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Lior Gavra Oct 2017
When a tweet, no longer comes from a bird.
A message, no longer written in words.
A picture, determines your current worth.
A swipe, is not for payments against earns.

Your world, no longer restricted to earth.
Your voice, can control your universe.
Games, without company, a box.
Books, used to be written, forgot.

Love was in letters, not characters.
Eyes looked straight, not down.
Communication, in touch were sound.
Reactions, were not button frowns.

Food shared, not delivered.
Noise surrounded, not muted.
Hands shaken, not email awaken.
The world was claimed, but not hidden.

An automated world,
not an automated me.
Àŧùl Dec 2016
We count cells by manual methods,
Using the counting chamber,
Plating & colony forming unit count.

We let them be counted automatedly,
Using electrical resistance,
Flow cytometry & image analysis.

Then there is this indirect method too,
Using spectrophotometry we count,
Or even by the impedance microbiology.
Cell counting methods used in Animal Cell Culture include the above three main categories and then seven sub-categories are divided among the three chief categories.

There are two manual counting methods:
a. using the counting chamber for counting each one individually, and
b. plating and CFU (Colony Forming Unit) count.

Three automated counting methods are there:
a. using electrical resistance,
b. flow cytometry, and c. image analysis.

Two indirect counting methods are there too:
a. using a spectrophotometer, or
b. count by impedance microbiology

HP Poem #1334
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —