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Victor Bucarizza Feb 2019
First I was a drop in your dead sea.
Next, a wave in your hurricane.
Then I was the rocks you raged against.
Now I am the clouds;
feeding you still,
but out of reach of your drowning embrace.
Victor Bucarizza Jan 2019
Perhaps if I could fit you in a jar,
no, a cage.
If only I could tie you down with ink to
a torn out page.
Maybe then I could forget you,
and bleed my last drop from this pen.
Maybe then I could forget you,
and let the paper suffer with you instead.
Victor Bucarizza Dec 2018
There she sat, clutching anxiously at her crutch-shaped glass.
Staring blankly into the forest of unnamed strangers.

She is a meek flower that loses its petals from an ocean breeze,
but hand her a pen,
and she is the God of Thunder.
Victor Bucarizza Dec 2018
I would choose it all over you, my arranged bride.

I would dance in happiness,
relish in joy,
play in laughter all over you, my lustful desire.

I would mourn in sadness,
panic in unjustified fear,
burn in bitterness all over you, my final companion.

For when I choose you, oh Death,
I have to choose you forever.
Victor Bucarizza Dec 2018
I searched through the clouds,
Behind the crystal throne,
Beyond the ivory gates that Peter first welcomed me through.

I asked every angel I knew,
Gabriel wasn't sure,
Michael said he'd check,
And Lucifer wasn't in.

I interrupted the Almighty,
And even bothered his son.
Neither of them knew.

I've searched everywhere that eyes can see.

This must be Hell,
Because I cannot find you.
Victor Bucarizza Dec 2018
Halfway her mind changed.
Perhaps she saw something new.
Fallen angel flew.
Victor Bucarizza Apr 2018
The stench of a history that is not my own still floods my nostrils.
My back is collapsing under the cross of another man's making.
I am a nomad to my own identity; mutiny of religion, culture, and creed.
Too long have my eyes feasted on the decadent violence of ancient men who carried a flag I once knew.
I lust after Redemption - if I find her, I'll be sure to introduce you.
Until then though, enjoy the comforting **** in the Garden of Eden - the brothel of ignorance.

If you wish to find me, follow the path that no feet have tread yet.
Be the first to break twigs, ground, and your heart. Break it how no one has ever broken it before.
If you wish to find me, seek out the river that holds no memory of my passage. New colours upon my soul are the only evidence required to know my world is real.
If you wish to find me, first understand that the moon is always full, the Sun only shows you the parts it is willing to let you see.

A billion fond memories of a dead man will never breathe another breath into his lungs.
This is your time. Not this life, or this year - this moment.
If you cannot hold this moment as your own, you will never find one that you can.
We are a planet full of humans waiting for another to navigate.
You don't need maps or compasses, you can even make it without a plan if you've packed a strong enough purpose.
We are the living - let us erase the heritage written in lead.
We are both the author and the protagonist - let us carve beauty over the statues of the dead.
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