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Orange Iriana Dec 2018
The raw, cardinal ichor slipped on her skin like a lone and lifeless river of miseries. She winced as the thorns lacerated extensively, marking a scar of bitter locutions.

Lights flickered, belligerent voices echoed and repetitive cogitations at the same first few minutes. Her dull eyes scanned the room that she barely fancy for the mean time she arrived here.

"Check mate, sweetheart. It's your one-of-a-kind 'unexpected' moment of your life," The walls shuddered like it followed a pattern of that distinctive voice from a vast nowhere.

As the cuts were getting deeper right straight into her veins, she couldn't help but agree with the voice and with all her consciousness that was present at the moment.

"This happens when you failed to do what they believe you should do," The voice continued, touching every part of her wrenched emotions.

The spiral thoughts flowed violently along with her overflowing teardrops across her feeble cheeks. The droplets were fuming hot like a natural acid from her flesh.

"Come, a tea has been served lately, exclusively for our new guest," It once again spoke that made her realize that she always knew it was risky.

It was never an option for the little her back in the 'good old days.' She knew the Devil will come for her first before any deity.

There were no appealing colors for the rest of the dawn. Her very own drained soul attracted Him.

"Either way, I will still be sleeping with roses." With her hoarse voice and a final slit, she let her eyelids shut and swam to the barbed rouge cushions of demise.
Orange Iriana Dec 2018
She doesn't want to hear those voices once again. They were convincing, blunt and agonizing. The way it whispered to her splintered soul, it was harrowing.

She wanted to speak to the silver Moon, high and far as it wander to the sky with blistering stars that became its companions.

"O, dearest and beloved orb of night, how far am I going to sail this wrecked vessel across the sea of mayhem?"

To her dismay, the silver Moon did not respond to her unfulfilled questions.

It was always like that.

She left the forsaken room as the silence followed her trails.

— The End —