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Jun 2019
The sun had left the world dark,
& that day on his sky no star did spark!
His moon, his Jane had gone,
Now he was left all alone...
Dark bellied clouds captured the sky,
But all he knew was Jane left him saying,
"To call me now, you don't even try!"
He was going to catch a train,
But in way cats & dogs started to rain!
The rain drops were heavier,
But not heavier than his heaviest tears, filled up with uncertainty & fear!
He kept of going in some known, unknown streets lost in Jane's thought,
& finally he reached at a point where there was nothing, else than a board symbolizing to the right,
"The Cursed Port"!
Reading the board, he sadly smiled & said,
"Nothing can be much more cursed than my life..."
Without bothering much he went to the port's side,
& sat on the platform aside!
The waves rose like the hungry sharks,
to eat up those dark bellied clouds,
& the angry clouds attacked back with the thunder, the lightning, & those heavy drops!
All the warriors gave the loud shouts!
But unaware of all these he was filled up with doubts!
Nobody knows who won the war,
& all knew was that the love of his life had gone far...
Suddenly in his right ear, he heard a soft whisper,
Before he could understand it, he felt a feathery soft touch on his right shoulder;
Swiftly did he turn,
& by his side found a beautiful maiden!
I feel beauty in terror!:-)
Will give the second part soon!:-)
Shruti Dadhich
Written by
Shruti Dadhich  18/F/India
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