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Can     Will
You              You
Break                   Fix
Me         ­                     Me
When                 When
You          You
Fixed   Broke
Me              Me
In                        In
The                          The
First                   First
Place         Place
To muse among the flowers

and through the field to roam

I while away the hours

as on I walk alone

Along the river path I stroll

across the lock I stride

as onward walked alone my soul

when I lay down and died.
Enticing us in, sugar coated doors

for sticky fingers,

Doors of mystery, keep out, staff only

nettled in barbed wire.

Half open doors full of promise,

chocolate soft centred

Exciting doors, silk covered

in lace suspenders

Inspiring doors, Leonardo bold italic,

uppercase only

Lonely doors all shuttered in silence,

cobweb covered

Sad doors, tear stained

and umbrella wet

Happy doors,

candy striped in laughter

Forbidden doors, Pandora boxed,

best kept locked

Revolving doors covered

with the same sticky mistakes

Trap doors crocodile sprung

to catch you out

Doors that slide on tram like runners,

buffered into walls with imprint of face

Secret doors of camouflaged chameleon

Troubled doors

thunder clapped in turmoil

Doors enticing us.
(memories of a lost youth)

There is a desert in my head;

An emptiness of shifting sands

That houses a Bedouin of thought

Camped around an oasis of

Memories; Nomads of a childhood

They ride on a caravan of camels

Around an empty quarter

That was my youth.
The night I let you walk away, no screams were heard,

No shouts or whoops of hurray

Only the silence of the night as I walked home alone.

The memories have all but faded, sometimes blurred

Around the edges from thirty years of wondering.

Your face comes to me from time to time

Then vanishes into some corner of my mind;

Where my past is kept hidden among nostalgia,

T Rex and childhood innocence.

Do you remember me?

I have never forgotten you! Tall and slim with long

Blonde hair, eyes that were bright and focused,

You were always funny and daring, happy, yet sad.

“It’s that nice girl again” whispered mother as I came in

From school. “She’s in the kitchen waiting for you.

John Wayne was there when it mattered;
during an Indian uprising he arrived in the nick of time.
Superman was there when it mattered,
flying in to save the earth from total annihilation.
My mum was always there when it mattered,
cooking up a Sunday dinner to feed four hungry mouth's
just before starvation set in.
But sometimes I feel all ****** up!
My Dad, a nice man, did this by not being there.
He was never there when it mattered to me.

He was always somewhere else!
You came in the dead of night,

Stealing into my dreams.

You came walking inside my head,

Daring to walk where others

Had dared not to tread.

You murdered me with passion

Held me in your spell

leading me from another,

Like some scarlet pimpernel.

In my dreams I can’t escape you,

When I wake you will be gone;

And I’ll have lost a second time

And once again you will have won.
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