You don't know how lucky you are.
You get to be loved
without giving away your heart.

Did universe ask you to lie to me
by saying you don't love me
to give me another life lesson?

I hope
at least one versions of you
will fall for
one versions of me.

For a moment,
the whole world was
just the swing of your hips.

You became poetry
like music,
but silent
with words
which don't mean,
but feel.

I thought
you had the key to my heart
but later I realized
you just picked the lock.

Diary is too much work.
It takes time to write,
pen doesn’t ride on paper
smoothly as it should.
It gets old when
writing the same thing everyday
for weeks and for months.
You can talk to someone,
who’s close… a friend!
(But sometimes I wonder,
what does ‘a friend’ really mean?)
In truth,
who has time to listen to your complain.
They have their own things.

You my friend needs a teddy bear,
who silently listen
with a unchanging smile
like in the old days
when your are little.

You better find one soon.
before you choke on your own thoughts.

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