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OakTreePoetry Oct 2018
To anyone who still might care,
I have lost all memory of that dreadful test.
It is a burden I no longer bear.
I decided it was time for me to get some rest.
So I decided to not take Spanish this year,
And take two math classes instead.
My friends said that was mighty queer,
But I'll be collecting that bread.
I actually got an A on that test, and succeeded in the class. I already had taken 3 years of Spanish, and taking two math classes this year would have been more beneficial for college.
OakTreePoetry Oct 2018
We live in a Society

Where "$" is more important than "<3"
Where "associate" means "to hate"
Where everyone thinks they are Above,
The beliefs, goals, and feelings of others.
Yet my God says to live as brothers.
So when He decides to bring the New Age,
In the book of history, only one short page,
We will be put under the title "Humanity"
In parentheses "The Selfish Society."
I can see something on the horizon.
What it is I cannot tell.
I am moving towards it even though my legs do not move.
Where has everyone gone?
Have they left me?
Looking behind me I seem them all waving
It is dark.
It is cold.
I am scared.
I am now alone
Walking through the dark
I know what I saw.
This is tomorrow
What is comedy?
Is it the pursuit of giving other people joy?
Or is it our own selfish desires to want to feel love and affection
We feel lonely without others
But some are lonely with others
We only care about us and what we want
So I ask, What is comedy?
OakTreePoetry Feb 2018
It is done.
Or is it?
Muffins are done,
Spanish tests are finished,
Nobody came to my aid
So I made like Popeye,
and swallowed some spinach,
I overcame my worries,
Praying for a good grade.
I fired my shot like Curry,
and gave my all.
Maybe it wasn't enough,
Just look at Lavar Ball.
I think I did solid on the test, but you fools didn't help me with por v para last night. We shall see how I did later
OakTreePoetry Feb 2018
Hey, if you're scrolling through recent,
I could use some Spanish help,
I have had some struggles on por v. para,
And if one of you could be so decent,
As to supply me with a source for help,
Welp, I'd appreciate it very much.
Help a brother out

— The End —