters in emerald

You are my priceless jewel
You are my priceless jewel
You are my priceless jewel

Rolling love waves blooming
On the immortal golden love- ocean
On the infinite love tapestry
Reigning eternal in my heart

Joan! A sapphire in platinum
A treasure in treasure
A gold of countless karat

You are an invaluable treasure!
You are an invaluable treasure!
You are an invaluable treasure!
Cheap commodities are not found in the market of the rare.

Nincompoops are not found in the gathering of the genii.

There is no lame in the flock of eagles as cowards are not found among the lions.

Only birds of the same feather fly together!
Jul 21 · 155
The storm in ravages
The rainbow appear
And I become a poet!

Wild thorns stinging
The rose appear in bloom
And I become a prophet!

Behind the ominous clouds
Comes the rain in blessings
And change  is a chameleon !
Jul 20 · 81
Lost in the blue skies on valley hills
Blown away in yellow stars winds
Blooming at the mountain radiance.

The nightfall envelopes in violets
Dropping silence in colorful echoes
Resonances in songs beyond the
   Ethereal, living souls dead infinite
In life of continuous animated glory!
Jul 17 · 155
Silence and its flaming fire
On the path of destiny firing
Bringing down loud mountains
In fiery flame of  inviting victory
Raining down glory in beauties.
Jul 16 · 90
night of blues
eerie clouds of blues
naked love shooting
devouring love
into ambitious love
of volumptuous  heart
running blood to blood
running flesh to flesh
running soul to soul
fire in cold coal flaming
ravenously devouring hate mountains!

now love covers us like shrouds and
****** apron spreading love clouds
brewing nirvana wine from love
verdant forest of exotic season.

side by side
two nakedness
in one deep solution
sparking breast fire
in gunpowder love explosion
rapturing souls in cataract blues
tumbling love in deluge explosion
in rainbow mesmerising colors!
Jul 14 · 44
Jul 13 · 36
On the shore of glory
I plunge into ocean of splendor
Unravelling glorious beauties
On the waves  of glory
With rainbows of tourism
Arching the skies in beauties.

It is morning of violets
Capturing love in beauties
Exploding glory in glory
With butterflies in colorful fly.

Exploring the deep treasures
On the eyes of earth at sunflower
Illuminating the mind in gold!
Jul 6 · 58
The heart whistles waves
In the sea of the eyes winds

The teary voices of the dark
In fiery whirlwind
Tearing down mountains in flames.
Jul 5 · 31
You are arrested!
Under what law Sir?
Under the Universal Offence Law
For holding the truth in captivity!
My Lord Sir, but the saints are dark
And captivity is held captive bound
For making lie ***** in public square!
Jul 5 · 35
The day is bright and glorious
O happy and wonderful day
Exploding stars in wonders
Clouds of glory in thunderclaps
Lightning in beaming boom
Blooming flowers in golden petals
Trump cards in flaming glory
With  hands waiving to heavens
Moons shining without shadow.
Beautiful day in exploding splendor!
Jul 4 · 76
The night in her full hell-armor blaring,  shelling the earth with darkness, but the day came in rushing winds on its wings, defeated the night and buried her in the ugliness of the pit. Yeah! Buried the night in grave's oven, to  resurrect no more  !
No matter the intensity of the darkness, at the appearance of the day, the night ends. Only hope in faith to conquer, the light will come.
Jul 2 · 175
Rose, piercingly deep  in my mind soil
Dipping her root into into my sea
Love vegetation verdant blooming
Running river-love in violence
Uprooting thorns on my mountains
Running eruptions in love sting

Lost to love eruption boom
In lullabies of  the nights
In a very delicate fire winter
Defeating powers with the Power
Bringing uncommon glory at dawn.
Jul 1 · 34
The lame are running
The blind are seeing
The deaf are hearing
Winds of change in glory
Claiming lost ground
Reclaiming golden threshold
In ******* power bloom
Burying gloom and doom!
Jun 29 · 100
I am a  violent volcano erupting
In the very fiery darkest hour
Bringing down errors
From mountains of fire
Devouring evil at cockcrow.

It's the dawn of a great glory
In  gunpowder power explosion!

All pawns in evil chess game
Come to rainbow rain contrite
As darkness has no hiding place
In emerald golden sundown glory
As trees of darkness uprooted dead!
There is no place for darkness at the dawn of light and her glory.  Come what may the reign of darkness is ephemeral.
Jun 27 · 110
Early morning sun on the ocean
With rising waves and billows
Eerie golden gold in the blue skies
And trees of glory in verdant joy
And glorious festival in celebration
With powers exchanging banters
In banters of glorious splendour
With rainbows jubilations in sky filled
As eerie glory in cavorting blues.
Jun 27 · 69
The wind is in the belly of the fish
The fish is in the belly of the wind
  Epicenter in boiling *** of madness
And violence takes up storm by storm
As truth and reality are laid bare!
When depth comes to depth truth unveils!
Jun 26 · 77
Love, hurricane on rampage
Clearing the house of iniquities
Bringing down hell house
Erecting love boulevards
Building castles in rainbows
With boulders of purities
In the  lyrics of love suffused
Burying hate season of anomie.
Love is omnipotent. It abridges the power of hate when in power. It's sovereignty is unlimited!
Jun 25 · 327
Fruitful morning in glory
At portal of rising glory
In explosion of glory
Running rivers of glory

Zion train is our palace
Enveloping our skies
With rainbows of beauties
Running from east to the west

It's morning of beauty
Come my beauty for my glory!
Jun 21 · 378
Under the umbrella of the moon
I saw the dancing moon on her feet
I lost  my sanity to wonders
I saw unknown worlds in reflections
It's  the mirror of the moon
In luminous sea of the deep
Exposing  rolling beauties in rainbows
As the deep sinks into the abyss' abyss
To be unravelled by ancient wisdom
At the feet of  an insane search!
The world too deep to comprehend. The simple fact is that we can only know in part but we must keep searching .
Jun 20 · 109
Excellence in paragon colors
Atop blue mountains
Sitting in emerald- gold lush
Swallowed up in cherubim finery
Bursting fountains in splendour seams
With luminous fire , burning
In gold, diamond and sapphire purity
Blazoning glory in glory, of thousand
And one rainbows at dazzling glowing sundown, outwitting darkness and its
venomous snakes.
Jun 17 · 207
I am a succulent nectar
Intoxicating the souls

I am kindness
Covering the earth like snow

I am a beauty
Adorning faces in glory

I am a gushing river
Giving water in the desert

I am love in glory
Planting flowers in meadows.
Jun 17 · 162
In true praise is humility running
roaringly in blue cataracts
In true humility is jewels of priceless value exploding in luminous glory.

Come, let us stand on the highest mountain of humility and offer our praise to the Highest.

Come to the tallest tree with birds of praise and sing in nightingale voices to the tallest who planted the tallest tree on deepest soil.

Come with your loudest trumpets and trumpet to the Trumpet that deafens in total silence the loudest voice of the adversaries.
Jun 13 · 273
Converging night of  a hideous
dream, hitting like midnight
migraine in wintry winter,
pursuing  ferociously,
but all  
a mirage race of fleeting illusion!

Fear in rampaging arrow
Vomiting death in fire downpours​!

Faith in power devouring ravenously
Bringing down walls of death
Exalting valleys
Straightening crooked places
Smoothening rough places
Bringing down proud places.

It's the defeat of a proud putrid night!
Jun 8 · 521
Poach me not
I'm not your egg
I'm not your world!

Oh! Your world is your egg
Don't fry it
Don't boil it
Hatch it to a noble bird!

Your world is a fragile egg!

Come knowledge
Come understanding
Come wisdom
To make the sentience choice.

Poach me not
I'm not your egg
Your world is your egg
Your egg is your world
Let your egg multiply!
Jun 7 · 413
The white sparrows are luxuriating in the furrows of glory, bringing diamond sheaves of beauty in the marrow of a golden morning.

Every leaf turning a golden flower with jewelry petals in explosion of beauty in transcendence of the sun of incandence!

Harvest in rushing armada, riding on wings of ginomous glory.

It's a bountiful spring with colorful opulence in overflow of wonders, burying the venomous autumn in flaming death!
Jun 5 · 160
When it is sundown
Will I see the stars?
Will I see the moon?

The constants are not constant!

When it is morning dawn
Will the sun show its face?
Will the day show its light?

The constants  are not constant!

The rainbows are not day's face
They come in middle of the nights

I know the glory of the Glory
Comes at the appointed time
Let fear fade into death
At the appearance of faith
Oh! My faith shoot straight
To the orbit-vortex of Truth
To harvest glory in glory
And put every doubt to death!
Jun 4 · 99
Voice of silence knocking on the door, roaring silence of the deepest erruption in a violent earthquake, tearing down the streets of death in whirlpool of wonders in piercing glory of aquatic splendor!

Let him believe that the blind sees!
Let him believe that the lame walks!
Let him believe that the dead wakes!
Jun 4 · 311
In grandeur of eminence the Sun celebrates her power
In the thick forest of the darkest the Moon flourishes in her glory

The tidal wave is in tinder of a brand new glory, catching fire of a mad harmattan, refining gold and diamond in the expansive field of a glitzy pearl

And transcendence on our way it's roaring of the tidal wave, uprooting dark moons and burying scourging suns in infernal graves!

See our warriors surfing on the tidal wave of this season of victorious glory,
manifesting us to the world, declaring the glory of the Glory, shooting pearly flames in clouds of glory and power

As quotidian stinging tides are being uprooted in routing defeat with eerie eruption of volcano of joy and power in uncommon grandeur.

Oh! Alluring sun of glory
Oh! Alluring moon of majesty
Festooning our sky with power-stars
As rain of victory drowning us in splendor!

Oh! Tidal wave of beatific season, harvesting us barn-full glory at morning dawn of the victory crow!
Jun 3 · 62
Sublime wonder in wonderland
Coming to glory in glory
Celebrating glory in glory
Bringing home glory in sheaves

Words in thunder
Words with thunder
Words of thunder
Vomiting thunder in thunder

Ah! We've come in glory to glory
To glory in glory
To birth glory in glory
In cataracts of wonders
In thundering flood of glory
In enflorescence of glory

Alleluia!  Alleluia! Alleluia!
Jun 2 · 168
Fools are hosting idiots as wisemen
And playing guests to lies
Living in palatial paradise of fools
Alienating themselves from truth

Thousand heads on a Leviathan
trunk feeding on lies!

A world of fleeting illusion in delusion!

As falsehood parades in confusion
Sunshine will appear in its armour
To swallow the dark and its shadow.
May 31 · 114
Keep the river of hope flying
swiftly across all boundaries
and let it devour all

When the ominous clouds
flying in colors of the dark
and all seeming lost, count on
hope to bring the rainbows
in sheaves harvest of the
glorious stars of the dawn.

Never lose hope till hopes
brings to life the dead

He that throws away the radar
of hope must harvest lost
and darkness in bouquet!

Hope in hope of the Hope  
Till resurrection appear in skyless sky
Till restoration appear in dry ocean
Till moon conquer the time eclipse.
May 29 · 72
It's a morning devoid of blue skies
In my arms sits my jewelry rose
Giving me heaven on earth
Taking every hell from my life
Sinking my world in sumptuous love
Shelling me with virginity fragrance
Bombing me with eerie blue kisses
Rushing me to eternal nirvana blues
To make honey in the apiary of love
In running rivers of overflowing bliss!
May 28 · 434
Wind of victory is blowing
Blowing ferociously in power
Blowing us fortune in power
Blowing us victory in power

Let's wear amulet of faith
Let's wear amulet of courage
We must shave death's head
We must bury death
We must shave war's head
No matter the price
We must win the prize!

Fear not
Fear not
Fear not
The Commander-in-Chief !
May 27 · 82
The thorns are the ornaments
of roses in the sunshine as
darkness baptised the moon to
its inestimable jewelry of glory.

Enemies rejoice not at your
wickedness, without you the sun
of glory will not shine in bloom.

Without death the glory of
ressurection is not  born!
May 25 · 134
The leaves are turning flowers
Springing spring in the spring
It's time of glory in glory
As petals of glory blooming
In luminous boom of glory.

Time to sack the sackcloth
And wear garment of glory
In praise of the Glory
As we welcome sun of glory
Into​ our orbital plain of glory
It's glory in power of  the Glory
In the great exhibition of the Glory!
May 23 · 103
Control your thoughts, for
they are wheel of victory!

Control your thoughts, for
they are lever of destiny!

Thoughts controlled in
alignment with divine
lines bring harvest in
sheaves of glory in
rainbow beauty!

"As a man thinks, so he is",
goes the word of the Master
which no storm or wave
can neither create nor
May 21 · 174
It's time to leave the shadow
To high high power in the heavenlies
We are power of the Power in power
Bringing down walls of Darkness
At the darkest hour of uncertainties

Let's wear garment of victory
With hallelujah voices in decibels
We are sure of victory at dawn
The night is defeated already
See the oak of darkness falling
And sun of glory in luminous glory

Thanks for ocean of testimonies
Our strength is in the Glory
Our faith in the Faith never fail
Bringing down walls of Darkness
As glory roaring in glory for the Glory!
May 19 · 103
Sing me the songs of victory
O Bird of triumphant glory
Though it is night of night
But voices of assurance in the air
Burying workers of iniquity
With the rising sun of glory
In graves of  misrable miseries!
May 19 · 128
The silhouette of a fiery dark night walking in the shadow of a hunting illusion , resonating the voices of hell. Tell Darkness we are blooming rainbows of the Dawn, devouring the darkest​ of the dark with insatiable appetite.  It is glory at morning dawn!
May 17 · 168
Dark clouds devouring our coast
Onrushing rainbows in glory
Devouring away the black night
Till heavy hunchback is dead, and
Green leaves revive the dead trees.
May 16 · 58
Howling and stinging storms
in ravaging violence, fear not,
the voice from the trumpet of
the Blower, trumpeting hard,
saying, let's cross to Canaan.

Our ship is above the wreck as
we stand on the imperishable
Rock of ages, our flower of
victory will come to bloom
with the morning glory.
May 16 · 304
Twinkling wonderful
butterflies of hope
flying our skies, let's
handle with fragile
hands of faith and
eye of assurance.

The stinging night is dead
as the day is coming
alive with eerie sun of
victory rising  in hallow
of assured glowing stars.

Our day has come in
gold and emerald, shooting
glory in glory for glory in
chariots of fire, bringing peace
in luminous cataracts of
thunder of gold!
May 11 · 153
Bring the brush
and let the Mighty whiting
the teeth of the earth
to a snowy terrace of life.

The smoke of glory is
swirling in ethereal
motion bringing peace to
the tormented souls,
discharging the prisoners
of morning hope to eternal
freedom of the morning.

The clock of victory is
ringing in highest decibels
choking evil mind into
burning fire , bringing victory
to the glorious Dawn.

It's the dawn of the golden sun
from the throne of Glory,
raining down victory and
favor in glut, running
rivers of joy, overflowing
grace in grace of mercy of
the sovereign Grace!
May 7 · 119
From the valley to the
mountain top, flowing
effluent rivers of joy in
cataracts of gold and

Powers in glory upon
glory for the glory,
glorifying God in
the highest.

Protocol breaking forces
from the throne of Glory
breaking protocols in
leaps and bounds, rushing
winds on the wings of
hallelujah voices of
cherubim and seraphim.
May 1 · 100
triumphant faith
a radar piercing through the
foggy dark night, oblivious of
stormy roaring sea and dead
to the ravenous voices
of the hungry lions at the portal
of glory!

...a confident leap in the dark
into the luminous light, declaring
victory at darkest hour.

faith, yeah faith in God , the almighty voice of many still waters,  roaringly opening all doors closed by Satan, the father of all  liars!
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