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TheWitheredSoul Jul 2022
Dear God,
I am sorry, for hurting myself.
I am sorry, for blaming her for all my sorrows.
I am sorry, that I couldn't find the strength in myself to let go her,
To bare the sight of her being in love with someone else.

I realized that its okay that she is not in love me. I realized its good that she is in love with someone who makes her happy.
I am truly happy that she is happy.

I know you'll have something in store for me, I am gonna forgive myself for all the pain that, I put myself through and I am gonna do what makes me happy. I am not at peace now but I am sure I will find it someday.

A withered Soul.
TheWitheredSoul Mar 2022
And the prophecy calls me a heretic for claiming that the wider vision puts the hoax as a pursuit of distraction for herds to follow and while distractions, distractions are the ones that keeps the inner animals at bay, for all we are, are animals with distractions. Claiming to follow the noblest of all paths that are laid bare, before eyes, Eyes that lack vision, eyes that don't see beyond.

For Its a curse that i bare witness to and cross that I owe for letting the sheep's that are gutted for its shallow thoughts and fleeting distractions. I wish, I could unsee all that I see. I wish, I saw no pattern. I wish, the bigger picture was forever hidden and be gutted as one among the many.
TheWitheredSoul Mar 2022
Why do you do what you do and if that why justifies the very reason for your existence from yours and truly just your perspective among the grand scheme of randomly existing things accross an immeasurable universe whose secrets bare no witness, then we'll there's nothing more that anyone could say dear friend, you are already at peace.
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2022
The Construct is Malleable.
The absolutes are undefined.

What we reap isn't what we sow.
Nothing is True.

For everything is right in its own accord.
TheWitheredSoul Feb 2022
Everything you touch,
Everything you feel,
Takes a toll on your Soul.

Weep and wither on the edge or the crevice
The Deep and Dark devoids all the same.

Cry and Love all you want but in the End
All you get is all you Take.
TheWitheredSoul Dec 2021
Grief of a love lost, has no timeline sometimes its just you with yourself fighting to find solace between the raging momentary whisks of anger and pointless sedition of your soul that irks to find the once long lost peace, You wish it has an end and rebel against the never ending !
You are here but I can't feel you
You are near but this is going too far

I'm sorry to make you feel this way
As if there's no longer us in the universe.

Come back
Please come back when you know what is what.

Let's talk and this time
I promise I'll be better.
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