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When a tweet, no longer comes from a bird.
A message, no longer written in words.
A picture, determines your current worth.
A swipe, is not for payments against earns.

Your world, no longer restricted to earth.
Your voice, can control your universe.
Games, without company, a box.
Books, used to be written, forgot.

Love was in letters, not characters.
Eyes looked straight, not down.
Communication, in touch were sound.
Reactions, were not button frowns.

Food shared, not delivered.
Noise surrounded, not muted.
Hands shaken, not email awaken.
The world was claimed, but not hidden.

An automated world,
not an automated me.
There is a story to tell.
I met a person.
There is much to tell.
Choked up emotions.

The person listens.
Reads my stories too.
Not only the intro,
but the whole thing through.

Tells me I am great,
when I know the truth.
This has to be fate.
Because it soothes.

Positive and,
Hard work, effort.

The person fills,
me with words.
When I am lost,
and I am slurred.

Hair so curly,
Maybe straight.
Not sure, did
not speculate.

Eyes brown,
maybe blue.
Come to think of it,
it is you.
Organic has touch,
Metal outlasts.
Organic has sound,
Metal just echoes.
Organic has cushion,
For emotions within.
Metal stays strong,
Can take the toughest hits.

Organic has taste,
Depending what it ate.
Metal vibrates,
To try to imitate.
Organic has colors,
Metal has paint.
Organic forgets,
Metal just waits.

Organic fades,
Metal floats in gray.
Organic needs air,
To sustain health.
But Metal stays,
Right near our chests.
Organic craves,
As Metal engraves.

Organic understands,
Metal just learns.
Organic has a name,
Metal has a brand.
But for some reason,
Found more in our hands.
Keep organic close,
And to metal stand.
I’m indecisive, I act indecisively but today,
I have decided not to fight people,
Have decided not to argue with people,
Have decided not to hate other people,
Have decided not to compete with them,

But I did be in despair, for I fear my weakness, i may be tempted to decide, but if I’m tempted to decide, i will decide not to decide.

I suffer from indecision but for now,
I have decided not to be jealousy,
Have decided not to be greedy,
Have decided to be selfish,
Have decided not to do all of that,

But I did be in despair, for I fear my weakness, i may be tempted to decide, but if I’m tempted to decide, i will decide not to decide.
Always make decisions, but if you cannot,then decide not to decide
Strange place, strange ways, each stay away!
Then why are there two roads to take?

The maps and paths, and followed tracks.
And Google, Waze, we trust their facts.
Turn left, turn right we let it steer.
To miss a turn, we start to fear.

Across to tolls, collect control.
Like little soldiers, do as told.
Planned flights and crowds, comfort in traps.
Are we confined in our skin wraps?

Some lost, pretend to just be found.
Some found, act lost, pretty profound.
To take that step, the unprotected.
To turn towards, the unexpected.
A wasteful plan, we must forget it.
Insane repeat, and do we test it?

Misdirection, to find us love.
Misdirection, to find us trends.
Misdirection, finds ideas.
Misdirection, to find us friends.
Misdirection to free in stress.
Misdirection leaves no regrets.

Let one misdirection find you.
Let one misdirection guide you.
Let one misdirection define
And be the reason, you are you.
Am the sky above and the yonder in space,
a vast universe that won't fit in your case
Am a glowing moon upon your night
you see your shadow beneath my light
Am the Ocean that's deep and vast
I can't be kept away in your pocket
yet again am that tiny seed when buried am cast
to suffocate into blooming Flora that makes life worth it
Am that lonely road you're bound to follow
and find yourself, you're lost, am your campus
am company when you're riding solo
a poignant piece of poetry lying upon a tattered canvas
Am a pregnant cloud hovering the endless skies,
but I'll soon come pouring in soothing patters of rain
cause I know that underneath your gentle sighs
there's a great deal of untold pain...
in your darkest hour, am the last speck of light,
the deem power of faith left in your torch
Am the sun of expectations when you need a ray of hope in sight
and the shed when in need of an escape from scotch
am the flapping sail in perilous currents above  the boat
and no matter the strength of waves I'll keep you afloat...
in the hurricane of your existence, I am the calm
for I am who I am
am air, invisible like nowhere yet anywhere and everywhere
that even when you're deafened by despair
am the wind you hear silently whispering, "I ****** care"!

**I am that and this,
I am love and peace
For a while I thought you were just an illusion, a misty scene far from solid truth.
But then I was able to garner enough strength to walk through and beyond this glass of illusion; to take the risk and be with you.
Written on February 11, 2016
We want options but hate making choices.
Looking up to others waiting for their voices.
Easily swayed when someone claims.
This is the right one, no one to blame.

Dating, living, food it is all the same.
The abundance just makes it a game.
Who, what, where fits us best.
Giving up on the original moving onto the rest.

How to pick one and be happy.
When you are just another fish in the sea.
Not hunting for what you need.
Clouded by objects, luxuries.

They say lovebirds only need each other.
Fluff their feathers and stay together forever.
We are no different, no need for royalty.
Just make a decision and keep some loyalty.
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