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TheWitheredSoul Oct 2021
For my soul that burns in thy Decree
For thy gates of Hell that awaits my arrival
For the song of hades that drags me to hell'
For the wrath of Amun that Plunders my Veins
For the spree of Ra that burns my soul,
For all of me that wanted to reach the field of Reeds,
Faded Away ..!
Away with her smile
TheWitheredSoul Oct 2021
Somehow I knew you were gonna break me, bad!!
yet my heart never had the heart to choose otherwise.
TheWitheredSoul Sep 2021
I am caught in the Cadence of your breath.
Your Decadence melts my soul as if It was yours.

I wondered as prisoner of this soulless grave roaming around on the wake of light and falling down on the drapes of night.

Will I ever feel the warmth of your breath or the gaze of your eyes which is more than enough to dream of for a thousand lifetimes, more than enough to be your prisoner for eons and ages to come..?
Life is so fragile. All those perfect moments that we wait for never arrives as we expect it to.
I buried my love even before I had the courage to let it be born.
If at all we collide again in all this randomness I promise I will hold on to you and love you and care for you more than anyone on this entire planet.
TheWitheredSoul Jul 2021
My mind is weary my heart is lost and somewhere along the way even that hard forged shell of mine has begun to wither.
Grimm and Bold for so long on the outside,
one girl, three words
600 days of sinful diligence,
Shattered me from within for all I do became merely an act,
For I am truly lost still searching for the warmth of her heart
where I last saw my feeble breathless heart.
  Jul 2021 TheWitheredSoul
i wish i could call you everyday
just to hear your voice

i think i made a mistake
i feel like a fool
for falling

someone i can't have
everything we do leads to nothing
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2021
You ripped me off the very thing
I lacked and left me here to ponder over
all the things that we could have been.
With heavy heart and quirky pen smirking all that i feel for you in every poem i write, I wonder if theres ever a chance for me to love again.

My Decree of love was loss.
Loss of heart loss of peace
Loss of a happy void.
Loss of all the things i grew fond of.
TheWitheredSoul Jun 2021
The world paints over whatever it wants over you like you are an empty canvas, Its upto you to stay vigilant and selectively absorb what you need rather than what you're forced with.

Find your direction, find your sense of perfection redefine yourself to be the art you dream of.
Striving to become the art that i dream of.
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